Dell is finished with Android smartphones and tablets


  • Jason

    Android tablets. lol People actually buy those?

    • Jack

      And another market analyst takes a break from preparing the Big Macs for the lunchtime crowd to write a comment.

    • RIP Android

      Another company getting wise and dropping Android before they auger into the ground.
      Every one who tried Android is bored now and ready to jump back on the new BB10 BlackBerrys.

  • _ThaNerd_

    D for Dinosaur

  • nrj4life

    They do. People know good value for their money when they see it.

  • Nick

    lmao if dell had made a ligit attempt they could have made a killing on android… “if”. but when your hardware cannot compete their is no where to go but down… oh well dell sucks anyways. HA!

    • KL

      Well, who aside from Samsung is “making a killing on Android”? I sure can’t think of another.

      Sales in China doesn’t count.

  • hunkyleepickle

    When will these OEM’s learn, you simply have to put out a really great piece of hardware, slap stock android on it and wham, you are different than everyone else! And it will sell in droves likely!

    • Me Ted

      Dell – “Android just isn’t for us.”
      Me – “Is it because you stand behind absolute garbage and I’d take an Acer over anything you have to offer?”
      Dell – “Pretty much.”
      Me – “Look up ‘Nexus 4′”. Thanks.

    • Me Ted

      Downvote me all you want. Dell makes absolute trash.

  • Alex L

    Interest in Dell cancelled due to lack of interest. Let’s make up a non-announcement. I do like the style of the Alienware products, so Dell could have applied some resources to a tablet. As for Android, consumers have spoken with their dollars, they want the products at the low prices. How for OEMs to keep up? Innovate. I can’t think of any Dell innovations except for system customization at order time – something you cannot do with tablets. Samsung adds an IR port to their tablets – now you have a home entertainment controller. Dell’s tablets are me-toos.

  • Edward Szklar

    A pity…. Dell was literally ahead of the game with its Streak5/7 and the Venue Pro. They failed to execute on hardware spec and implementation.

  • The Nexus

    Dell has always been a Windows partner in the sense that they have, and continue to, promote nothing but Windows on their systems. As it was mentioned above, if Dell was ever truly serious about Android they would have accommodated some decent hardware etc. to the system but with them being entrenched for many decades with MS and Windows this move doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    • ToniCipriani

      Yeah except their Windows Phone didn’t do well and scrapped even earlier than the Android stuff.

  • HikerCA

    Dell made smartphones and tablets? Guess that answers the question. 😉

  • Me Ted

    Oddly enough, I’ve been done with all of Dell’s products for quite some time now.

  • vn33

    Agree with comments regarding the mediocre hardware … I have the Streak 5, and that led to the current GNote. It convinced me 5″ screen would be useful on a phone. Too bad Dell did not commit to their Streak line. If they put out half of what Samsung did (decent devices), they would have done well !

  • Netguru

    If Dell wants to know how to make a successful Android smartphone, they should ask Lenovo. Right now, all that they can produce are consumed in Asia…but North America should start seeing them soon.

    For that matter, Dell should also speak to Lenovo about how to build a decent computer too.

  • DonSod

    The Dell Venue Pro was one of the best smartphones ever built. But Dell had poor marketing and execution. It was sold unlocked on their US site only – bastards wouldn’t ship to Canada!

  • Graff

    The nerve of Dell to blame Android for their failures!! lol

  • CD

    I would also like to announce to Donald Trump that I am quitting the Trump Organization.

  • greg

    It’s time to get out of the business if your company cannot compete. Dell has been making crap PCs since the 1990s, so it’s no wonder that their cellular products are junk.

  • nely

    Well, the ultra aggressive mobile device market has claimed another victim, first Palm now Dell. who’s next? Too many homies are passing away… uh, sorry there I got caught up with all these emotions.

  • Nathen

    L M A O Dell Dell Dell.

    Just be shush and make some Win8 products and don’t say anything. Dell is starting to sound like an MS call girl that just cant make it anymore.

    Jesus. Give it a rest already. No wants your stuff. It is YOU not Android.

  • Graeme

    Actually the problem with android is that you end up paying ridiculous amounts on licensing fees, and with the price bar set so low you can’t make money simply off the hardware.

    So that leaves providing content as the primary source of revenue, and Dell simply isn’t set up to be a content provider.

    With windows 8 they know exactly what they will be paying for every computer rolling off the line. They don’t have to worry about the crazy lawsuits that go along with selling android based anything, because Microsoft takes care of all that.

    Every producer of an android product pays Microsoft $3-$6 per device. $15 if you don’t have an agreement and Microsoft has to take you to court (which you will settle for said $15).

    The only reason android can survive is it’s parent company Google is making a killing providing ads and content. and can support the development without making a penny off the software it self. Other wise it would be the same as every other Linux distro: “Why don’t you use Linux it’s free, Because the specialized support required costs twice as much as a windows license where support is included”