LevelUp Studio releases Beautiful Widgets 5.0, reminds us why it’s one of Android’s best apps


  • Hilman

    Amazing update, well done LevelUp.

  • iphoneee

    if it doesn’t work with iphone 8s, why would i want it?

  • Kenny

    As neat as that widget looks, I could never use it it, with the time in the notification bar already it feels redundant.

  • haxor99

    “with support for lockscreen widgets on Android 4.2”
    How can this be when lockscreen doesn’t allow for custom widgets

    • bblol

      Really? Stop spreading false information when you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  • mertin

    @Kenny your face is redundant. You have obviously never seen what this app is capable of.

  • Philippe Gaboury

    The update broke the widgets on my Nexus S. In order to get everything working again, I had to uninstall and re-install Beautiful Widgets completely and restart my phone.

    This is not called out anywhere in the update info. Had it been, it would have spared me a lot of grief.

    Good update overall but I miss the option of setting the WeatherNetwork app as the go to app when i double click on the weather instead of going to a webpage.

    • some guy

      I just had to re-add my widgets. They were either removed or unavailable after the update.
      No big deal.

  • Tool

    Torrenting now as we speak…

    • bblol

      Good plan, that $2.50 for the developer is a real ball buster.

    • mark paisley

      really are a tool….

    • FIRZEN

      wow do you really have to torrent apk files?

  • Cnote

    fantastic update

  • Bean

    For those that have it, is it worth the $2.50? Is there a big difference between Beautiful Widgets and the widgets that come already with the phone (weather, clock, etc.)?

  • guy

    @ Beam my biggest thing with Beautiful widgets is the shortcuts. The widget acts as a launcher for the alarm application, the calendar, and a weather service. You can also set it to be 24 hour time which I find handy for bus schedules.

    Also they are nice widgets. They look good. And they are always on my top recommended android apps to get: right in there with Swiftkey, a file manager, dropbox, and Android Pro Widgets

  • ile2010

    That’s the ugliest wallpaper I’ve ever seen.

  • Harry

    What is the background, is there a link? It’s awesome…

  • deltatux

    Doesn’t work that well, it used to detect my location very accurately, but it doesn’t do that anymore. Using mobile data didn’t help, it’s much more accurate with WiFi. It’s still saying I’m in King City when I’m in Markham.

    It does look better though, just not as accurate as the older versions, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

  • Matt

    Anyone know how you get the weather pushed to the right? Is that theme (if so, which one?) or a setting?

    • Matt

      To answer: Wdigets configuration -> Widget -> Appearance -> Layout -> Icon to the right

  • cdub

    Anyone used the new version long enough to judge battery consumption.. i stopped using it awhile ago due to excessive battery drain..

  • Cyrano

    am i the only one like the older version here?

  • franssu

    I wish there was a clock skin to make it look like Jelly Bean 4.2 clock, which is absolutely gorgeous. Most of the skins available are hideous.

  • Al

    There are a few bugs in the upgrade (had force closure, skin corruption), but I hope it will be fixed quickly.

    Bought this app on sale for 10 cents last year or so and used it ever since on all my phones.

  • Chowdder

    It looks great, I like the updated animation for weather. It looks a bit more busy than before but I think I’ll get used to the information layout over time. The overall style used is very much in line with the current theme of android. Now that it has custom lockscreen support, I’ve completely replaced the clock widget on the lockscreen of my GNex.

    One function I miss is how I could launch custom weather app that is not from accuweather, I could check two weather sources that way. Now that functionality is gone.

  • Dan

    It’s still a great app, but there are some changes that I’m not really crazy about.

    You can no longer have a 4×1 widget that displays the time and the city name along with the weather. Maybe not a big deal, but a feature of the previous version I liked.

    There doesn’t appear to be as many theme choices now, which could simply be that old themes need to be updated by their developers to be compatible.

    It’s been pretty buggy in my first few hours of use, crashing several times, and not functioning correctly. For example, touching the weather portion of the widget took me to the settings page, not the weather as it should.

    I’m sure these will be sorted out in due time. But it’s frustrating to see a good app take a step backwards.

  • Billy

    @Dan – actually you can set a 4×1 widget that shows the date/time, city, and weather. To show all of them on the 4×1 you need to adjust the settings under Appearance, Layout to ‘Full info’. Although I have to say, the older style of widgets had somewhat better visibility than the new ones. Oh well, at least it works well on the Nexus S again.