Nokia’s Chief Designer talks tablets, says “We are working on it”


  • Calgary

    The pictured above is too beautiful!

  • stylinred

    give me a Win8 tablet with an IvyBridge cpu, SoDimm memory, a Nvidia gpu 580M? and Id be all over it!

    If it comes in a Nokia shell with a CBD Amoled screen and maybe a Pureview camera? even better!

    • Matt

      A brick that burns your hands? You don’t know squat about computer internals and why they don’t work for tablets.

    • stylinred

      sounds like you dont know squat about the ivybridge chip and sounds like you’ve never picked up an ultrabook or a thin laptop… burns ur hands? the heck

  • robot-shmobot

    If the display is high res, and the battery life is 8+ hours, I’ll sell my Xoom for this. Windows 8 is just too awesome to pass up.

  • Dalex

    Having tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview, it lends itself amazingly to the tablet space… I’m sure this will be a hit for Nokia. As for having IvyBridge and a 580M GPU, I’m not sure Nokia will be going for x86 tablets. I mostly see them focusing on Windows on ARM.

    • stylinred

      yeah that’s what im expecting too and its really unfortunate but im hoping for the best 😉

  • Keith

    I want one now.

  • Stu

    Windows 8 will be a tour de force – If they stick to the design sensibility they used when creating the Lumia 800/900 and use a polycarbonate body for it, they’d be entering into the market with a very desirable alternative to the one’s already out there. Very exciting times for Nokia & Windows!

  • thepincerslice

    this tablet looks great.

    not a negative comment, just honestly wondering:
    there’s a speaker (i believe) on the left of the tablet. Of course in portrait mode it’d be fine, but what happens when you want to listen to something in stereo in landscape?

    • jack

      probably plug in the headphones

    • Braumin

      This is a photoshop’ed Lumia phone, not actually the real tablet. It’s just a mock up.

    • blackkey

      You are aware that this is a Lumia 800 modified on a computer, right?

  • Me Ted

    Holy crap that’s nice.

  • leobg

    Huh, judging from recent history (cough.. Nokia France.. cough) how long before he gets fired?