RIM CEO on the future of BBM: “Think about transacting money”


  • Ryan

    What the hell is Thorstein talking about now?

    • Pinch2Zoom

      RIM stock was $18 in January 2012.
      TEN months later dropped $10 and now is in the high $7s.
      RIM has dropped $1 per month, and that’s when things were better!

      6 months from now, with nothing to sell, losing market, W8 and all the new phones from here to March 2013, the stock will be..

      Take your guess but RIM won’t be more than $5 by years end.

      So when they talk about the future..their future, or our future?

    • Pinch2Zoom

      My favourite line from RIM (besides “by end of Q1, 2013”) is
      “RIM has X0 Million users” Follow thw links and you will see that that number comes from RIM! and is a non audited number!!

      That’s why everybody though that they were going to loose users but “AcCording to RIM” they increased users by two million LOL!!

    • Pinch2Zoom

      The Jakarta Post: Indonesia is the biggest BB market followed by South Africa and Indonesia; that’s why they will be the first wave of countries where BB10 will/if be released.

      Heins says: “Think about transacting money””
      We say: “Think about releasing the @#$%ing phones already!!”

      RIM is entering errelevancy now and will exit it by the holidays. After that everybody in North America, Latin America, Western an Eastern Eurupe and some parts of Asia will have goten a new phone anw won’t be ready for another for another 18 to 24 months..Too late for RIM.

      -Hold on this just in, Canadian Tire to buy RIM (Stock up by 5%)
      -Man, RIM is really running out of rumours!

    • Jumbo

      *crickets* *tumbleweed*

  • Andrew

    BBM is finally making sense to have. More ways to connect on one of the most secure platforms is going to be huge in the future. If this runs smooth like butter, it will have no problems competing with the NFC payment markets.

  • Lina

    Thinking? Let’s see some real action…

  • TheBoze

    So now drug dealers will have secure communication *AND* secure money laundering.

  • Nathen

    80 Million ? LOL
    I know 2 of those 80 million that switched to SG3 , and that was today. Do people really BELEIVE these claims ?

    This is starting to sound like an AD campign for re election.
    I will be happy and surprised if RIM beats Nokia/MS.
    I hope so but i would not count on it.

  • george

    I can’t wait to sell my sg3 and buy bb10 which will be the best OS on the market.

  • www.alexanderbosika.com

    I can appreciate everyone’s concern about thing but the unbanked market is a huge market and there are plenty of companies in this category of payments doing well with the remittance model.

    That said, RIM is onto things. I can understand people being disappointed in the past and how arrogance by a two-headed dragon may have killed sight but it’s in the past.

    The BB10 promise, yes, has been on a long path. However, there’s a strong vibe in the dev commmunity (talk to them), the devices (if some of the spec leaks are real) look solid, and really, the Playbook isn’t a bad product minus the ecosystem wanting in BB land even with sideload Android.

    That said, 7″ were said to be DOA but guess what? iPad mini on the way.

    If BB fails on Q1 2013, then well, not much we can do.

    • BB

      most users hating on blackberry were users in the past. I would be upset to have to switch back to a blackberry i once laughed at people for having. QNX will destroy ios and android so keep having fun bashing. Hope to see you back on this post when that day comes.

  • arid

    they’re better off selling off their handset business and monetizing on BBM and BIS/BES by expanding it to other platforms

  • T


  • Richard Harden

    Once again, RIM gets distracted from what their core busines should be.. Lets go off in a direction dominated by huge national banks and 800 lb gorillas like PayPal. Hmmm, makes total sense.

    • Raid

      I’m sure Apple was thinking the same thing when they went after Motorola/Sony Ericsson/Nokia back in 2006.

  • N

    What is the diff between an ‘all touch’ and ‘full touch’ device?

  • Ron Mexico

    “but also to make it a strong platform for [e-commerce]… Think about transacting money.”

    How about we launch a device first Thorsten? You think?

  • Armchair Investor

    Someone needs to get George some help. I think he was hit in the head with a vapor ware wand.

  • JustMeAndMe

    BB10 and impressive features?
    Maybe it looks good at presentation but in real life I can imagine how often you accidentaly swipe away your current application or open your mailbox instead moving within app.

    And BBM will never grow big if it remains only on one platform…

  • dom

    I use a Bold9900 for working and use a SG3 for play. With BB10 I will only need one phone and since BB10 is QNX it will be the best OS in the market and everyone know this. Make no mistake Apple and google and scared of Blackberries. If BB were yesterdays news as the paid media bashers are trying to convince us then why is RIM being talking about in the news everyday? The reason is simply RIM is a great company with amazing products and services that over 80 million people use daily.

    • bb

      oh forgot to mention they have 30 years of experience building systems for people, like porsche, acura, and the list goes on.

  • Evan Stone

    RIP RIM!
    RIP! RIP!

    • Johentie

      i really hope RIM kills it with BB10 so that it can shut people up like you to posting stupid uneducated comments like yours..

      someone should dub ur ip address so that when bb10 comes out and u go out and get one evetually we can make fun of you!

      what do you use? an apple device with a 6 year old OS on it where u gotta click the home button like 50 times just to set an alarm?

      or are u a bit smarter and use an android device?

      or MAYBe your one of the 10 people on this planet that use a windows phone!?!

  • OgtheDim

    They want to be a money wire service like Western Union?!?!?!