WIND Mobile COO on the iPhone: “not a huge factor for us,” says their customers are not “entirely interested in those kinds of phones”


  • hunkyleepickle

    I guess its a fair point, the value proposition on wind isn’t really the highest end devices, but monthly savings. That being said, I’m taking my nexus 4 to wind or mobile when my robbers contract expires soon….

    • lol

      ya right. bring it in, you will see everyone flocking to it

    • dandoozled

      You know know that your Rogers phone doesn’t have the 1700hmz frequency to use Wind or Mobilicity, right?

    • Whoo Daat

      Alot of sheep would go to Wind if they can…they will pay anything to get the iPhone but they cannot offer a plan so they go to Wind basic plan…ofcourse they upgrade every year and they know they are broke…

      Sometimes people would carry an iPhone without a plan.. just to stay I have one.. pathetic animals lol

    • Thomas


      He has a Nexus 4, which comes unlocked direct from Google and has 1700 UMTS

    • 8-down

      Its a hyped up phone people would obviously get it. But i like iPhone staying out of AWS frequency. At least some where mobile world can be disease free.

    • dandoozled

      @Thomas, yeah, I caught that the second time around, for some reason I read it as a Galaxy Nexus the first time.

    • 0defaced


      Galaxy Nexus is pentaband and unlocked from all carriers too kiddo…..

  • Otto

    I don’t give two sh*ts about an iPhone, but believe me, there are many sheep out there who would flock to Wind were they to offe it. Don’t kid yourself, Wind – some people are just that dumb.

    iPhone = higher subscriber numbers, simple as that.

    • DJ

      These boards are full of awesome, knowledgeable people, and that’s why I keep coming back here. That said, I am sick of reading these inane ‘sheep’ comments several times a day. I used to use an iPhone, and now I’m using a Nexus 4, so I feel I am in a position to comment.

      Android has a far larger user base than iOS. If people are ‘flocking’ to anything, it’s Android. Doesn’t that make Android users ‘sheep’? iPhone users aren’t morons that don’t understand technology. Many of them understand it much better than people that post here (*cough* “RIP RIM” *cough*). Just because not everyone wants to be able to root their phone, doesn’t mean they’re all i****s. Some people like to pay a premium for style, and Apple products have it in abundance. So, if calling them sheep makes you feel superior, keep doing it, but just remember, you are one of the sheep that keeps calling people sheep.

      Will any of this post get through to you and matter? Nope. It sure makes me feel better, though. I think the idea of an iPhone on Wind’s network makes a lot of other people feel good too.

    • Eseni

      “Some people like to pay a premium for style…”

      Bwahahahaha, say not more, DJ, say no more!

      Please, please, let me pay some of that Apple Tax, because I am soooo intelligent!

      Oh boy!


  • Jeranimo!

    I had people straight up tell me that they will not sign up with wind or mobi simply because they don’t offer an iphone. Yes, those people are brain dead, but this is reality.

    • pacalis

      I have a work plan through Robbers, but I was told my wife’s iphone 4 wont transfer to Wind. If it would, we would be Wind customers.

  • skullan

    His statement makes no sense to me.

    Wind sells unlimited data.

    Wind sells the Samsung Note 2.
    Wind sells the Samsung Galaxy S3.
    Wind sells the Blackberry Bold 9900.

    Wind sells Data phones.

    iPhone is the one that sets the bar in status symbols.

    Wind customers are interested in the iPhone.

    To me, his statement appears to be the equivalent “There, there, we can find something else to do” that you would tell a child when their brother or sister is going to a party and they aren’t.

  • Bad Apple

    None of you remember? If you want to carry iphone as a wireless provider, you need to buy, BUY, huge inventory upfront. This is where cr’Apple is making money. And this almost brought down AT&T.
    On other hand… Who cares! I love my Galaxy with CM10 on it.

