Hundreds, a stunning and simple puzzle game, released for iOS

The embarrassment of riches that is the App Store continues to shine this week with the launch of Hundreds, a deceptively simple and understated game from the creators of Canabalt and Puzzlejuice.

The goal of Hundreds is, at first, almost puerile: grow a series of circles until they add up to “100”, in whatever form that may take. The opening levels provide no instruction — you’ll die a few times before gaining control — but later levels prove that even a focused, linear idea is not easy to conquer.

In short, Hundreds is one of the best puzzle games currently available for iOS. It may be easier to play on the iPad — the iPhone screen is a fraction too small for optimal enjoyment — but it’s insane amounts of fun on both platforms. The later levels seem to be a bit too liberal in their difficulty arch, and will be extremely, extremely frustrating but ultimately worth the perseverance.

The creators say that Android is the next step, though they won’t commit to a specific date. If you’re looking for a similar yet slightly less violent Android equivalent, I recommend trying Gyro.

Download Hundreds for iOS.