Bell says the BlackBerry 10 Smartphones have an “Approx retail value $700.00 Cdn”


  • TP

    $700…good luck.

    • Sam

      What is the day today? April 1st?

    • LOL

      Any BB10 device coming from the ecosystem that had 5% (and dropping ) market share in Smartphones in Canada/US will be a Fail if its released at more than $450 in those markets.

      In Nigeria and Indonesia (RIM biggest markets) might sell for a bit less, where a RIM device is a status symbol, but in 2013 having a BB in North America is a symbol of “Youth”

      Maybe they should bring the super heroes back and change the “Be BOLD” with “Be Young”!

    • SUpa

      RIP RIM

    • Dave

      “$700…good luck.”

      No! they would need much much more then luck, they would need
      a miracle and en with a miracle it will not help either.

    • Bob

      A symbol of youth?

      What are all those guys in suits in a financial district doing with those BBs then? They must be confused…

  • nathan


    • REDRUM

      a perfect price for a perfect device….RIP RIM

  • Nobel

    Man, I was hoping for a low price on BB10. RIM will never learn. This is the end for RIM… Sigh..

  • Blackberry By Choice

    since when has bell actually kept the price of a device they price first… i’ll wait for the cat and mouse game the carriers play over the weeks to figure this out thanks

  • Will

    Same price as an iPhone 5. No big deal.

    • LOL

      What’s the big deal?
      Its almost the same price as the i5!

      The only difference is that you can re-sell the i5 for half of what you paid for two years later.
      With BB10 and their many version you will be able to re-sell your phone at half what you paid for 5 months later.

  • Hilman

    I would be very surprised it is was below $700 and will be one if its major downfalls; BB10 will not be their saving grace.

  • dive4ever

    I noticed that as well and my thibking is that if rim wants to win back those that they have lost, then they should be pricing devices UNDER the competition to regain lost market share. I was a bb user since the original monochrome three line model and finally went to android when the gs3 came out. Even if bb10 is just as good, what would get me to switch back if the product is as good, but more expensive. A higher price is only justified if your product is better than the competition, not when it is the same or only slightly different.

  • sp

    what were you all thinking the price of this phone was going to be? subsidized price of $308-328 outright???

    you guys have to be kidding me to think that this was going to be the price of the phone. if you did..whatever you were smoking must be messing with your brains.

    the phone itself is already better than the iPhone 5 and on par with the S3s and such…

    get your heads out of your butts and stop dreaming!!!

    • Collin

      If google and LG can do it why can’t rim? if you can get a top of the line android phone for 350 bucks, why on earth would anyone pay 700 for a blackberry? with a app ecosystem lower than even wp8

    • jplunks

      a high retail price for a device will equal a high 2-3yr term. When iPhones and Galaxy s series came out they came from $160-$200 (rounding up) the only reason why they get reduced to barely anything is because they are HOTCAKES and they make more money on people renewing or signing up. For RIM to sell it at this point the subsity will be at the $150+ mark and this is a company that is trying to regain there marketshare. Nokia was in the same postition as RIM but priced there devices at $450 mark and on a term was $99. They struggle to keep up with the Galaxys and iPhone but they are trying to produce more phones and taking in less money. RIM is greedy by selling more phone and cashing in big on profits

    • gnote

      @Collin, since when was a Nexus 4 top of the line?

    • BB

      if you bought your phone because of the apps that just proves you didn’t pay big bucks for the best phone, you paid big bucks for apps.

    • ehoustoun

      I’d say the only people dreaming are the executives at RIM who think they can still market their products as premium devices.

      Even if they can’t match the subsidized N4 prices they should still be shooting for market or slightly below market pricing (i.e. 500ish) so they can make an arguement based on value.

      In this sort of scenario where they have lost so much market share the concern should be first and foremost to regain a user base rather than turn a profit on the hardware. Even if these things are incredible they won’t pull iphone numbers because they don’t have the Apple marketing machine.

