CyanogenMOD 10.1 nightlies arrive for non-Nexus devices including Galaxy S III


  • John


  • Quico

    Running it on my S3. Still a few wrinkles to iron out, but great to see the CM team release new builds with the latest and greatest Android. Take that Samsung!

  • shaq

    Anyone able to get their data to work? I’m on rogers. And my data won’t work.

    • rich

      Have you tried modifying your APNs.

    • S2556

      did you check your APN settings?

  • Nathaniel James

    Any stable and fully functional ones for the HTC One S?

  • HTCKing

    No stability, key features either not working or flaky = no dice, sorry guys try harder.

    • Um..

      This isn’t final version. They’ve only just started the development of 10.1

  • shaq

    No nvmd it works now. Just gotta give it the time. And remember to update your gapps to 4.2

  • Zeake

    Don’t know wth sammy dont just release ALL their devices stock droid. It’s so simple it boggles the fking mind…

    • Piff

      The simple answer is that Sammy and others want to distinguish their Droid from all the others. A custom skin and exclusive features do just that.