List of upcoming BlackBerry 10 accessories leak online, usual holster, multimedia dock and cases


  • Porilaisten

    omg, it’s actually gonna happen.

    Pinch Me

  • YSM

    lies! this is fake!

  • pats

    now we just need the prices to leak. Common rim just tell us…

  • EvanKr

    Blackberry users should be the only smartphone users allowed to use a holster. With any other phone, it just looks douchey.

  • george

    Can not wait to upgrade my SG3 for a bb10 . Apple is pure garbage and Google is showing its age. Bb10 is going to be the best OS on the market.

  • Dan

    I’ve been counting down the days. I actually switched to a iPhone 5 last week from my Bold.. I told my friends and family on BBM that “I’ll Be Back” with BB10.

  • Nothin But RIM

    I can’t wait to get rid of my garbage iPhone 4S… every month I find a new thing it can’t do that my 2 year old BB can do, or that my 2 year old BB does better. The old BB might behind the times on some things but iOS is behind the times on a lot of important and some just no brainer functions.

    • Thomas Yu

      Much agreed… six OS updates later and iPhones still lack some basic functionality I can’t live without. The inability to plug in an iPhone to any computer and transfer any types of files on and off like a USB drive is the #1 feature that’s kept me away from iPhones. Yes there are wireless alternatives like dropbox but they are not a true replacement. Then there’s the stupid autocorrect on iPhones that doesn’t have a setting to simply suggest the correction rather than forcefully correct (a major win for android, BB, and WP right here).

      after going through two iPod touches I concluded that the massive library of apps is the only thing iOS can truly brag about. Many aspects are well done I admit, such as the camera, the smoothness of the interface, the build quality, etc, but Apple is far from the only player to do it this well.

      I’m a cyanogenmod user so I’ll most likely stick with android, but I respect BB and I hope that BB10 at least gains relevance in the market. BB is the second most open mobile OS imo (in terms of customizability and file system restrictions), and thus even though I don’t use it I want it to succeed.

    • Nothin But RIM

      One example: Bluetooth… why does it take me 4 touches in 3 different screens to turn on/off bluetooth?

      Blackberry – touch top of screen, touch bluetooth… Done.

  • 2c

    every day i am buffering 😀

  • ALopez

    @Nothin But RIM

    Oh ok, can you demonstrate that on your BB10 phone? Oh that’s right, THEY DON’T EXIST! LOL


  • John


  • PZ

    Days until iOS is officially declared the oldest smartphone OS: 57

    Wear it well iSheep

  • kb2755

    I saw the transform hard shell in Red in person, looks just like an iPad smart cover. Same lines and everything, has BlackBerry stamped on the front.