BBM Video confirmed in new BlackBerry 10 “L-Series” leak


  • TestMe

    In Before the “Is it BB10?” comments.

    • ni99iedoo

      I was “IN your wife BEFORE you” hope she washes well…


    • sickpuppy

      It IS Blackberry 10 !

  • Kid.Canada

    Am I the only one who thinks those pictures have been photoshoped? I mean whats the chances of all the text on the first image being a different language and “BBM Video” being the only english text besides “Global Settings” lol.

    • Smooty

      The “BBM Video” text looks blacker that the rest of the writing. I’d say that you may be right!

    • dstruct2k

      Looks more like this new feature hasn’t yet been completely localized to Thai, and defaults back to English for any un-translated strings.

    • MG

      Actually, that’s not at all uncommon.
      A lot of international devices/sites/apps/programs etc. etc. use a combination of English and the local language. Especially in Asia (where just about everyone studies English to some extent). I’ve always found it kind of strange, but apparently users don’t mind.
      Also, I’m pretty sure the “BBM Video” text is darker/bold because it’s a menu heading.

    • Hardened


      its because BBM Video is the ONLY one in English! And there have been much earlier posts showing/proving that BBM Video will in-fact debut.

    • BBM Video

      BBM Video is probably a trade mark so it’s name will remain unchanged no matter what the system language is…

  • mikeneufeld30

    Those images are completly Photoshopped.

  • ni99iedoo


    Tim Cook “Mother F#$%^&s!”

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    PS: RIM sucks and I hope all employees get laid off and have to eat balogna and water…

    • BB King

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      The Rest Of The World

    • Riz

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      stick your head in a bucket fill of ice and water for 5 minutes. Then reply back to my post.

  • ni99iedoo

    RIM: Helping moosleem terroists everywhere!

    • sickpuppy

      One sperm with a sense of direction and this is the result .

    • vn33

      Somewhere in this world, a village is missing its i***t !!

    • Hardened

      not a sperm with sense of direction; he doesn’t derserve that compliment. Something more fitting would be the best part of him ran down the crack of his momma’s arse. A Donkey acts like they are.

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  • GetwithIT

    i know alittle thai. from my translation it shows that 4.8 GB of the 16GB is used. it also shows that the phone has usb and wifi capabilities. moreover bbm video now is supported.

  • LD

    If BBM video works over 3G it will be a killer. Facetime is lame…needs WiFi.

    • Mr Mystery

      iOS 6 = FaceTime over 3G

      Just sayin…

  • Smitty

    Is this BB10– wait, yes. Yes, it is BB10.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    For anyone who’s interested, the menu on the first pic is the following:
    – Storage
    – Sharing
    – Date and time
    – Software Update
    – Search
    – Location
    – BBM Video
    – Payment
    – Voice Control

    The second pic contains information about USB connection and WiFi sync (I think). At the bottom, it says 4.8gb/16gb storage used, and the button is to show the storage details.

  • bb

    this is bb10 😀

  • ggal

    this changes everything!!! i cant wait

  • Dawn

    I hope the new devices are bigger than 4-inch screens

  • Kielcarnie

    Wow. So happy for blackberry finally coming out with video. Youre now 3 years behind. so glad I ditched my berry

    • Hardened

      Hmm. one what RIM could change video chat as a unique offering is using Real-Time Augmented reality. Think of applications like WikiTude taping into the camera API and projecting the objects/buildings/restaurants in the background OVER a secured BBM APN to the user on the other side.

      SO a restaurant from YOUR feed is not a touch screen API for ME to click on and I can grab reviews, an Address, heck even schedule a reservation & appointment to include you and others for business brunch.

      Oh wait … THAT is a million dollar application right there.

  • BBM Video

    I was at the enterprise road show 2 weeks ago in Toronto. The live demo while looked great was buggy to say the least. Everything was crashing from BBM to the Hub to the Camera so it needs work. It does look promising though and I sure hope there will be more leaks of 3rd part apps launching with it otherwise I am sticking to my 9900 keyboard for email and everything else on Droid.