BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB drops to a low $49.99 outright at SaskTel


  • Omega Jimes

    Wish they did that here, I could get my mom to upgrade from a kobo vox, and my dad would get one, and… EVERYONE I KNOW WOULD HAVE ONE BY THE END OF THE WEEK!

  • TKG26

    now that is a real boxing day deal!

  • cybik

    Still too much.

  • Albert

    @cybik I’m sorry for your poorness.

    • cybik

      Brand new Nexus 4 and 32gb Nexus 7. Who’s poor?

  • John Bennett


    Yes, Cybik beat me to it by three minutes…

  • ruaman

    Some people will just complain no matter what.
    Even if RIM gave PlayBook away for free they would say why couldn’t RIM just give away $100 gift cards with the free device… and so on…

  • Dan

    I still don’t want one.

  • Donot

    And less than 1 year ago they were $500

    • Temp

      Less than a year ago, they were $199, $299, and $399 NOT $499.

  • LW81

    Here’s the plan: buy one at Walmart now. If they drop the price go back and get a price match. Because by the time they drop the price they’ll be sold out.

  • Dave

    I will pay no more than $9.99 for Shipping & Handling if the 64GB PB is free.

    • Yes you are.

      A perfect example of a cheapskate and an id1ot fused into one.

  • Mel

    Worst tablet ever and I have 2 of them slow apps slow browsing and app lag its to much…

    • CromeFox

      I have 2 of them as well. Nothing like what you have described has ever happened.

      The only thing that I can “complain” about is that on two occasions one tablet has restarted itself for no reason. I can definitely live with that, espeecially since I’ve paid under $200 for both.

  • Rick

    This “deal” wasn’t so good. They only had 4 units in the Regina store and 3 in the Saskatoon store. A huge PR screwup for a Government owned company.

  • Slappy

    Had one, didn’t like it too much. Luckily it broke in a few days and I got my money back. 🙂

    • Joe public

      I bought 2 of those welfare dollar store android tablets for the niece and nephew for Christmas, both were samsung 7inch tablets one was dead by noon the second was dead by dinner the nephew dropped his. Bought a 32 gig playbook for the sis its still working, all three tablets were 149 each what I can say the Android product is so dam cheap and the blackberry seems to be a way better build by light years forthright price…

  • Yupperz

    Sasktel in Regina only had 4 in stock. So they were blowing out their “big” inventory with this meaningless sale.

    • Manitoban

      4 in stock, that’s still at least 2 for each person in Saskatchewan! 😉

  • Toto

    any good apps on it now?

    • Cameron A.

      Depends on what you’re looking for. The BlackBerry App World is still ghetto, IMHO, compared to Google Play and the Apple App Store. I’m partial to Files & Folders, and Blaq, but BAW contains a distressing amount of filler.

  • 2c

    first of all happy holidays ladies 😀
    2nd RIP RIM!!! 😀
    3rd with this feature i am assuming bb can beat other platforms or can be at level of android soon after the launch.

  • dv

    Still waiting for the $0 drop…

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Jess

    Wow so many dumb comments. That’s a great price for a great underrated tablet.

  • GTP20

    I haven’t had a Blackberry in years and have not had any interest in one but at $50 it would be very nice to have around and maybe keep in the car etc. So I asked a buddy in Regina to try and send me one.

    • chris c.

      mobilesyrup is popular with people around the world since its articles frequently appear near the top of google search results.

  • Raju Malkani

    These rate cuts are not seen in India, wish the same thing happened here, I would have bought and gifted couple of playbooks.

    • N Tiwi

      Just curious, what are you doing browsing a Canadian mobile news blog in India anyway?

  • sp

    anyone who says they are over priced or not worth it..has obviously never used the thing. sorry to say but you people are talking out of your a** when you say such things!

    the Playbook is an awesome tablet!

  • Tom Gray

    Well… Great price but I bet they sold out extremely fast.
    On an unrelated subject, I bet eBay got a sudden stock of BlackBerry PlayBooks….oh wait..