“WINDWORLD” mobile portal goes live


  • chall2k5


  • Quan C

    I can’t seem to access the website on my phone. It always re directs me back to the official site. I am on wind of course.

  • Jonesy1966

    About time! LOL!

  • Jonesy1966

    I just noticed, free for a limited time? Seems strange.

    • Terry

      It either means the data used when accessing the site or the stuff like the ringtones and wallpapers.

      I’m in the UK and can’t access this so I have no idea what is the free part.

  • djino

    Yes, I’m also just getting a redirect to windmobile.ca .

    • Peter

      Also getting a redirect, and I’m on their 3G network.

  • Peter

    “Purchase ringtones and wallpapers?” Welcome to 10 years ago, hope you enjoyed your ride in our time machine.

  • katies

    yay! it works on my bb bold! exciting 🙂

  • 5Gs

    Like i said.. Wind is here to stay 😀

  • Mike

    Great stuff, many free downloads.

  • sayehkid

    Looks good – can’t download all games though

  • lee

    Does not work on nexus one.

  • Tim Pickles

    I tried it out and if you read the tariffs page everything on that page is free wether or not you have a data plan. Facebook 0.facebook.com is completelly free as well regardless of data plan and you wont be charged if you dont have one. can we have a refrence on where it says free for a limited time only though?

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    pathetic Wind.. I was having coffee and saw this and asked some gumba to give it a go! Well It was nice to see the weather in Indai! hahahah epic fail

    oh wait



    @5s you still using an unlocked flip phone from 2004?? lol

  • Amar

    Awesome, finally came out!

  • Justin Credible

    Like most carriers, this will likely work for branded phones, not unlocked non-Wind phones.

  • Uncle Ted

    Works fine on unbranded, unlocked, non-WIND phones. You just gotta be connected to the WIND Network and not on Wi-Fi.

  • lengend

    apparently you can go on facebook for free at 0.facebook.com