6.8 million iOS and Android devices were activated worldwide on Christmas day



    Out of those how many belong to Android?
    Hopefully Android had more!

  • Jan

    wtf are people doing activating new phones on Christmas day!
    They should be spending time with family, loved ones! Besides, if they got new phones for Christmas, then they would have already been activated!

  • Adam

    @Jan, if you activate a phone when you buy it, and you buy it a week before christmas, that means you essentially lost a week of prorated services. Not really the best desiscion for your money. And, it said most of the activations were between 9-10pm, so, most people are usually home by that time, from family dinners/gatherings. On any note, aren’t you excited to play with any new gadget you get?

  • EmperumanV

    Meanwhile Blackberry falls behind as usual :P.

  • EmperumanV

    Query: If the shops are closed Christmas day, how can phones be activated?

    • Dextherex

      Post dated activations. Someone can buy a phone in december and have it activate over the air specifically on christmas.

  • Adam

    @EmerumanV, most companies have call centres open.

  • I forgot my meds

    Ready for Android Reality Distortion Field.

  • Matt

    Stores are typically closed on the 25th… these are future dated activations. I myself did two dozen or so for 24/25th of Dec.

  • Claude

    it should of read more like this. 6,799,999 android phones activated on Christmas day, and only one pitiful Iphone activation on Christmas Day. Now that would be believable.

  • ProTech

    Wow Claude. You’re a bright and intelligent guy. Good call!!! Ass!! I bet after you posted that you felt tremendously liberated. You’re such a gimp and your hatred for ios is so played out. We know the android platform is superior. It’s the i***t users like you who feel there should only be one platform. Don’t forget it’s the iPhones innovation that encourages the advancement of our androids. Don’t be a dick. Technology is an art and science. The entire playing space needs respect. Competition is healthy!!

  • Mathieu

    Like most Flurry numbers, these numbers are just speculative numbers based on the “few” iOS (and even fewer Android apps) that use Flurry for their analytic.

    On the other hand, Andy Rubin from Google announce that 3.7M new Android devices were activated for Christmas.

    That would meant that 3.1M iPad + iPod Touch + iPhone were activated for Christmas… that may be close to the reality.

  • EmperumanV

    So based on the total 6.8 million devices of both iOS and Android devices – 3.7 million were Android whilst 3.1 million were iOS. Sweet for Android.