    • Plazmic Flme

      Sprint is the only carrier that bought in “HUGE” to get the iPhone. T-Mo isn’t spending even close to what Sprint did to get it. Verizon had to buy in too but they had leverage from being the largest carrier.

  • ThurnisHaley

    Yeah, thats what they say now. If an iPhone shows up mid next year with compatible AWS HSPA (may not, T-Mo wants to focus on AWS LTE) and works on WIND, watch their network buckle under the weight of the iPhone.

    They wouldn’t even have to sell it, customers will figure out how to get their hands on it themselves.

  • Mlads (@mladeniki)

    I don’t even like the iPhone but this is complete bs, carrying the iPhone is the best business move you could possibly make as a carrier.

  • EvanK

    While I think that if WIND carried the iPhone their subscriber numbers would be higher, I don’t think that it’s anything too substantial. The number of iSheep out there is dwindling, as Androids gain popularity and market share.

    That being said though, if Apple DID release an AWS HSPA compatible iPhone, i think it would be a dumb move for WIND not to carry it.

  • Plazmic Flme

    It’s okay, every carrier goes through this stage except the ones that first jumped on it (Rogers & AT&T)

    1st – Denial
    2nd – Regret
    3rd – Acceptance
    4th – Desire

    • Mlads (@mladeniki)

      5th – Wait…. isn’t this the same as the 4th one?

    • Plazmic Flme

      I highly doubt WIND getting the iPhone anyways, just because the majority of their customer base, who is already budget-conscious, is not going to be able or willing (in my opinion) to dish out $699 outright or even $399 on tab.

    • Thomas

      You do realize though that Rogers and At&t were the only carriers that could have supported the iPhone though right? Everyone else was CDMA (other than T-mobile I guess).

  • Lazed

    What a joke, if Wind was selling the iPhone they’d easily double their subscriber numbers. Just take a look at their Facebook page and you’ll see how many inquiries they get about iPhone availability. You can get any Android phone on any network so their overpriced phone selection doesn’t really work to their advantage.

  • Steven Schwartz

    If there was a Apple media event tomorrow saying they were releasing a AWS iPhone so that T-Mobile could carry it. Wind would be on that like a fat kid on a snickers bar. The COO would then say, “Wind has Eagerly awaited the iPhone for years and now we are proud to sell the best smartphone in the world”. It is all optics if you can’t get it you say you do not need it, if you can you say it is the best. That said I am a loyal Android user and have been with Wind since day one in Vancouver, and would never buy a iphone. I am just calling it like I sees it.

  • aregularonhofo

    So me and my boyfriend Steve were pouring chocolate on each other, and I got to thinking… if two men like us can be satisfied with such a simple thing as chocolate, then Wind customers can be satisfied with low rates and decent phones. There is no need for an iPhone, really.

    I love Wind, and I love Steve.

    Both are very yummy!



  • Dan Brook

    There is a very good reason why WindMobile (existing) customers are not interested in “those types of phones”. Simply because they’ve been asking about the iPhone since launch (wind launch) and don’t expect to see it anytime soon. Thank Google for Android, otherwise Wind would be far below their 500K subscriber base.

    • Tamara

      Once the kids finally move out of their momma’s basements, they realize how important it is to save money on their cellphone bills. This is when Wind’s proposition finally hits home for most of them, iPhone or no iPhone.

      $40/month for unlimited talk+text+5GB – believe me, I will gladly manage without an iPhone. Only a fool would not see this.

  • K

    Ha. Because when working at a wind store I didn’t get the “do you sell iPhones? do you support iPhones? I was told my iPhone will work with you guys” questions 10 times a week…

    Pietro, try visiting a store.

    • An Art

      I had a guy bring in his Rogers bill once. It was $96, and the guy usually goes over $100 easy. He was looking at the $40 plan with Wind. We went through the basics, and then he asked about an IPhone. As soon as he heard that we don’t offer it, he disappeared.

      I have never in my life facepalmed as hard as I did that day… I mean, really?

