SaskTel acknowledges billing error that caused some customers to receive $100,000 in charges


  • Aiden

    good job for owning up? lol were they planning to get away with it?

    • KimJong-iil

      beat me to it.

    • Ian Hardy

      Agreed. changed the wording.

  • RichieRickardo

    Woooooooooow Could you imagine opening up your kids phone bill and seeing $100,000 dollars worth of data being used on it!! I bet whoever had that bill $hat their pants. lol

    • Gary

      The top end refers to a bill for a business.

    • RichieRickardo

      @Gary… I understand that. My question is what dont you understand about the words “COULD YOU IMAGINE”?

  • astudent

    This wouldn’t have happened if they were using a serious smartphone OS like WP8 by Microsoft. Just sayin’

    • Brandon

      You’re an i***t. It has nothing to do with the hardware the customer is using. I feel bad for anyone you come in contact with in your life.

  • Dan

    In other news, ROBELLUS takes in an interest in SaskTel’s accounting schematics and hopes to learn a few tricks to modulate ARPU accordingly, stating that: “While an ARPU of $100,000/month may be a tad high, we feel that the increase of ~$20/month above out current pricing plans is warranted given the quality of our network”

  • Kev

    Lol, did you know Bell started to charge $1/month for a data block? Increasing ARPU even if you don’t subscribe to data!

    • Jim R

      Colour me naive, but is it a serious comment or a joke that Bell has started charging $1 for a data block?

  • Porilaisten

    I remember when (years ago) SaskTel only had 2 year contracts. 🙁

  • abc123

    So will they cover the hospital and ambulance bills for those that got heart-attacks while looking at the bill?

  • Shaggyskunk

    Well some of rogers customers may want to check the billing for texts – while it’s nothing like a 100K, I was billed for around 60+ texts last month, and I NEVER use texting! Rogers fixed it, but still….

  • drone


  • Ehau

    Lol, the creepy pic is hilarious!

  • John

    Rogers would say the charges are legit and you have to pay them.

  • skullan

    Can you imagine the beatings that parents gave their kids until they realized it was all a mistake?

  • 45

    Would suck if you had preauthorized payments and a hefty bank account.

  • Henaway

    Credits will be issued, but you are still responsible for the amount billed. A line I could see some bureaucrat somewhere actually using.