      Bottom line here is that regardless of whether this is a fair pricepoint for the product, it is a bad move for the company.

  • TouchMyBox

    RIM might be able to be successful if they priced BB10 phones at the same level as the Playbook (what are they now, $70 outright?)

    • Mickey

      Not according to robbers. Their latest flyer states a price of 149.99 on a 3 year term (same as outright price retail EVERYWHERE) or 549.99 with no term. Granted this is for the cellular model, but since when does adding a 3G chip to a tablet warrant a 400 price premium?

      Apple is the worst at this and they only charge a 130 premium for the cellular version (which also includes an awesome gps/glosnass receiver) for navigation and spacial awareness. For those who don’t know what glosnass is, its the russkies gps equivalent.

    • dy

      Bankrupt yourself to gain market share, definitely something you would consider.

  • Nothin But RIM

    I’d be happy to pay as much for this phone as an iPhone. (They are both too expensive) but I don’t see this phone as being any less worthy of the price. It will be a premium phone with premium features, it’s not an old curve. Get over it. Most people wont pay no contract price regardless, plus after I sell my iPhone 4S it won’t cost me full price.

  • Dimitri.K

    You guys are dumb. Also notice that RIM does NOT price their phones that much. The carriers do. Man you guys have no clue in anything do you? Same goes for anyphone, the carriers price it. Only Apple with the iPhone and Google with the Nexus price their phones.

  • hoo dat

    I won a TV last year, the competition disclaimer said its retail value was “approximately $3,000”, and yet I could have quite easily have gone out and bought the same one for $1,700. Since when has a competition never upsold the value of its prizes?

  • Miguel

    I’ll stick with my Nexus 4 thanks.

  • sp

    wake up you dreamers!!!

    seriously hoping for such a low price???

    • EvanK

      We certainly weren’t expecting anything like the $300 Nexus 4, but $700 seems a little, ahem, a LOT high. Especially in RIM’s current situation, they need all the market share that they can get. At $450, I’d say go for it, but at $700 no way.

  • migo

    I’m going to be optimistic and assume that this is the inflated price carriers list phones at to be able to offer a subsidy and still not take much of a hit on it.

  • Dan S

    I’m hoping some of you out there with a contract renewal will try to upgrade and sell or trade for my iPhone 5 on Kijiji. I’m going to sell my iPhone 5 as soon this is out.

  • Dan S

    It’ll probably be 179.00 on contract just like the iPhone 5.

  • JV

    LOL 700$?? hahahahaha! Good Luck with That RIM. It was Nice Knowing you. Yes some may see Value here, and yes some people would spend that sort of cash for a product that is well known, that has a working ecosystem, with hundreds of thousands of apps that works well like an apple device. As for Android they have managed to sell good high end devices just like apple, but there devices are much less expensive, and they still have a very good ecosystem, not to mention many phones to choose from for what ever you need. RIM has very few of these options. Looks like we can all say Bye Bye to rim. That stock price is going to keep on falling till that company is worthless. wow, really would have thought that would ave been obvious to everyone.

    • Don

      Stock going down, what do you mean? Sep 19th RIM was $7.03 today it closed at $11.85, that is an increase of 68%. Apple on Sep 19th was $702.10 today $527.00 down 24.99%. Unless Apple brings out something game changing they are going to continue to slide. Apps? Who needs 2500 weather apps, and more than one fart app, I know people who have never downloaded a single app on their Iphones. Apps mean sh-t. And Rim doesn’t have to be #1 as long as they stay in business so I can get a new phone every couple of years that is all I need.

  • kenny

    bell had the 9900 @ 199.95 on a 3 year when it first launched so look for it to be more expensive then the iphone !

    • LOL

      Yes but that was 2011 and that doesn’t mean that they sell any!
      Telus has the BB9900 for $630 in January 2013.