      And then I just felt sad for the sheep… Why must they punish themselves so brutally? 🙁

  • asdklfj

    sorry but someone really needs to look over your articles before posting..

    “Cordova isn’t getting to excited about it’s potential”
    *too *its

    it’s = it is.

    • DJ

      Irony alert!

      It’s “guy’s grammar,” not “guys grammar.” Actually, I guess it’s possible that it could be the latter, if what you mean is that men have different grammar than women.

      Oh, and before you decide that there’s a problem with the punctuation above, note that commas and periods can go inside quotation marks or outside them; it’s a stylistic choice.

      That said, I’m sure a real grammarian would be able to find plenty wrong with what I have written above. Those in glass houses and so forth…

  • Bas

    It’s easy to say they aren’t interested if they can’t have something.

    Many iPhone users would switch because of the unlimited data… those who care about data.

    It’s unlikely they ever will get it at this point since T-Mobile in the states is using different bands to offer iPhone support unofficially now, and rumored to be officially selling it in 2013.

    Doesn’t matter if you like the iPhone or not, a lot of people do. If you don’t have it, that’s less subscribers.

  • 2c

    tremendo entretenimiento..

  • pats

    why get iphone when theres android?

  • in Calgary

    Isn’t the real question “does any of the Wind family in other states offer the iphone?” – I wonder if they have, or have been shunned, by apple accross the world?

    • in Calgary

      “Of the 200,000,000 subscribers 199,500,000” – humm, not true. It looks like wind italy doesnt do iphone either. Seriously, I wonder if none of wind runs iphone.

    • T1MB0T Numero uno


  • Darth Paton

    i’m more interested in wp8….

  • Stan Smith

    Who is this guy kidding?
    I used to work for WIND and almost every single customer would ask for the iPhone…
    Granted that almost all of those people would never buy an iPhone at full price or even the WINDtab price. But i know that if they did offer it, WIND would see a flock of people switching over to it.
    Its not about what is better, we all know that the people on this site know a bit more then the regular person. However, there are wayyyy more regular people out there that are clueless about phones and would take an iPhone before an android.
    As usual with WIND, this COO does not know his customer base and is talking out of his a*s.
    Clearly WIND wont come straight out and say that they would love to have the iPhone but apple refuses to make a version for them. But i bet you they are secretly crying inside.

  • roman

    Well obviously Wind’s customer base isn’t entirely interested in the iPhone, that’s why they’re Wind’s customer base. The problem is that there are very many people in Canada who aren’t Wind’s customers, and the iPhone would do a good job convincing them.

    The iPhone’s appeal has declined somewhat from a few years ago, because of competitive offerings. But it’s still the single most appealing phone in the world if we break out the sales numbers.

  • jon

    If Wind had a iphone, I would probably buy it. But I would not pay anything extra for it, as compared to Winds other phone offerings.

    I’m on the $40 unlimited everything plan and am not going to waste what I save on a overpriced phone.

  • Peter

    I think that’s spelled d-e-n-i-a-l.

    • T1MB0T

      as in Egypt where the call center is? ha haaaaaaaaaaa Where is nuke anyways? I was at Loblaws and they said he was doing a clean up in isle 4. he is such a good box boy! Even jabroni said he wished wind had the iphone, well he wished they had a network for that matter. I see wind has more fake accounts on FB we have bobby the toyer, analbella and nuttalos. I suspect warren is one of them. Johnn as well but from what I hear his signal booster is not working. Much like his bowels. But good news wind sheep. Nuke reported that a sale is on the horizon and it looks like wind will be on a ” reliable ” network

  • google axe man

    That is a comment from the man who was most likely behind the nexus 4 debacle. People lined up for days that are loyal to a brand would never want to have their iphone on wind and save money (I now save 50 bucks a month after switching to Wind). Why, oh why would anyone want that?

