RBC Mobile app for Android now available



    Seems like everyone has one except CIBC, WTF!

  • Preacher


  • Mikie

    now if only the downloads would stop failing. must be a download surge or something

  • Omar

    Scotiabank’s app is much better.

  • disterya

    I haven’t got double billed this month by my telco,
    haven’t got extra charges on Paypal this month, Haven’t got my card cloned or falled victim of identity theft this month, what can I do now?
    Hold on… there is this new app that I can use on wifi at a local coffee shop, yeah!

  • Abe

    Cibc actually does have a banking app,i have it.

  • Karen Runtz

    Yeah! Just tried it–a beautiful thing.

  • Nick

    Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while.

  • a

    RBC had a section on their website to be notified when the new android app is released, which I signed up for. I didn’t get any email from RBC, and only found out bout the app through mobilesyrup. mobilesyrup ftw.

  • Password too big?

    Is anyone with a huge password having login issues with this app? I have a 30-character password and I cannot get in.

    I’ve locked out my account once or twice in the process, but I change my password again with the web interface, then try it on the app and the login fails.

  • jman

    YES! about time. I have been waiting (amongst everyone else) FOREVER for this app!!! THANK YOU RBC!!!!!!!!

  • najib

    bmo is the best banking app :lolllll:

  • TH8MA3

    CIBC does have an Android app…



  • TeknoBug

    I wouldn’t bank anywhere but from my home PC.

  • Peter D Kemp

    why won’t this app load on my Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    Peter D Kemp