RBC Mobile app for Windows Phone “coming in the near future”


  • WindowsBoy

    Cool…hopefully other banks follow suit.

  • bilzkh

    Thank God I am on RBC.

  • DasC

    Can Windows Phone users comment on whether there are TD and CIBC apps? I use them quite regularly on my iPhone but have been wanting to jump on the Lumia 920 for awhile (and will be able soon after my contract under the iPhone 4 is over).

    • Howdidyougetthere

      Nope, there aren’t apps for TD and CIBC. I’ve had to use the mobile website for TD.

    • EvanKr

      No CIBC unfortunately, they seem to have the other major platforms covered though so WP can’t be too far off… I hope.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Can’t see why RBC would waste their time?

    Anyone with a brain would not buy a WP8.

    Therefore, anyone with a WP8 does not have a brain.

    If you don’t have a brain, you don’t have money.


    if you have a WP8, why do you need a bank?

    • bilzkh

      For myself …

      WP8 lets me sync with Exchange fairly well, giving me email, calendar (esp. for meetings), contacts.

      I like being able to read/scan and adjust Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the go while commuting. With Lync, SharePoint and Office 365 in use, it’s nice having a lot of office utilities concentrated into one device.

      Skype works well enough, you know, in the background without really eating into too much battery.

      Sure, not as many apps as iOS/Android, but there’s FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, CNN, Bloomberg, WSJ and Reuters Insider – nice getting news that relates to my work.

      Simply speaking for myself, no one else, WP8 fits really well with my job and lifestyle needs. The RBC app would simply make things perfect IMO.

    • Frederick Edwards

      “If you don’t have a brain, you don’t have money.”

      Your logic is flawed, obviously you’ve never watched Jersey Shore.

  • bilzkh

    Nope… No banking apps for Canadians (except ING). If mobile banking is central to your productivity, you’re best not to jump ship to Windows Phone.

  • andy c

    every time i see these articles i think this is one small step closer for me to consider Windows Phone again in the future.

    then i remember that Windows Phone will never have Google Now…..

  • Frederick Edwards

    I’d jump to RBC for this; getting tired of using browsers to check my account.

  • Crocks

    Finally…. Can’t wait, it will definitely beat using IE to do banking on Windows Phone.

  • len

    Thanks RBC… Its taken long enough, but better late than never.

    Hopefully they will announce a date of release soon…

  • jewfei

    Wasn’t there news going around about RBC NFC mobile payments a few months back? What happened to that?

  • Aaron

    Nice. Looking forward to downloading the app.

  • bilzkh

    Would be nice to use NFC through RBC.

  • Mark

    This is pretty nice but I’m still waiting for the TD banking app

  • clint

    Awesome! And I just switched from CIBC to RBC. This makes it so much better. Hopefully it comes out soon.

  • Matthew

    Will it work on 7.8 devices as well?

  • blackprince

    I wish that said Scotia Bank but they have a fantastic mobile site that I use all the time so I am not missing out.

  • Bob J

    About time, even the Bank of Iran has a WP8 app.

  • Rocky Stefano

    The platform is 3 years old. Its about bloody time

  • Billy Frappier

    I’ve been waiting very impatiently for this app. Did they stop development? Happy with the Windows 8 app and just stop there?