WhatsApp pushed a record-breaking 18 billion messages on December 31st


  • Tyco



  • deltatux

    Seeing how WhatsApp is cross-platform and iMessage is iPhone-only, I’m not sure why it is surprising that WhatsApp pushed way more messages than iMessage…

    • skullan

      I don’t read that anyone considers it a surprise that iMessage sent less.

  • nancoo

    hello skullan, i am new to country and i would like to learn about mobile technology, but your sentence confuse me. Do you mean your sentence, ” I don’t read that anyone considers it a surprise that I sent less messages.” please help me understand, thank you skullan. I love Canada!

    • skullan

      There is no comment in this article that indicates any sort of shock or amazement that the iOS iMessage sent less than whatsapp.

      deltatux seemed to indicate that there was an presentation of shock, yet there wasn’t.

  • rufusy

    7 more months till whatapp will cost 1 dollar a month to use. No good

  • MER1978

    I wish a company would buy Whatsapp just so they finally fix their security model.


    Wish it worked for Nexus 7

  • JMen

    August 24th 2013, Free trial is over for what app

  • R.Dot

    The 2nd best data messenger next to BBM. For now, it does its job well. Rest assured that if RIM ever decided to release BBM cross platform, it’s pretty much over for most of these messenger companies.

    • Chris

      I disagree. I only know a handful of people now that still have a blackberry, and they’re just waiting for their contract to end. Nobody will use yet another messaging app.

  • Aiden

    My favourite messaging application

  • Tyco

    I like to blow goats.

  • nathan

    wonder what they had to say

  • Crank

    Now that incoming and outgoing text messaging worldwide is more or less a freebee with many phone plans, I don’t see roses in WhatsApp’s future.

    SMS may be primitive, but at least you don’t annoy your friends saying “Install WhatsApp because I’m a cheap bastard”

  • Babi

    7b inbound, 11b outbound, 11-7=4; where did those 4B outbound messages go to? space?

    • WhoDaaat

      To the hotlines and dating sites…

  • Titanium X

    I prefer Trillian. I can still chat with everyone else using AIM, ICQ, GTALK, JABBER, YAHOO, MSN, SKYPE, IRC, VZ, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn, MySpaceIM, Twitter, Bonjour, SchuelerVZ.

    I’m sure at some point, they will even add WhatsApp.

  • chatz

    I actually uninstalled Whatsapp late December not realizing they had such bad security issues. I’m glad I uninstalled it.

  • ToniCipriani

    It has been addressed, though not perfect. Took a while for the webOS and Meego versions to be recoded as a result of the change.

    They implemented V2 of their protocol which now encrypts the message channel and a new registration system. Though spoof attacks are still possible.