  • Tim

    People aren’t going to pay $700 upfront for an Iphone and then use it on a cr@ppy Network like Wind and have tons of dropped calls, and data being throttled on a daily basis, and having no signal inside of buildings cause AWS frequency can not penetrate inside of buildings thus no signal. There would be way to many people returning the AWS enable Iphone and thus hurting Apples quarterly sales figures, thus why Apple won’t make a AWS compatible Iphone. Apple won’t make one until Wind mobile can prove to Apple that the have a stable netwro first and prove that they have millions of customers first. Because truth be told, Wind mobile has 500,000 people that signed up in total since they launched, but thats not the numbers of presently active subscribers. Think about it, why has Telus, Rogers, Bell subscriber numbers declined since Wind mobiles launch, and then the Big 3 subscriber numbers increased very drastically to higher numbers? Wind Mobile subscribers went back to the big 3. I would make a huge bet that Wind Mobiles present active numbers are probably below 99,999 and decreasing everyday. Thus why Apple will never build a AWS compatible Iphone. And the truth to the matter Iphones are a dying fade now, more and more people are going with Androids for better technology.
    What Google should do, is have a promotional offer to attract more Android customers, by offering new customers 50% off a new Android device if they recycle a Iphone, so Iphones can go where they belong, in the dump.

    • google axe man

      you sir have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. I’m enjoying full signal in the hospital where I work (which are generally built with steel and concrete). Isn’t it throttled after 5 gigs? I had an iPhone, galaxy s3 with virgin and rarely would go over 2 gigs. You might also take note that there is a spectrum auction in 2013 and wind is part of one of the largest providers in the world. They are a new company much like telus as before they were clearnet. Telus also had the help of bell in switching from cdma to hspa+. My service is just as good with wind as it was with virgin/bell and I save money albeit the data speeds are slower but at least I get signal in my apartment.

  • new_tradition

    Wind tends to inflate their prices of their phones since they want users to go on a tab. An iPhone is already one of the most expensive smartphones on the market-I bet that it would be the most expensive tab in Wind’s history, and the upfront cost would likely be more than the upfront cost of what the Big 3 charges for a 3 year contract.

  • Mottivi

    LOL! Lots of iPhone envy here huh? If you’re so content with android why are you so concerned with apple? Consumers who want apple are people who want things to work out of box. Android is nothing more than a skin able supplement for an oem to confuse the market. iOS users aren’t dwindling, just more droid trash in the landfill is all. Wind wants the iPhone, they just know they can’t afford to get it, like most of their poor customers. 😉

  • Brad

    As smartphones are getting more and more expensive these days close to the $800 mark already, I bet by next year or the next smartphones will be hitting the $1,000 mark pretty soon. And I wouldn’t be surprised if 3 year contracts will be of something of the past and change to 4-5 year contracts as the smartphone prices keep rising. or contacts stay at 3 years and the monthly plans start to double to subsidize the higher prices.

  • xyz

    I must agree with him. If I compare Samsung Galaxy phones with iPhone – I would go with Samsung.

    iPhone = no maps, no YouTube – I think this is something what a phone should have in 2012.

  • Anthony

    i will be happy with a Nokia Lumia 920 on Wind..f*&k iphone

  • X

    Wind’s 3G speeds are too slow right now to support the iPhone. If iPhone users got on the Wind network, they might just sue because Wind’s speeds are so bad.

  • DJ

    I’m a Phandroid. SUck my c**k

  • slapnuts

    This is funny too read. When Iphone 5 launched in September, it was like Christmas! Ive never seen such such craziness. To say that people arent buying it is BS. A huge reason why android is doing so well is because of their pricing. Getting a GS3 for 0$ or Note for 50 after rebate is rediculous pricing. And yet Apple is still trucking. Don’t get me wrong Apple is over priced, and if people are sheep so beit, but the reality is Apple brings customers.. regardless of what you guys think.

    Apple is Money!

  • snafu


  • Mike

    Wouldn’t they need LTE before apple would even sell them the iphone?