      So in the mind of ROBELUS it only makes sense that the “new” BBs come $70 more. If you were them and thought like them that looks like a great deal!

      Except WE don’t think RIM devices carry any permium. We showed that as cosnumers when we voted with our wallets and let the overpriced-windows (new entrant) fail with their ridiculous prices.

      The Ecosystem is KING!
      Right now the Playbook is at $99 but is not selling because you can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7″ at $149-199 with Jelly Bean and smart remote for yout TV!!

      Yes. I work for Samsung.

  • Raid

    The Galaxy S3 is still worth that much outright and that phone is how old now?

    Other than the Nexus 4, any premium smartphone starts at minimum $600 outright. I don’t get how people are making the Nexus 4 sound like the rule as opposed to the exception that it is.

  • Darren

    A lot of Android and iPhone users spend way too much time here hating on RIM. How about we wait and see what the actual prices are like when the announcement is made – or is that beyond your limited attention spans?

    • caribouroader

      Well said Darren.

    • sp

      totally agree with you Darren.

  • screamer

    Rim doesn’t control the price the carriers do because they want that we sign up for contracts. When a phone will be 300 $ who will sign up a contract and we talk about a nexus 4. Now a curve would be around 200 $ so people will stay away from contracts. Blackberry shouldn’t sell for 700 $ one month later at kijiji for 100 $

    • LOL

      Well if RIM doesn’t contro their prices (MSRP) they will be DOA.
      I’m Just waiting for another Telus -Nokia 800 at $530 while Rogers released the 900 at $550 the 800 died on the shelves.
      Nokia lost ALL the sales (not that many actually) of the 530 in Canada.

      Expect the same if the BB10 phones are released over $500 on March 12th when arrives to Canadian stores.

  • Dkai

    Mann.. I hope Blackberry doesn’t price their new phones at $700. Even if the hardware and software meets the hype, at that price point they will be dead in the water. Please don’t price it like that.. it needs to be competitive.

  • roman

    Yeah, they also priced the Playbook at $500 when it was launched.
    It halved in a couple of months. I foresee a repeat here.

    • Porilaisten

      Except the playbook is not subsidized, 3 year contract etc so……I think not.

  • John

    Nexus 4 – 350 bucks outright.
    BB10 – 700 outright.

    So twice as much for a product that no one knows will work, where the userbase is abysmally low, and a device that is no better than the competitor.


    • Nothin But RIM

      Actually the user base is 79 Million currently. Will that translate? who knows, but that’s a hell of a good start.

    • skullan

      What is this “Nexus 4” you speak of?

      There’s one thing the Nexus 4 and the Z10 have in common, you can’t buy either of them.

    • sp

      yes John… if you can get it online at the Playstore it will be that price. Good luck with that…

      At stores they will be 600 +..

      without the subsidy from Google.. the Nexus 4 is not any better. so you guys have to realize what you are comparing it with

  • TJ

    I thought they would learn from the BB Play Book pricing mistake. Expect a fire sale for these devices by the same time next year 🙂

  • Money and Sex are Everything

    Thanks to Nexus 4, BB10 phones are worth no more than $499 unlocked off contract.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    That’s an excellent price to avoid mass euphoria, line-ups, and out of stock issues.

  • Donald

    Bell has the galaxy note 2 up for $725. Contract price: $50

    Nothing to see here folks.

  • Blas

    The MSRP will come out at 699.95/9, however that will likely drop down to $599 outright once the discount carriers pick it up i.e. Virgin, Koodo, Fido etc…
    Hopefully the price is a good indicator of the internals.

  • vg

    All smartphones, even the samsung 8510 I had a few years back are at that price range WITHOUT contract. Majority of the people just pay $199 up front with a 3yr plan with ANY phones, including the galaxy s3 and iphones!

