RIM to release the “BBM Money” app in Indonesia, a “peer-to-peer transfer service”


  • Raid

    This is smart. They’re introducing new services in the markets that they’re the strongest in. No doubt if this is a success, they’ll start spreading it around to other markets.

    I’d take this over Paypal and their shoddy practices any day of the week.

  • screamer

    Ib think that rim gonna go there way

  • rdot


  • Money is everything

    I (heart) money!
    Rimm @ $20 by January.

  • Dave

    I can hear it now from my brother “Hey man can you send me some money?”

  • some guy

    “And in other news, muggers in Indonesia began focusing on BB users forcing them to send more money via BBM Money.”

  • ckmic

    Now I need a BB10 or I will never be able to bum money from my friends at the bar 🙂

  • fanberry10

    Fanstactic additions to BBM! Keep up the great work RIM!


    Gonna be interesting to see what other tricks BB10 has waiting for us!

  • William

    Professional services! Excellent!