Legacy Lumias to get some Nokia-only features in Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade


  • P

    Yesssss! Can’t wait. 🙂

  • Francis

    Would be nice if while they add that Bluetooth feature that they fix the underlying issues with Bluetooth. TellMe and several other Bluetooth features simply do not work and can’t even use voice to text, it just crashes.

  • Eduardo

    It’s nice that they are not completely disregarding “old” devices.

    I really hope Nokia can make a comeback, eventhough I am not really into Windows phones.

  • phreezerburn

    Be nice if it came out before the BB10 handset. If at the same time, I’ll be giving the BB10 a go for a personal device and flip MS the bird in my rear view mirror. From Surface RT/Pro pricing/features(written in dev forums but missing from actual product) to the postponed 7.8 upgrade and shanking the start bar in Windows 8, they’ve been a real disappointment.

  • Andrey

    Nokia’s legacy device support is fantastic.

    They have made numerous updates to the nokia 5800 express music well into 2010 & 2011