    • pacalis

      A GS3 lists most places for $650. On a 3 year plan you can get a GS3 for $0 plus usually another $125+ inducement like best buy card or 3 months free from Rogers etc.. All told, with service plans, your looking at saving $400 to $500 on a GS3 over 3 years to an iPhone 5.

      So while there list is similar, they are actually very different costed phones.

  • Mr Dobolina….Mr Bob Dobolina

    iPhone 5 32 gig is $799 @ Virgin and $699 for the 16 gig. So this price sounds about right. I don’t like either price but it was to be expected imho for a premium device.

  • AN

    Don’t think it’s all RIM’s doing. Carriers always initially price BlackBerry’s higher because they don’t want to sell them vs. the competition. That’s because of BlackBerry’s data compression, which loses them money in the form of more expensive data plans/ overage charges.

  • Daniel

    The fate of RIM will be decided not by the price of the product, but by the quality of the software and the hardware.

    • Joe Joe

      Are you serious?
      Of course the fate is in the price of the product! Too expensive = people wont buy
      When i speak of “people” i mean the general public, Not your or me or the people on this website that know about phone specs.
      The general public could care less about the internals of a phone, They care about the price and how pretty it is

  • cloakster

    If they price it at $550-$600, they will be good, but at $700 they are going to have a hard time convincing people to buy there product instead of the competition. Hopefully they will wise up to that.

  • Ronell

    First of all it says approximate value, #2 we all don’t know what variant this is for. it could be a 64gb version for all we know. Plus we don’t know what the contract prices are.

    Not that I care to sign another dumb contract again.

  • Mike

    I’m rooting for Blackberry, but they are fooling themselves at this price point. Nexus 4 has set a new standard. Blackberry is coming late to the party with an overpriced device and a lack of worthwhile apps. Blackberry needs to show and prove, not just rely on the past.

    • toosee roll

      I don’t buy this price. This is Bell inflating the MRSP to make it seem like they are subsidizing a large amount when the rook you on a 3-year contract.

      It needs to come in at no more than $99, this will result in solid sales in developing countries … the only places were the BB brand is actaully valued.

  • ActivesiN

    Yawn, I’ll stick with my nexus 4
    Wake me up when rim goes under

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    To RIM, business users come first. Businesses can use the high price to offset their revenue and lower their taxes.

  • sp

    okay wait a second…you guys are all saying the phone pricing needs to be competitive??

    case in point:
    iPhone 5 16gig 699, 32gig 799, 64 gig 899
    S3 16gig 599 32 gig 699
    Note 2 649-799
    N920 549
    Nexus 4 online store 308/328 with heavy subsidy
    outside of Google 600.

    so i dont see how the price of this phone is not competitive???

    • Joe Joe

      Because an iPhone is an iPhone
      Because a Samsung Galaxy 3 is a Samsung Galaxy 3
      Because a Nexus is a Nexus…

      Sure most of them might be around the same price, However they are all proven phones and brands. Not saying that RIM or Blackberry does not have a proven brand, however the general publics image of them is not the greatest.
      Mostly for the fact that the current Blackberry phones are useless to do just about anything other then BBM and email. All the apps are terribly done, the web browser is terrible, Build quality is a whole other story.
      This is what people are gonna remember when it is time to upgrade their phones. “Should I go with the blackberry that has been a pos and makes me look like i am still in the dark ages when i am around my friends or should i get that amazing iPhone or Galaxy 3 phone that everyone has and says is amazing!?”
      Most of them won’t care that this new Blackberry has QNX or that i has a zillion core processor and a trillion gb’s of storage. All they will see is the Blackberry logo and go running in the other direction…

    • sp

      your argument is a moot point. you are seriously going to tell me they are priced like that because they are what they are?\

      you are telling me that Apple’s iPhone isnt a POS because what? Because its an iPhone? im sorry but at a minimal increase every version since the 3G to the 4S you are telling me that its worth 700-900 for an extra .5″, a crap OS and Maps that will drive you into a wall?

      yes Samsung is proven, but they are not without their faults as well. as I am at this present time using an S3…but TOUCHWIZ IS CRAP!!!!!!! id rather use an archaic OS ie: early Nokia OS’s rather than TOUCHWIZ…lagging while composing a text message? GTFO… thank god I can root my phone and put 10.1 Google Jellybean on it!!

