HTC 8S sold out at Virgin Mobile, “has been flying off the shelves”


  • Nelly. esq

    Nice piece of technology for that price it beats the HTC one v and one s

    • 8-down

      Paul, thanks for pointing it out but this isnt android with heavy graphics and widgets and heavy multitasking. this is windows with very light system. Android needs more RAM cus its a beast (in a good way). look at note 2 it can multi task on same screen. thats almost Desktop-ish phone.
      windows is just building up and doesnt need high specs.

    • dandoozled

      8-Down. 512 GIGABYTES of RAM, not MEGABYTES.

      hell of a typo

  • Brad

    Good to hear. They told me windows phones don’t sell…liars :P.

    • phreezerburn

      The fine print on all those “don’t sell” blurps reads “when sold out or locked away in Roger’s exclusivity deals”.

  • James

    With HTC android phones selling poorly, it’s nice to see that Windows Phone is working for HTC.

    • EvanK

      I love Android, but in all honestly at this stage in the game I’d veer away from low-end droids at all costs. In comparaison to a smooth, fluid WP you get an overall slow and laggy experience.

      If you’re going high end, the S3 or One X+ are great options, but for low-end to mid-range, go WP.

    • Keith


      For the high end you cannot do any better than the Lumia 920 right now.

  • P

    Yé for Windows! 🙂

  • 2c

    is rim dead?

    • John


  • nely

    Arguably 8gig N4 is still a better deal, but since it’s not really available at the moment, and some people might want to try WP8 I can see why this is a good alternative. Especially that N4 doesn’t have an SD slot. I’m still not over that.

    • WP74Life

      Will u guys shut up with that damn N4.
      it is s**t.

    • Mezy12

      You are right my friend move nexus 4 for 300 best deal you can get. Wp7 suck and low end is exactly where it should be. Thats the only way it will sell.

  • Pablo Moses

    This could be a WP8 entry level!

  • KisD

    My store has like 6 of these in stock, what is this even

  • Blas

    I was thinking of picking this up as a gift for myself, but I’ll have to see if my local spot even has them in stock now.

  • WinCell

    KisD, u talk about a 8S ? could you try a Bell Sim Card into it ? if you confirm it works, you will sell them quickly.

  • 2c


  • Rubbyy

    Looks like a really nice and slick phone. I like the blue panel at the bottom with the button.

    This is my kind of style!

  • Anthony

    Come to daddy

  • Rich

    That’s funny, I went to a Virgin store the other day in BC and it didn’t even have it on display…. or any other W8 phone for that matter.

  • mike

    Windows phones suck. There like the locness monster. You hear about them. But never see them in public. I’ve never once seen someone holding or using one in public. I don’t think anyone buys these phones. And I bet virgin only had 1-2 devices per kiosk and then say its flying of the shelves. Lol selling 20 devices isn’t a huge top selling phone

    • WP74Life

      Mike is too busy sticking finger up his a*s so he don’T go out often.
      Stuck with an “non-upgradable” android phone he’s sad, tired about life as everyone around him are getting WP. Jealous
      Once you go Troll, you never go back.

    • Scott

      I see Mike’s point here. I’ve never ever seen anyone with a Windows phone in my entire life as well. I think its like Big foot lol. I went to my local Virgin store and asked about this phone today, the guy said they only received 3 of this devices and still didn’t sell any. Then I went to another Virgin store and asked the same question, the girl their said they only received 2 of this device. I asked her why their only getting small shipments, she mumbles “its not a popular phone, so we don’t carry to many”. Then while I was driving to another mall to pick up something, I happened to walk by another Virgin store, I went And asked the same question again. The two clerks were chattering together and kinda laughed. They said they only received 3 of this device, and I asked why you laughing, they replied “We never heard someone ask about a Windows phone before until now, we hardly sell any of these phones”.

    • Chuck

      Is it possible that no one ask for a Windows Phone because Virgin never sold them before now lol. Windows Phone IMO is the best of the lot. Most people haven’t realized this yet but the experience trumps the rest. I have Android and Windows phone in my household and the Android bores me compared to the Windows Phone. The Live Tile interface is simply the best.

  • Slayer

    Come on Nokia bring on the Lumia 820 !!

    • Blas

      I’d like to see the 820 as well, but the problem is that it sells for only about $50-100 less than the 920, so there’s almost no point to it.
      This on the other hand is about a good $200 cheaper than the 8X off contract.
      HTC nailed the pricing on this device.

    • caribouroader

      We need the Lumia 620, which is comparable to the HTC 8S.

  • Stephen

    Wanted the Lumia 820 but I may end up picking up the 8S instead and using it on Bell. I took a look at the dummy model at a Virgin store the other day and it looked and felt fantastic!! This was the Monday after the Friday release and the guy told me they sold out really fast. BTW any chance of the Lumia 820 still coming to Canada any time soon??

  • Lakh

    HTC 8s on Virgin is it locked if we buy it outright. I know it’s outright price but will it be possible to use it on Rogers/ Telus

  • ActivesiN

    good for HTC

  • Sanjiro

    The $250 Galaxy S2x from Koodo is better than this phone in every single way and works on all the carriers in Canada (even with DC-HSPA support). Unless you have to have a windows phone, the Galaxy S2x has better performance, bigger screen, more storage, better cameras and good community support (JellyBean Cyanogenmod 10 is stable for this phone).

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    HTC folks are much more smarter than mron from Google/LG

    HTC knows that putting a glass plate on the back phone such as in the Google NEXUS 4 which could easily break and then you cut yourself and can’t hold it anymore, is a very stupid idea. Turns out that HTC are smarter than the morons from Google and LG.

    HTC didn’t want to build the Nexus phone because some i***t from Google wanted the glass plate but HTC thought that it is such a dumb idea that they kicked him and through him to the sea as shark food.

    • Ron Mexico

      @GlassBackBadIdea: As evidenced by your grammar, and your line of thinking. You, clearly, are an i***t.

  • dave

    ^^ fool. Glass plate on the front of the phone could break, cut yourself and can’t hold it anymore.

  • mike

    @Paul 512GB of ram is indeed a lot

  • Chuck

    Quite frankly I wish this wasn’t a budget phone because this is the best looking phone on the market. It temps me though.

  • chuck

    I would also get it for the beats audio.

  • Micheal

    Finally people are beginning to realise WP has the sexiest and best looking user interface of any smartphone platform, would have love to get this but waiting on Lumia 920 in red, please Wind or Mobiolicity bring it, the Rogers black looks great but im tired of black phones, mix it up.

  • T1MB0T

    ” has been flying off the shelves ” something you never hear from wind.

  • Cities D’or

    PLENTY left in Montreal

  • Broken Window

    I have a friend who works at the Best Buy in Bramalea City Centre, and he told me that he customers see that the Windows phone interface looks like Windows 8 on the desktop they panic and put the phone down!! Then they end up leaving the store with an Android or iPhone.

    And lol @ the person who said those Windows tiles are sexy!! lol

    • crystal_planet

      Seriously? Your friend says they “panic and put the phone down”? Wow. You friend must sell to 12 year olds and old ladies. Spoken like the typical clueless android fanboy that has never picked up a windows phone in his life. Galaxy 3 rulez! Amirite?

  • Nathen

    Poor saps that purchased this Phone and thought they were going to get 512Gb of RAM. LOL.
    the specs are 4Gb,512BM of Ram. READ the reviews people !

    Jesus. Since when did anyone ever hear of a PHONE coming out with 512GB RAM.