WIND Mobile COO on the iPhone: “not a huge factor for us,” says their customers are not “entirely interested in those kinds of phones”

At the end of Q3 2012 Wind Mobile reported a subscriber base of 510,484. Now, in a report in the Edmonton Journal, Pietro Cordova, COO of Wind Mobile, has gone on record and announced the company has over 560,000 customers. Wind is reportedly ginning to hit the 600,000 mark by the end of the year.

In other WIND related news, it was revealed last week that T-Mobile in the United States would start selling “Apple products” in 2013, possibly the iPhone. However, Cordova isn’t getting to excited about it’s potential as he believes that his customers want Android, specifically a Galaxy S III over an iPhone.

“The iPhone 5, or iPhone in general, is not a huge factor for us. Clearly, our customer base is not necessarily a customer base that is entirely interested in those kinds of phones… We haven’t seen any real slowdown in our sales even in the peak weeks of the launch of the iPhone 5. Those were the weeks in which our Samsung S III was actually selling the best… (Customers) didn’t want to buy an S III until they were sure it was the best choice.”

The iPhone has been a desired device to have on WIND Mobile and its AWS spectrum, mainly because of their low-cost rate plans. When/if WIND releases an Apple device we’ll probably see a jump up in subscribers numbers.

Source: EdmontonJournal
Via: iPhoneInCanada