WIND Mobile to release the Sony Xperia ion


  • DrBadass

    Son of a b***h. I want that s**t.

    • Ron Mexico

      Crapdragon S3, you can have it. Enjoy the sub par performance and battery life.

  • Johnny

    Waiting for the Lumia 820…

  • Lazed

    Love Sony’s designs and build quality, hopefully Wind works with them more often in the future! It’s too bad how outdated this phone is already considering the way that Wind likes to overprice their devices.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    sad this will probably sell for $450-500 outright when it should be $300

  • OgtheDim

    Movie after Movie after Movie…………until you hit your monthly soft cap.

    I like Wind.

    But advertising movie watching as doable on it is cruising for mockery.

  • Ted

    I love how you morons love to set your own prices for what a device should cost. Its not enough you pay a great rate for your cell phone service sans contract, but now the regular price of a phone is just too much. It’s apparent Wind and the like attract the pond-scum of the consumers.

    • d3v14n7

      What else do you expect from people who use a bargain basement carrier with crappy coverage and horrible service who b*tches and whines (and who insults Canada as well as Canadians) about not having spectrum given to them when they could easily afford it? Not to mention Wind’s refusal to expand beyond the big cities (and even still, coverage is spotty in big cities), because they want to milk as much money as they can by exploiting the mobile landscape here in Canada… And they act like Canada and Canadians owes them something for it, it’s really quite pathetic… Then you see Wind users praising them like the second coming, as if Wind alone is going to change anything…

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      Who is this? Ted Rogers? Whats the matter? You mad nobody is paying 600 for your outright purchases? LMAO. Cant wait for google and the Nexus line to slash your profits in half by offering top phones for reasonable prices. Sleep well while you can you pompous moronic animal.

    • OgtheDim

      Woodstock is a big city?

      WHO KNEW!?!?!

      Buddy, Wind has issues.

      But they are following the exact same growth plan for towers as Bell, Cantel, Microcell and Fido did.

      Some of us remember the 90’s.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    what do you expect, half the trolls here are low level big three employees working in kiosk booths and call centres who bash wind for the sole purposes of keeping their golden cows pumping the teets they suckle from.

    • d3v14n7

      I love how anyone who says anything bad about Wind, you automatically assume that they’re an employee of the big 3… This clearly shows your ignorance… And even if that were the case (it isn’t), it doesn’t make anything I said any less true. And no, I’m not affiliated in any way with the big 3 other than being a customer who actually cares about the service I get and pay for… I’d rather pay a little more (I pay only $12 more a month for more than what Wind offers) for something I can rely on regardless of my location throughout Canada, than be limited to only a handful of cities in Canada… Not to mention the far superior service I get currently, MUCH faster mobile internet, MUCH more coverage Canada wide, MUCH better handset selection, knowing that even if I go over my data limit, that I won’t be throttled down, making it unusable (so much for Wind’s so called “unlimited” data huh?) and so on… The big 3 aren’t perfect by any means, but neither is Wind. Wind has shown its true colors in the last year or so, and their actions in regards to the mobile situation in Canada and the way they treat Canada and Canadians as a whole, are far more deplorable than any of the big 3.

      Just because you can’t afford to pay the unsubsidized retail price for your phone doesn’t mean others can’t, also, Wind charges just as much for their phones as the big 3, so I don’t see where you’re getting these “more reasonable prices” from, the GSIII is $650 on Wind, yet only $600 at Rogers… And that’s pretty much the only good smartphone there, the rest are old or budget phones. With no 4G or LTE, and with Wind’s outright refusal to bid on spectrum, it doesn’t seem like they care much about their customers… For someone with “highclass” in his name, you have no class at all, not to mention how cheap you are… Really? $300 outright for a brand new smartphone? It just goes to show how utterly ridiculous and unreasonable Wind users are.

    • STY

      I’d say 99 percent if you include anyone with a financial interest. Stocks, employees, family with Robelus jobs.

  • wewewi

    Has ICS been released on that yet?

    I simply freaked me out to see in the review that it actually shipped with Gingerbread..

    • hoo dat

      The Rogers version got the ICS update at the end of September so I’m guessing the WIND version will either ship with it or get it a couple of weeks after launch.

      The question is, will WIND’S version be LTE or not? If it is, would this be a tacit acknowledgement that they will be bidding in the 700mhz auction after all?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    d3v you have nothing better to do then to write novels on post about a crappy sony xperia ion?? haha im not even going to bother to read that. Get a life.

    • d3v14n7

      And once again, you show your ignorance… Point proven.

    • STY

      d3v is obviously the exact type of troll. Only paying $12 more. Everyone who has a cell phone knows this is a lie. If that was the case Wind would’ve had to fold two days after opening. But when the real spread was $50, easy to get customer base. It now may be $25-30, since Wind has forced Robelus to compete. Not only with price, but also posting to try to make customers perceive the drivel d3v is trying to shovel.

  • Andrewww

    Here is the deal breaker for me from mobilesyrups review

    “The Xperia ion delivered predictably poor battery life, rarely lasting no more than six hours on a single charge. We were rarely able to go a full day of even the most conservative usage without hitting the red by 3-4pm ”

    i remember when Sony MP3 players used to have 50hr battery life, but i guess those days are gone

    • hoo dat

      I have absolutely no interest in this phone but a cursory search found plenty of people commenting on increased battery strength since the ICS upgrade. In that same review you quote there are more recent comments that were made after that review was written and subsequent to the ICS update talking about increased battery life also.

  • Eluder

    I had this phone and battery life was horrendous with gingerbread. It did definitely improve with ICS, but it still sucks in comparison to my GS3 or One X with the Snapdragon S4.
    This would have been a good phone if they had the new Snapdragon SoC since it does have a pretty nice screen and all.

  • JP

    @d3v14n7, can you point me to the plan you are on that is the exact same as WIND for $12? I didn’t realize that any of the big 3 had unlimited data. You must have one of those “special employee plans” that the rest of Canada has access to. Go back to the rock you came out from under troll.

  • Midnight tech

    the samsung galaxy s3 is way better

  • JP

    @T1MB1T (aka rocco), if you actually paid attention to what is going on you would know that our Government is now allowing more foreign investment for any mobile company that has less than 10%. WIND is taking advantage of that ruling. This is good for WIND and WIND customers here in Canada. First off, the debt that Globalive has with WIND will be forgiven. They will be able to inject more money and bid on that new spectrum. Shouldn’t you be cleaning the toilets st Roger’s head office?