Bell opens up BlackBerry 10 pre-registration, plus offers up a chance to win 1 of 5 new BlackBerry 10 devices


  • john

    Is this Android Key Lime Pie?

    Sorry I had to do that. I have been seeing nothing but “is this BB10?” comments in all of MS comments sections

    • User

      No this is Patrick.

    • Tyrone

      lol also you forgot about those RIP RIM!!! 😀 comments too.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Ohhhhh this is getting exciting , cant wait . pls RIM make the price reasonable for all canadians

    • nathan

      In the rules of the contest Bell states “Approx retail value $700.00 Cdn each.”

    • leafs123

      RIM sells the devices to carriers at a wholesale price. It is the carries, not RIM, who sets the price that users will pay in the end.

  • Dimitri.K

    Problem is that Rogers already opened up their Reservations / pre orders 2 weeks ago. Also from what I heard the launch may be exclusive to Rogers for a few weeks. This is what they said on their side as well ” excuslive”. Bell just opened up a PRE- REGISTATION meaning you will get a email when and how the product will be launched and such. This is not a reservation or pre order.

    Seeing as Bell already added the picture of the back of the phone, we can say for sure it will have a texture backing. I can not wait to get one tho. Blackberry seems to be getting it right and go into the right path.

  • Will

    Awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on a BB10 device.

  • James

    why yes, it IS BB10

    can’t wait to ditch my work iphone and it’s non-collapsable email subfolders and go to something faster and better.

    I’m thinking baseball bat into a concrete wall for the iphone’s fate

  • Greg

    The BB10 looks interesting. RIM better pull this off at the end of January or it’ll be the last phone coming from the company. The company just isn’t what it used to be in the early 2000s.

    • Todd

      Companies prosper with sales so hopefully all canadians will standup and help put this canadian company over the top after all there are 30 million or so of us.Those kind of profits will definitly boost stock price of RIM.

  • Nothin But RIM

    and again Telus lags behind… some things never change… regardless, can’t wait to get this phone.

    • Trevor

      I tweeted them, they said soon.
      However, they have been saying the same thing for 2 weeks.

    • MrHomz

      Telus does now.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    For those who don’t get it, the phone is going to be available the week of the announcement on Jan 30th. They have been building finalized phones for well over a month, full complete devices are being found in the wild all over. There won’t be much of wait after Jan 30th.

  • marion

    I hope they have amazing plans to go with the new BB devices.

  • Kevin

    Can’t wait. The battery on my Torch is dying. Hurry up RIM!!

  • BB10 fan

    Is WIND mobile going to release BB10? please say YES 🙂

  • Felix

    Can I get the link?… Javing problems finding it on Bell Mobility site 🙁

  • Ney

    From Contest rules: “The Contest is open to all individuals who reside in Canada (excluding Quebec)” 🙁

    • Flash_Gordon

      Like every other nation wide contest. They should have their own promotion in Quebec as well.

  • Jon

    Stupid Quebec laws about so-called ‘consumer protection.’ This is BS. I want a free phone.

    Oh, and… can’t wait for #BlackBerry10 !

  • Dave

    “BlackBerry 10 pre-registration”

    Bell vs Rim – Who is dumber? LOL

  • Montreal guy


  • Alex Ohannes

    The only reason I like the blackberry platform is because everything is so CHEAP. The blackberry Playbook was on sale somewhere recently for 99 dollars- what a steal! All i have to do is put Android on it. 🙂

    • phreezerburn

      Or learn how to make a shortcut and then you’ll have about 66% of Apple and Google’s apps covered.

    • xenrobia

      Why would you want to put android on a PlayBook? That would be like the motor out of a Ferrari and replacing it with the engine from a 1962 Volkswagon Beetle. I mean if you really want poor, crappy performance then just buy any tablet with android on it.

  • xenrobia

    There I’m entered. I certainly hope they don’t expect me to go with a Bell contract if I win. Bell is always throttling data connections so that their Bell TV subscribers can watch television and movies uninterrupted.

  • Hardened

    @phreezerburn, the reason why Alex wishes to put Android on the PlayBook is because of the QNX tru multitasking core; it can easily run the android runtime in parallel … much like Parallels or VMWare Fusion for OS X! Why would anyone run Parallels/Fusion on OSX?! Because they can and have needs that run only on 1 platform – this is the best of both worlds. Parallels and VMWare make a HUGE fortune off of OSX users – take a look at many of the BBJam attendees and you’ll see so many use Apple workstations along with Parallels!!

    Basic answer … grass is always greener but having both lawns to mow is much more fun 😉