      You have not touched BB10 yet. You have no idea how its going to operate. You are going by your idea of RIM is dead and they cant do anything right because they delayed the release of BB10 2 years. As I was telling someone earlier..I pray that the delay was worth it and that the OS works right out of the box….cause if not…then they might be dead.

      But you cant price point a phone just by saying… Apple is Apple and Samsung is Samsung..

      thats not an argument!!

  • truther

    Despite RIM’s imminent failure I don’t buy this price. This is Bell inflating the MRSP to make it seem like they are subsidizing a large amount when the rook you on a 3-year contract.

    It needs to come in at no more than $99, this will result in solid sales in developing countries … the only places were the BB brand is actaully valued.

    • sp



      Truther you must be dreaming.

      what phone out there can you buy outright for $99.00 other than used phones off kijiji that might be 5-7 years old and in bad shape..

      you must be kidding!!

      $99.00 on a 3 year term…maybe…but its gonna be closer to what iPhone 5 and S3 was…most likely…

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Count me out. RIM don’t get it that they need affordable high end phones to conquer the market. Now I am starting to think the people here that say RIM RIP may be they are on to something!

    • sp

      as i said above…what price were you expecting…

      the price is on par with all the other smart phones out there. outside of course the heavy subsidy from Google for the Nexus 4.

      everyone seriously needs to take a look at what you guys are calling affordable..

      none of these high end smartphones are affordable unless subsidized…or you just have cash to burn on it.

      so honestly…take a step back and see exactly again what you are saying

  • Mike

    $700 LMAO LMAO LOL LOL LOL..AT that price, we can all say bye bye to RIM. This is only just a Blackberry not a high end Smartphone. In my eyes Blackberry’s aren’t in the same category as a Smartphone, there only good for emailing, and BBM, thats pretty much it. Why would any sane person pay $700 for just Emailing and BBM? All phones now do Emailing, and theres’ Whatsapp which is much better than BBM. You can get the Nexus 4 for $300 bucks, which is more superior than a boring blackberry LOL.

  • bembol

    I’ll be honest, I’m impressed with RIM/BB10 but there’s no way I’m going to spend that much when COMPETITION is selling less and far greater.

    I’m buying it just to play with it, there’s no way this is going to replace my Samsung Galaxy Note 2s. I’ll wait for <$450.

  • F Harris

    Keep in mind that this $700 figure would have to include All Sales Taxes as this is a contest.

    In Ontario (Bell’s home territory) the HST is 13%.

    That would make the phone cost work out to $609.

    So we’re probably looking at a No Contract price of $599 on Bell.

  • Dan

    LMAO. What compelling reason would I have to buy a crappy rim device, when the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be purchased for less? RIM is pulling a Windows 8 tablet price disgrace.

  • rip rim

    RIM is just digging that grave deeper and deeper.

    RIP RIM 🙂

  • screamer

    I think we are disappoint from the new blackberry line up.

  • Kriilin Namek

    If it’s successful at becoming a true corporate and personal device through the OS 10’s separation of work/personal stuff, and the application infrastructure is decent, it may well command the price. Computer companies still sell laptops at higher price points for business.

    Having said that, I think it needs to be dual sim (even locked to the same carrier if it has to), to completely seperate the work/personal environment. And AFAIK, BB10 is the only FIPS 140-2 compliant mobile platform, a must for Canadian and US gov’t.

