Swackett, the quirky weather app, finally arrives on Android


  • Jason

    Android always gets every thing last. lol. That’s why I don’t buy their cheap plastic phones.

    • sp

      no Jason, you are just blinded by the Apple propaganda.
      try and stop drinking the Apple Kool-Aid for once and see what else is available out there other than what Apple tells you.

      being a robotic monotonous being isnt befitting anyone.

    • PhoneScience

      I know they say don’t feed the trolls, but…

      Have you actually touched a proper, high end android? Or do you only ever get your hands on the dregs of the android frontier?


      With Android you have lots of widget, with IOS you may get it in 2020 just pray!!!

      Ohhh and when the widget will be available in IOS Apple will start suing others because IOS had it first!!!!


    • Android is becoming a joke.

      Android = Too little, too late.

  • Mike

    Cute diversion, really? What is this crap? The weather apps for android are pretty dismal… They’re all either European or slow as hell even on a modern phone. Even the weather underground app which has the most potential is bloat central. No isotherm maps, limited locations for weather info…. booo

  • Eduardo

    Never heard of it before, downloaded it, played around with it a few minutes and I was about to uninstall it until I stumbled upon “Wilfred”! I will give it another chance but it has a lot of room for improvement.

  • andy c

    i currently use aix weather widget, the weather network and google now.

    eye in sky weather is a really nice app as well.

  • screamer

    I have an iphone and have more apps than android. But I don’t have widgets and still have to convert my movies in mp 4. Oh I still have to use iTunes to put music in my phone. But I have a 4 inch retina display. Ah I still use a case but than nobody sees that I have an iphone and spend 150$ more than an galaxy s3. My life suck!

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • mike

    Sorry… I’m a troll because all if the weather apos for Android appear to be crap? Lol. Yes please don’t feed me. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy III now but started on the G1… so its been a while waiting for a half decent weather app that isn’t bloatware. Check out the reviews of the ones in the play store! If anyone knows of a weather app where “cutesy” isn’t the only good thing you can say about it please speak up in the comments I’d love to check it out… but I think I’ve installed them all. Not one has a decent map. Most are prioritized for ad space, and I can’t think of one without a strange or clunky interface. Are there good weather apps on iPhone?

    • sp

      who called you a troll?

      i dont think anyone here called you that. we were talking about the noober Jason up there

    • Wia

      Have you checked out Eye in Sky?

  • Mike

    Oh I thought he was referring to me. My bad. Cheers

  • Mike

    I should start reading timestamps 😀 lol

    • sp

      lol no worries!!!

      its all good!!

      Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  • DeeZee

    WeatherBug. Nuff said.

    • Netguru

      I agree.

  • DroidFTW

    You could use the stock android app that comes built-in for your weather and news needs, I don’t see what’s wrong with it