Get your “refreshed” iPhone 5 today at TELUS for $599


  • Anonymous1

    Oh goodie, a refurb for $600! /s

    • Sam

      Why I have to buy a garbage for $600, buy the brand new nexus 4 for $350

    • skullan

      @Sam, do me a favour, go buy a new Google Nexus 4, from right now.

      Oh, you can’t, it’s in its perpetual sold out state again.

      Until that phone becomes available for everyone to buy without having a crushing onslaught of people trying to get at the limited stock, you can’t buy a Nexus 4 for that much.

    • James

      Skullan: I bought a Nexus 4 from Google just fine. Th iPhone 5 was perpetually sold out as well, when it first was released.

      But good try.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    talk about a rip off…

  • phreezerburn

    Buying a $600 16GB iPhone 5 outright that’s available on every carrier… the upshot is what exactly?

  • James

    Really, $599 for a used device? Why buy that, when you can buy a brand new one outright for $100 more? That’s hardly a savings.

    It’s like EB Games selling a new game at $59.99, or the used one at a remarkable discount of $55.99.

    • phreezerburn

      Considering the best reason to buy outright is to bring in a handset unavailable on your favourite carrier and they should know that, there must have been a pile of returns.

    • Hugues

      One of those is probably my wife’s old phone, with a new screen. It was used for 10 days then the cat knocked it off the counter and it shattered. Everything else still worked perfectly. It’s a 32gb though, not sure how much they’d go for.

    • blah

      @phreezerburn – if they had a pile of them they’d not be selling them at $600 apiece. When they had a pile of GS3s & i4Ss they blew them out at $350; now they’re asking a similarly ridiculous $500 for those. Brand new GS3 is $550 at some carriers, including Telus-owned Koodo!

  • nrj4life

    $0 AND 60 day warranty for a 3yr contract? On my way to a Telus store now!!!

    Lol stuff it, Telus.

    • Happy4N4

      Don’t be mad at Telus, it’s Apple that sets the prices.

  • Lukeiphone

    $599 for 16GB “refreshed” is still pretty expensive.

  • nrj4life

    Make that 90 days. It’s still a joke.

  • ihitmyheadalot

    not a fan like the above posts but does it qualify for apple care + .. i mean if you were going to purchase the apple care regardless with a non refurb.. would it apply here as well?


    RIP APPLE!!!!!!
    2nd hand iphone no thanks

  • EvanKr

    Wow, who would buy a Nexus 4 at $300 when you could grab an iPhone 5 for $600? What a steal! 😉


  • LW81

    This can’t be a good sign for Apple.

  • Netguru

    Telus, you’re joking right? “Certified pre-owned”…it is not a Lexus; it is an iPhone!

  • Al

    Hey great idea. Sell a phone with a warranty measured in months with a contract measured in years!

    Phone companies in Canada really need a kick in the a*s.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Save your money and get BB10!

  • screamer

    Well could be somebody brought it back after realizing how this phone sucks. We know all that apple products are overpriced but people are buying them. When people stop buying them price and ios will change. We gonna see widgets soon.

  • vengefulspirit99

    these must be coming from all the people who bought it and decided that it’s not worth it and returned it. lol

  • Blackberry Gangster

    why pay $600 for toilet paper? I don’t get it

  • 45

    The outright price is a little silly, but it’s also free on a 3YR term. I imagine a lot of people will go that route to save the $179 and get a top of the line handset.

  • John

    People b***h, even though they got no interest in picking up the phone.

  • Dave

    $599 outright + $70 = $670 for a used phone. ($699 brand new). Got da love Robelus! LMAOTF!

    • EAK47

      You didn’t add taxes on that 800$ brand new so it comes up at 900$.

      Anyways people, who cares?

      If one wants to spend 600$ on refurbish phone it his/her problem… Are you going to have hard time to sleep tonight because of that?

      Better buy a refurb with 90 days of warranty than buy a used from Kijiji with 0 warranty

    • Dave

      We’re comparing a USED 16GB iphone $599 + $70 to unlock = $669 which has 90 days of warranty.
      Brand NEW unlock iphone from Apple Store in Canada with 1 year international warranty for $699.00 CAD. (can even pick your colour).
      You have to pay taxes on top of everything you bought in Canada if you have not known by now.

  • Robert Dinero

    If i wanted second hand garbage, i’d go out back and pick it out of my neighbors trash. At least that way it’s free.

  • IPhone 4 user

    No! Thanks! 600$ for a used LOCKED phone is way too much!