  • Kastortroy

    My question is, why does anyone automatically based things on fact the minute its posted for the first time. Maybe it’s true, and maybe it’s not. Personally 700 price tag is no different than any new product that hits the market. Not only that, it’s a next gen mobile OS. I think the only ones whining are the drone users who are so used to having everything for cheap. Apple does this ALL THE TIME, and their fan base don’t complain, cus they know it’s build quality that they get. It’s hilarious soo many bitching about a product they have yet to hold in their hands. I, for one, will pay a premium if the product has build quality to it.

  • JoJo

    Too expensive, doomed to fail at that price point.

  • sp

    lol im sorry but i find it laughable at what you guys are saying..

    doomed to fail because of the price.

    sad to say it but you guys dont see the prices of the other phones …(outright price)

  • alberta rocky

    Crazy! Enough is enough!


    4 months and RIM will declare bankruptcy

  • dayafter21

    to expect RIM to come back with a phone that cost under 400 dollars is absurd. Almost suicide especially if you’re aware of how much google is making on each nexus 4. Of course Bell is going to up the price so you’ll sign up for a three year contract and owe them your first born. I’m pretty sure it will come to Wind and so far I’m way happier with my price plan over Virgin and Bell.

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    The only reason I bought a smartphone couple years ago because Android devices became very affordable. I picked up an LG Optimus phone for $100 and I was/still very happy with its performance and what it can do for the money. I didn’t want to spend $500 on an iphone or other higher end Android phones.

    Same deal with Blackberry devices, they need affordable good quality entry phones.

    ok, lets say this phone is a flagship phone and deserves the pricetag, fine, how about they release similar phone but not so flagship phone, call it Z9 in the $300-$400 range

  • Sgt.Romanov

    If this is the price ($700) then it will be RIP RIM , their in no position to be selling that high if they are trying a come back , we will wait and see and hope for a reasonable price point for all canadians to afford a BB10

  • Omega Jimes

    I think people here are really overvaluing the Nexus 4. Yeah it’s a good phone, with a good screen and specs, but it’s missing alot of key features. I’m not saying they make up the price difference, but expandable memory, LTE, replaceable batteries and HDMI out mean a lot to me personally. The Nexus 4 is so cheap because of the things it DOESN’T have. I’m hoping that BB10 is a more complete OS than Android 4.2. Bad calender, message apps and contacts apps really made me second guess my purchase. My girlfriend is getting my Nexus 4 in February when I can go buy a Z10.

  • Phone user



  • Matt M5

    Just so everyone knows, RIM doesn’t set the retail price… they sell to carriers and carriers set the retail price. $700 tells us two things: the phone is of high value and should have great specs and more importantly that carriers see value in the device and have a high mark up. RIM will sell to carriers for $450 and the carriers see the potential to sell this phone for Galaxy NOTE or iPhone value. This is a good thing for RIM.

  • joeee

    That’s the inflated carrier retail price. It’ll be $100 on a 3 year contract. They just want to ensure a high early termination fee. The carriers don’t want you to buy the phone outright anyways … unless they can make a very handsome profit.

  • Anthony

    The RIP RIM comments are boring. You overestimate products like iPhone5 and Samsung S3. Both phones are actually nothing special and over hyped and over done. BB10 is a much better product.

    Why would they sell it for $500 when out of the box it will be a great product. It likely will be in the $650 range off contract. For this price it will be a top spec smartphone with a great OS and UI.

    Playbook’s pricing was a mistake because so much was missing. If you can’t afford BB10’s off contract price get it on contract, 1, 2, or 3 years!

  • villain

    I was planning on jumping back into the blackberry world with BB10 from my HTC 8X BUTTTTT at that price all I can do is laugh and feel bad for the flop.

  • Matthew

    What some of you fail to realize is that most MSRP of phones is $699.99 or less, at least for the base models (so 32gb iPhone 5 out of the question for example). So all Bell is really doing here is protecting themselves so to speak, in that they’re putting the highest possible base phone price that the phone would retail for. That doesn’t mean that it will retail for $700, but it means that worse case scenario it would.

