Image: “BlackBerry X10” and “BlackBerry Z10” sitting together, dressed up in black and white


  • Pablo Moses

    2013 will be Blackberry year, good job and nice design.

    • Obama

      Sue them nokia, they copied your device name the X10

      Way to copy rim!!!!

    • Michael

      There’s also a Sony Device called the X10. Big Whoop.

    • Times up

      Looks like rim pr is on the prowl so they can stay relevant

    • RIMstock

      Three stories of RIM in a row when the stock price of RIM has dropped 25% in two days??
      This has to a be a coincidence right??

      RIMM: $10.73 and dropping..

      at over $10 there is room to short it…again, just like in the summmer!


      Welcome 2010!!!

      don’t forget the galaxy s4 will be announce in Jan 8-15 at the CES

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • Jack

      The toilets are plugged in the Wendy’s womens bathroom. Grab your plunger and get back to work instead of posting here! 🙂

  • BHH

    Can hardly wait……so glad I saved my upgrade……

    • Benz

      get a life loser! All touch for me!

    • RIMstock

      RIM Public Relations -Dream:
      People don’t buy a phone on a tried and true ecosystem:
      iOS, Android and W8. and wait of a phone with no price, smaller screen and no FIRM DATE on when you can go buy it!

      We are in december, if the phone was so close to be AVAILABLE AT STORES, they would have announced the FIRM date by now so that people would wait.
      -The phone will be at stores in MARCH.
      -By then the N4 will be in stock everywhere in the world.
      -BB10: les basketball games from the CEO and less Youtube videos from the developers could have helped the phones to arrive sooner to stores. This is 2 Little (Screen) 2 L8.

  • LeBron James

    OMG, I want to get the physical keyboard one but I think the touch will be the flag ship device. So many decisions, but one thing for sure I will be getting this.

    • EvanKr

      I love that physical KB as well, but I’m not too sure what I think of the white yet.
      What I am concerned about is how having a QWERTY and no trackpad will impact single handed usability, and the device’s functionality.

  • Dalex

    I’m going to wait and see the reviews for the Z10, and I might just buy it outright to give BB10 a shot.

    • RIMstock

      This is what people would do:
      Wait and see for the reviews, specs, tocuh and PRICE of the phones once they are AVAILABLE at stores………

      -Except that 90% of the planet just got a new phone in November, December, January, and before February 10th (Chinese Indian year), they might even loose Feb 14th too.

  • Mark

    Man I use an old Windows phone and waited before I get a WP8 device but the Black Qwerty BB10 looks sexy as hell. I might buy this thing instead as I always liked their keyboards.

  • Trevor

    I’m thinking the white one is either a Curve type BB10, or a Dev Alpha C.

  • leafs123

    The white looks to me as either the Dev Alpha C or a low budget BB10 curve. The keyboard is different than the X10.

  • jack

    oh god the white one is so ugly

  • ad19

    The white one is either the Dev Alpha C or the R-Series (Curve)

  • Khav

    A Blackberry, an iPhone and an HTC Status walk into a bar…

  • Anonymous1

    How can anyone not see that the white and black QWERTY models shown above are two different models????

    • Plazmic Flame

      The white QWERTY device is most likely the DevAlpha C.

  • Michael J King

    I suspect the white is the new BB10 Curve, the middle one the Flagship BB10 Touch and the right the BB10 Bold. I am really looking forward to seeing what these devices have to offer. Hoping the prices are reasonable too, with Android Nexus Flagship devices for £240/$249 and decent midrange windows phones like HTC 8s there needs to be something to grab peoples attention again on this platform.

  • Jessi Slaughter’s Dun Goof’d Daddy (RIP in Peace)

    Sauce: 4Chon

    Wi Aire Leejon!

  • Sgt.Romanov

    RIM , keep the price to where the 16gb Nexus 4 is at or there abouts .

  • Joe Public

    When will the simple people realize that windows apple and blackberry don’t sell welfare dollar store phones like android and at a loss to boot. So for all cheap burger flippers go buy the cheap a*s plastic nexus phone and shut you’re piehole, or get a better job so you can purchase a QUALITY phone that isn’t from the dollar store and will last more than 4 months, then maybe you can move out from the parents basement as well…..

    Can’t wait for the day that the welfare android OS will disappear and with the losers that idolize it, as the world will become a better place.

    RIP Android.

    • Sean

      You sir are a complete i***t.

    • babablacksheep

      Baaaaaaaa Blackberry fans are the same as Android fans. You think Blackberry makes “quality” phones? Baaaaahahahahah

      Sheep of the same stock like to flock, Blackberry and Android fans are the same, baaaaa baaaaa

  • Xavier

    Samsung Galaxy Note current.
    Saving for Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
    More utility, S pen, large screen.
    Don’t need a phone for your pocket anymore.

    • Plazmic Flame

      If you don’t put it in your pocket, do you put it in your arse?

    • Joe public

      I hope they price it in the same class as the nexus at $275 if not the note 3 will be DOA cause 95% android users can’t afford anything more. So only 24%of Android users have the ICS and 2.7% has jellybean and here comes key lime pie, android is a joke os as the MAJORITY of Android users are on DUMB phones. Next we will see these dollar store phones in bubble gum machines next year…

      Has android found the month of December yet?…. How embarrassing to ship jellybean with out December programmed in, maybe you you will get the patch in key lime pie before December rolls around in 2013.

    • Dalex

      I think I lost a few brain cells reading that turd of a post. The part about the majority of Android users being on dumb phones was spectacular. I applaud your stupidity sir.

  • Key lime pie

    Should be called the L13 for LATE 2013. Glad RIM is launching some new 2010 technologies just in time for March break 2013

  • Plazmic Flame


  • Joe public

    Can I reach that annoying status only android users obtain on a daily bases with the dollar store phones price request for the competition phones. I guess android users can dream of owning a real phone one day instead of the dollar store no name brand phones they get with 12 cores now.

    Dare to dream android user dare to dream..

    • Dalex

      Trust me you have definitely attained that annoying status. I think those burgers need flipping though, you better get off your computer before your boss chastizes you.

  • Joe public

    Thanks dalek, I’m really trying to be that guy today…

  • Cody

    Too little too late. And RIM holding onto the keyboard is hurting them.

    • ShuShu

      Lol. Neither of your statementds is true. What a fail post. Congratulations!

    • Plazmic Flame

      RIM holding on to keyboards is saving them! Trust me, at this point in time, there is still a vast and large market for phones with full QWERTY keyboards.

  • Mike

    The Device on the left looks like the old HTC Status LOL

    • Plazmic Flame

      You’re right, and it looks ugly as sin! I really hope that’s the DevAlpha C.

  • babablacksheep

    Baaaaaa I Like Crackberry and I am a Fandroid …. baaaaa look at me being a sheep.