  • T1MB0T Numero uno

    For Sale ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa1!

  • Crusader

    I won the battle against Iphone at my home. I convince my 3 kids to buy Galaxy S3 after showing them superior features of the phone. Hew,,,that was not an victory coz they were going to buy iphone before all because of it’s look. After hours, days and months of explanation, they finally realize the S3 is indeed the better phone.

  • BT

    Not entirely interested?

    Well, OF COURSE NOT. The people who care that much about the iPhone are with a provider that carries it!

    How many iPhone owners would prefer to get their service through Wind instead of the Big 3? Based on the lowest of the most recent numbers, there are about 2m iPhone users in Canada – almost 4 times the number of Wind customers. The higher estimates have over 3m iPhone owners in Canada. A single digit percentage of those owners switching to Wind for their next iPhone could be a huge boost to their subscriber numbers.

  • MaX

    I think it’s more about compatibility than availability. I’m sure some clients unlock their iPhone to switch carriers because of issues with reception, bills, etc. whether they got the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S or 5. None of them could switch over to WIND due to compatibility. Not everyone could necessarily afford to get a new phone with WIND, specially if they liked the feel of the iPhone and the phone was still in excellent condition.

  • Nick

    Gotta say: I’m leaving Wind for Koodo so I can get back to an iphone, but I will definitely miss Wind. The price is right, and the network has steadily been getting better.

    If/when Wind is able to offer the iphone on its network, or I get sick of iOS, then I’ll be overjoyed to come back. One can hope. 🙂

  • Lee

    So get this, I went to the washroom at my school and found a mint black iPhone 5 sitting on the toilet papaer dispenser (guessing the student forgot it after taking a s**t) anyways being the nice guy I am, I tried to find the owner of the phone… no luck. There was a passcode on the phone so I couldn’t unlock it. And let me mind you there was about 10% battery left so I waited for the phone call from the owner… nothing. So what do I do, I pocket the phone took it home (what do I care, it’s his problem) too bad android chargers doesn’t work on iphones (pathetic). So instead I put it up on kijiji for sale thinking iSheeps don’t care how much it will cost to buy anything with an apple logo. I put it up for sale for 800$ didn’t think I would get any offers.. Next thing you know my S3 starts GOING OFF with tons of e-mails with crazy offers. Someone offered me 1000$ for it so I went to meet up with that person.. He gave me 50 20’s and didn’t care if there was no accessories with the phone (charger etc.) he just wanted the iPhone 5. Now I’m a 1000$ richer.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    At least the COO thinks Wind subscribers are educated buyers who know value when they see it. He’s just crazy not to get in on the iPhone.

  • Truth

    Oh please no, don’t offer iPhone’s Wind.

    The last thing I want is overly-obssessed, brainwashed, Apple fanboys joining the network.

    Apple fanboys have got to be one of the most annoying and ill-educated children I have ever witnessed. Them coming to Wind is tainting the service, and ultimately making it into garbage.


    RIP APPLE!!!!
    jus sayin

  • MattyMattMatt

    I’m sure they don’t. Which is why 80% of Wind customers I switch pick up and Iphone.

  • Mike

    People are so slow, this is exactly what tmobile, sprint and Verizon said in the states, but when apple offered to make Sprint and Verizon an iPhone they jumped at the chance to have it! Both companies have been stealing customers from other companies since. No one asked Android users what they thought, because no one cares what they think, whether or not the iPhone is a good phone is completely irrelevant! Any company that says they don’t want the iPhone is clearly poorly managed or is lying because they CAN’T have the phone and are trying to make themselves and their customers certain that going with something other than the iPhone is a good choice. Really, if wind truly believes that they shouldn’t get the iPhone they are morons.

  • Joe Bloe

    As a long time Wind customer, I have no interest in Apple products. I have a Blackberry for work and a Android for personal use. I have used Windows 7 Mobile and iOS, neither product appeals to me at all.