    If for example they put that it was worth $500, and then the phone comes out at $599.99, although none of us would care, Bell would see a problem in them indicating the wrong value of a handset for their contest.

    Anywho, I think that for this phone to be successful, it needs to be no higher than a $550 MSRP, hopefully it will be $499.99. My guess would be something like $99.99 on a three year term

  • KyoKeun

    Really RIM? Is 5% of the smartphone market not enough to tell you guys that you aren’t doing good at all and need to do something to change that? I mean, look at Nexus 4! 300 bucks? I’m saying that I’m expecting 300 bucks unlocked, but 700 bucks? Now I’m just loosing faith in you.
    Sure with contract, the price will be like 150-200 but if I needed to choose between Blackberry 10 (which I looked up on YouTube) device and Android/iPhone/WP8, I will not choose Blackberry. I’m sorry, but you need to do something about the price

    • DigitalHomeBoy

      Before you run off your mouth and play accusatory to RIM, why don’t you re-read the posted details. This is Bell dictating price and not RIM.

    • sp

      KyoKeun your pricing expectation is crazy. $300 for BB10 unlocked?

      good luck getting a smart phone for that price unlocked that isnt dated and not supported anymore with updates.

      If all you want to pay for a phone is $300 unlocked then I wish you luck finding a phone for that price. what number are you in the line up for the Nexus 4??

  • DigitalHomeBoy

    I hope this helps clarify. It has been mention thoughout the comments by individuals who actually read it correctly and understand both market, phones, and pricing.
    The Pre-reg that Bell is offering includes updates along with a contest. The approx. value being $700 is not the asking/selling price of the BlackBerry Z10 as the official launch will be happening January 30th to where carriers will be mentioned. Pricing will be done by carriers and not of RIM. In order for Bell to not fall under gambling laws in Canada, it must list a numerical value as to show that they are “gifting” a product. Showing value or any value as such is the case is not directly pertaining to the actual/sales cost, especially to an un-released device that hasn’t officially been announced.

  • Mind Games

    So how much would this be if it were American dollars?
    And to you guys who slobber over Androids so much I have an EVO 3D that got that piece of trash update called Ice Cream and that update ripped me and thousands of owners a new one!
    It destroyed the built in Browser many people are having typing issues when Texting and or Email!
    So miss me with trashing my beloved BlackBerry! Its a phone that can take a beating unlike that glass-house called Iphone!
    BlackBerries are well known for security something Androids no nothing about.
    Overall BlackBerry can be and has been a superior phone in many ways, now the problem may have been investors and their reluctance to spend on unproven products and I don’t blame them BUT RIM finally got it right! And about time the browser has been revamped and word is it WILL be the fastest browser on the market.
    I’m betting RIM will make such a fast rebound with these new phones it will result in a lot of copyrights violations by competitors who will no doubt reverse engineer the BlackBerry and claim they built their own from the ground up.
    Androids are well known for holes in the security areas of their operating systems and its only a matter of time they will be truly known, I bet RIM developers know and will tell you if you ask.
    The US government has not given one top level clearance to an Android nor an Iphone! Have they???………………..That’s what I thought.
    Now if you look it up BlackBerry 10 just got the ok. Welcome bacK BlackBerry.

  • AM

    $700 might be ok for corporate customers but if RIM wants to succeed in the consumer market, the price needs to be below $500 (outright) or around $100 mark through contract.

    • sp

      $500 outright…

      no phone out there is priced $500 outright and unlocked.

      you are disillusioned to think such a thing.

      go out there right now, plop $500.00 into the hands of any store and say..

      “okay, here is my $500.00..i want a brand new unlocked iPhone5/S3/Note2/N920/Nexus4/RazrHD/OptimusG etc etc etc etc”

      try that and see how far it gets you or which one you get.

  • yeahright

    $700?!?!!!… looks like another 3 yr-term for me. *sigh*

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