Google: Jelly Bean is now on 6.7% of Android devices


  • 7-Down

    What OS is your Android sitting at?
    4.2.1 – Thank you, Nexus project!

    • 8-down

      CM10 is still stuck on 4.1.1, waiting for that 4.2 so badly.

  • Thomas

    Who is still using Cupcake and Donut!?! 4.2.1 here. Thanks pure Nexus devices.

  • Matt

    Look at that staggering Honeycomb adoption.

  • User

    Its called xda folks.

  • haxor99

    Over 50% gingerbread… wow. That should change drastically over the next 6 months

    • EvanK

      I’m assuming it’s either a bunch of really old flagships, or sub $100 prepaid devices that people bought knowing that it wouldn’t be updated.

      On a separate note, love the snowflake background for December. Nice job, Mobilesyrup!

  • GNexUser

    4.2.1 on Galaxy Nexus (yakju) and Nexus 10 here.

  • iFizzle

    Never thought I’d be in the top 1%… Galaxy Nexus oh how I love you…

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Nexus S – Android 4.1.2

    Just bought the Nexus 4 today 😉

  • Adam

    Just updated to official 4.1.1 on my Rogers GS3.

  • Godfather

    I get some ridiculous verbiage “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”. Been that way since yesterday.

    WTF is that?!?!

    • Stephie

      Just use Kies, its done in like 10 minutes.

    • gjeff12

      Yep, same here. Must have been a crapload of people accessing it early yesterday. I requested it over 24hours ago.

    • Saone

      Gooooooo on. At a friends house he has Rogers s3 and I have a intl s3 and plugged into Kies and go to help > update. Both say current. Both ics. Am I doing this wrong?

  • Rich

    What a phenomenal accomplishment by XDA Developers for pushing adoption rates 😀

    Now if only there wasn’t as much of a sour taste in your mouth when Moto/HTC/Sony, etc claim your device can’t support the latest OS. Even the Galaxy S1 can run Jelly Bean… sigh

  • Miknitro

    I have to wait longer, can’t go unrooted.
    Hurry the Frak up HTC!

  • asdlkfja

    i wonder how much of that 6.7% are made up by galaxy s iii users?
    the update has now officially rolled out/has been made available to every galaxy s3 (that i know of). AT&T’s update came out today.

    • Matrix

      No JB yet for the Galaxy S3 from Videotron 🙁

  • mimi

    I have had my Nexus S for about 15 months. At the time I bought it, I was considering various other phones. I’m glad I went with the pure Google phone, as many of the other phones I considered are still stuck with Gingerbread. Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean are so much more satisfying.

  • MatDak

    Just upgraded to CM10 today and loving it! Can’t wait for 10.1

  • wtk

    That’s one of the reasons I use and hopefully continue to use a Nexus phone.
    If Google decides to launch the Nexus brand as theirs, it will be a big blow to a lot of companies.
    P.S. People using Gingerbread and old OSs, get with the times. Please. 4.2.1 is beautiful

  • PhoenixP3K

    Still on Gingerbread thanks to my trusty Nexus One. However I finally ordered a Nexus 4. So goodbye 2.3 and hello 4.2 (in 6 to 7 weeks)


    4.2.1 on Nexus 7.

    • Dalex

      Why? They have craptastic specs. Buy the device you want, root it and put the latest version of Android on it if you really care so much. Not to mention Cyanogenmod and AOKP add features that aren’t even present in stock android.

  • Kid.Canada

    Now to wait for 4.1.2 from Samsung and I heard its supposed to roll out before the new years. Can’t wait for multiview and more!! 😀

  • Ivanhoe

    I love it. Can’t they just roll the thing out properly to all devices? Android is great but this is one area where they are lacking compared to apple.

    • Rollo

      Apple has one boring phone, that’s it. How hard is it to update one phone? At least there is a choice between black and white… hahahahahah!

      But really, Apple’s not seeing any of my money. What a bunch of arrogant, greedy f*cks!

  • Fartknocker

    I got JB pushed to my GS3 last night. Gotta say its pretty fantastic!
    My only problem is that my phone always says I have 1 missed call, 3 messages and 4 email. Anybody else have this problem??

  • CW

    My friend is using Cupcake on his cheap, old android device. It makes me want to smack him every time I see it.

  • dv

    Still not on my wind Samsung galaxy s3…


    Running ics on my HTC amaze…probably won’t get jb the way HTC is….maybe time to pony up the money and get the note 2

  • Nexus 4kid

    4.2 baby

  • guy

    4.1.2 on my GS2. Flash AOKP on about a month after the nexus 7 came out. Never wait for Samsung to release updates (although they havnt been tooo bad)
    International phone = super easy to find awesome roms

  • Janika

    Most Honeycomb users are Tablet owners, I am still on ICS on my phone and I love it.

    • jay

      same do here

  • screamer

    The things with updates are they are always to later. Now I got jelly bean 4.1 on my galaxy and 4.2 is out. Should work with Google to bring update faster

  • Tbone

    Os 4.1.1…GSIII Bell