SwiftKey Flow beta test almost ready, found lurking in Verizon Galaxy Note II


  • Jeff

    uh… I had this with my note 2 before…

  • John

    Bye Bye Swype

  • DanBDan

    The Galaxy Note II has a ppi of 285 over 5.5″, the Nokia Lumia 920 I got from Microsoft has a ppi of 330 over 4.5″. I wasn’t ever worried because I unreservedly say it’s the best phone ever, and once the OS updates come I won’t hesitate to use it every day

    Nice try troll

  • Richard

    I can’t wait!

  • iFizzle

    How was Swype not able to patent their software but Apple was allowed to patent “rectangle with rounded corners” and “colorful square icons with evenly rounded corners”.. WTF 0.0

  • S2556

    It’s not the full version though. It is more of a Lite version.
    droid life talks about it here: goo.gl/2wrom