Open webOS gets ported to Nexus 7 tablet, makes us hopeful for its future


  • Collin

    Wow so choppy and laggy, on a quad core tablet.. don’t see the point of this..

    • SUpa

      RIM copied webOS design and interface.

    • Sam

      Rim with or without copying is dead

  • aviking

    I have a touchpad that I put cyanogenmod 10 on and I don’t know why you would want to put webos on something that has jellybean already?

    I don’t see a point.

    • shriram

      cuz webOS has the best interface ever! Period!

  • 45

    I suppose this is kind of cool that they’re able to get it functional, but I just don’t see why you’d want to use WebOS on the Nexus…

  • JC Gin

    While it’s cool to see they can run OWOS on Nexus, I would prefer seeing they put that effort to HP’s own Touchpad rather than other devices.

  • Justin

    for those asking Why

    3 words

    Because they can

    • Me Ted

      But why?

  • oldschool

    Nexus 7 is a POS, had to DOA my sister’s the first day for a flickering LCD, apparently I wasn’t alone. The Nexus line has been junk since the Galaxy Nexus. If I’m gonna buy junk, I’d rather save some money and wait for the $100 Acer tablet.

  • Peter

    LOL webOs

    What a lose of resource?

    – Like how many people worked on such a thing?

    They’ve could had done so many improvement to some other nicier products in the industry…