SaskTel to start unlocking cellphones for $50



    Should be $5!!!!!!! THIEVES!!!!!!!!!

    • EvanKr

      What it “should be” will always be different than what it is. It’s called corporate greed, and taking advantage of people who don’t know any better. Just buy a $5 or $10 code from eBay and you’re set.

  • vn33

    Agree with all the comments above …

    These days, the people who pays $50 to unlock phones are those not aware of the outside options, or brainwashed in thinking carrier unlocking is the only “legitimate” way.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    $50 !! pfffff just go online , buy one much cheaper

  • Dave

    Wow, $50 to literally press a button… That’s when you know a company’s got your balls in a death grip.

  • pwbk

    Telus is $35 and they’ll do it after just 3 months on postpaid, even for iPhone.

    • Jeremy

      Source? They were $50 when I did it a couple months ago (for an iPhone).

    • Word

      He’s right, it was reduced from 50 to 35 a month ago or so. I’d try the website, I can’t pull it up right now.

  • Joe

    Wind Mobile charging “only” 10 bucks

  • Matt Pop

    MTS is doing the same

  • PrivateBlinky

    Well, this is all due to finger-wagging by the CRTC; they asked for carriers to provide consumers the OPTION to unlock, but never asked for them to offer ir at a fixed price…

    But I had initally assumed along with Ian; that the phone-must be off-contract first before any carrier will offer the option to unlock. If SaskTel is offering it to unlock while still on a contract, and Telus is offering cheaper rates (which will drive down the other carrier’s unlock fees), then we’re making progress, my friends.

    slow….slow…. so very slow…. but still progress…..