Galaxy S III to receive Multi View support with Android 4.1.2 upgrade


  • drizzo613

    Although the s3 is amazing out of the box, any new features are more than welcome.

    Anyone jave an idea if s3 will get PhotoSphere with this update, or is that a higher version of Android?

    • Mike

      That’s 4.2 😀

    • nik

      good god i love samsung and google…although google knows way too much about me

  • Aoz

    Now we just need them to fix file transferring and maybe we’ll have a good phone

  • Dylan K

    I’m still waiting for the update to 4.1.1 that was released last week. Still getting that same error message…

    • scrooge

      Assuming you have a computer, plug it in and use Kies.

    • andrew

      so I have the int version of the s3.
      havent gotten the update via kies or OTA.
      my friend has the cdn version through rogers and plugged into kies no getting the update.
      go to help>check for updates and it says my version and his are current. his givves the try again later mine says just “no update available”
      maybe there is somthing I am missing but I would love to know

    • Gut Rumble

      To everyone who couldn’t get the update OTA. I installed Kies from Samsung website. In my case, I let windows 7 64bit find the drivers to SIII. Then install the program and it immediately finds the Jelly Bean update for the phone and installs it. Seems the same but you can scrow on the right side of screen on the browser. Seems better battery life and the Google Now to me is a bit of a gimmick but look alright. Hope this helps.

    • andrew

      so I download kies. installed it. connected my phone to it and nothing happens. just loads up my content and manage my content. no upgrade prompt nothing. the only [place I see updates is go to help>check for updates> your phone is current. version 4.0.4
      same with my friends canadian s3.
      same steps
      same results.

  • lucky1212306

    Galaxy S III Good !

  • GlassbackbadIdea

    Im gey and Im proud b1tches!

  • xxgunnerxx

    Good for samsung! As amazing as the S3 is, adding new features only adds to the pleasure of owning this device.

  • Jerry

    I am waiting on UPS to deliver mine today, so the first thing I will do is update it and try and transfer all my old stuff from my GS2 over.

  • marKo

    @Dylan K, the update never worked thru my phone, I kept getting the error msg. I used Kies to install the upgrade to 4.1.1. Superfast and easy. Cheers

    • Dylan K

      My computer is giving me a “Hardware ID Missing” error, and the phone won’t connect to Kies, even though it does identify the phone. I can’t even connect it as a USB disc drive. To tech support I go.

    • Carol Bream

      I have tried several times to update via wifi but kept getting the error message. Last night i tried using Kies. I had it plugged in from 9:30 pm until this morning, but the download for 4.1.1 failed. I still have 4.0.4. Guess I’ll just have to try again.

  • Michael

    Angle of *sight

  • saynotoHTC

    still no jelly bean on one x. I knew I should have put my trust in Samsung instead. Now I have to live with buyers remorse for the rest of my contract. We all know the one x isn’t going to get 4.1.2.

  • Thai

    I would bet ETA February at the earliest. 🙁

  • Tom

    I’d love multi-view on a tablet – not so much on a phone.

  • Azzo

    Nope you don’t need to update thru Kies.make sure that you are signed in on Samsung Apps and mass quick on Software update. You will get the update.

  • screamer

    Does the note 2 has multitasking? I tried rogers and telus and they don’t have it. So why should the s3 get it fast? I think we get it in March or so ascend then is time for the S4 why even update it. For me the multi windows is the best thing that can be on my phone. Updates taken to long

  • Doug

    Any Roms that include this multi tasking feature for other phones.

  • JimJones

    LOOOOOOOOOOL YAHH considering how quickly we got jelly bean I’ll likely have the S5 by the time this is released

  • screamer

    That’s right. Before the update comes to Canada we have the galaxy s4

  • screamer

    You are missing that you have to install the treiber and after you’ll be fine. Shouldn’t be a problem to search for new device

  • Peter Lemay

    I can’t seem to be able to have Google now to speak back on my s3. Tried changing the setting. It is currently with speech output always on. Anybody else had the same problem?

  • rspear

    @peter lemay
    I had the same issue on my note 2. Its a problem with the language pack. I downloaded some langauge pack app and the installed US English and it worked fine. I removed the app afterwards otherwise I’d tell you what it was.

  • andrew

    how does one update via kies

  • Olivier

    Use the app morelocale 2 in the market and use English us.

  • Olivier

    … Google now will speak

  • Peter Lemay

    Thanks @Olivier and @rspear, used your trick and it works like magic!

  • Drone

    Frig… I thought this was Galaxy Note II exclusive. Not cool Samsung.

  • SoHardToPickOne

    Galaxy S3 or your girlfriend…arggg so hard to pick!! ….galaxy s3 😀

  • sak500

    Wow you guys, i’ve been using 4.1.1 since september and 4.1.2 since nov. Root and visit xda. Multiview is pretty good and like it to have simultaneous 2 apps running so you can browse on one part while text on the 2nd one.

    BTW wait for this feature in iCrap6S and apple suing Sammy for patent infringement.

  • Why

    Samsung, unlike some other company, has continued to innovate even after all the court battles.

  • m00rb

    It would be nice if the Canadian Note 2, the most expensive phone available, would have the features that made it so appealing.

    I’m glad that people with the S3 get Multi-View while I sit and wait like a f’ing i***t sucker. What a scam.

  • D

    Samsung get rid of the ugly home button and i’ll buy the gs4!

    • Drone

      If you don’t like it then get the One X+; Samsung is one of the last few remaining with the Home button (HUGE help).

  • Mr. Glass
  • screamer

    The fact that we have buddy page and all that will not give us any updates anymore. The phone doesn’t handle the multitasking so well and they don’t want to take a risk. Just thought could of given this update already.