Software update now available for the LG Optimus G, brings “stability and performance” improvements


  • NoDATE

    Sorry but isn’t V10h STILL Ice Cream Sandwich??
    2 points for omitting and 1 for effort, but still a fail!

    Now back to the news:
    N4 back in stock on in Canada on January 8th!
    It blows, I know but still sooner than JB on the Optimus G (at half the price, no unlock necessary).

    Expect N4 wide availability in Canada by mid February.

    • It’s all about the Nexus!


    • andy c

      good to know the N4 will be back in “stock” first week of 2013.

      hopfully that means mine will ship soon.

  • SageLikeFool

    Can confirm OTA update on Rogers, though the update refused to run after suspecting my phone was rooted (which it is). Too bad, guess I will have to live without the official stuff.

    I cannot say that I noticed a slower response while charging. It would be nice to have the security fix though.

  • nickn

    Confirming OTA update on Rogers (around 16MB).
    States that this update is V10 from November 27th.
    Not sure why we are receiving this update 20+ days after its official creation/release date…but I guess better later than never. I am a little disappointed by not seeing an JB update yet for this phone….well, I guess more wait for all of us Optimus G users for JB update.