Sony Xperia ion now available at WIND


  • hoo dat

    I think I’m correct in thinking that this has an LTE chip. Will be it be active and could WIND be checking out LTE performance again on its current frequency like it did in December 2010?

    • Scott

      This phone is available in LTE and non-LTE versions.

  • andy c

    a nexus 4 and 7 can be had for the same price as this (provided the nexus 4 ships in a reasonable time frame).

    unless the cameras on the ion are worth the extra $200…

    • seroevo

      People need to stop comparing outright prices.

      If you wanted an Ion outright why would you wait until it’s available through Wind? You’d have bought it what, 6 months ago at release?

      People buying through Wind would get it subsidized, meaning they’d get this phone for hundreds less than the Nexus 4.

  • ActivesiN

    Nexus 4
    Galaxy s3
    HTC One X+

    all better options imo

  • NOOB!!!

    NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dalex

    Last generation Snapdragon S3 chip with LTE not embedded, ICS and too expensive…

    The camera is not that great either, and goes to prove that stacking mpx is not the solution for higher quality pics.

  • Gman

    Canada or Wind get their stuffs super late, not Sony faults, we should be getting Xperia V instead of this ancient phone. Even Mobilicity get Xperia T (Bond phone) and it cost less than the Galaxy S3 but at 100 bucks lower price.

  • Ron Mexico

    LMAO Snapdragon S3 processor and the Xperia T has the Snapdragon S4 for the same money at Mobilicity? Lol Wind fails, AGAIN

  • squirrel_masher

    Only 6 mth after release…
    The screen is still really sweet, better res than iphone or G3, but I think Samsung G3 camera is better controlled by software(even with less megapix), and comes with rapid-fire shooting options.
    You can also get cases that fit G3, and the volume of sales means there are lots of options for accessories.
    I think the ION is available for $0 on rogers 3yr, but on Wind if you pay the $149, you’d save $15/mth on the plan.


    ya know

  • Anthony

    Sony still made phones?

  • aregularonhofo

    Love the way Wind Mobile is destroying Mobilicity…good job Globealive.

  • jn

    i have the sony ion, its a very nice phone.

  • 2c


    just saying

  • 2c

    hahahahaha man this place is EPIC i get the best one liners form here.

  • bj

    I think you guys should review it with ICS and see if there is a differance