Kik 6.0 for Android and iOS released with Cards support, announces 30 million users


  • Mike

    I love this app and this company, but mannnnn they need to update their windows phone 7 app to keep it current. I know WP7 is somewhat a ‘dead’ system, but please.

    A web app would be lovely too

  • Dak

    Blame Microsoft, if WP8 kernel = Win8 kernel, then they are just stubbornly trying to force their painful APIs on to developers

    They could allow Android apps to run if they cared about their users at all, but everything is internal politics with them (eg only IE10 for browsing)

    • Jplunks

      how does that make sense? Why would MS or any company want to run android apps? Nokia N9/Meego, Playbook was to do this but didnt end up doing (playbook uses 2.2 apps if im not mistaken)….. I use whatsapp as lot of my contacts use it however i prefer to use KIK. Agreed that the KIK on WP7/WP8 is far from good, KIK is the closet to what the experience was with BBM. Just wish alot more ppl would go with it. RIM really screwed this app from being the best out there.

  • vn33

    How does this compare to WhatsApp ?
    Most of my friends use W/A … hard to convince people to change from something they’re familiar with, and serves its purpose !

    • Geoff

      I’ve found that a lot of my friends use WhatsApp instead of Kik too, and it has been hard trying to convince people otherwise.

      I’ve used both apps and can tell you a bunch of the differences. Of course, I’m biased towards Kik already, but I really did try to find advantages for WhatsApp.
      1. Kik is completely free while WhatsApp costs 99 cents on iOS and is free for 1 year on Android and then has a $2/yr cost (so I hear)
      2. Kik has send, deliver, and read receipts. WhatsApp has Send and deliver receipts only.
      3. I have looked an looked and have not found any group chat on WhatsApp. If there is one can someone post how to find it? Group chat on Kik is easy and intuitive.
      4. WhatsApp requires you to enter your cell phone while Kik only requires an email address. This is less invasive if you care about security and such. It’s also nicer if you switch phone numbers at all. However, this can also be an advantage for WhatsApp simply because you HAVE to put your cell phone number in whereas with Kik you can get away with entering a secondary email. This makes it easier for Whatsapp to find your friends.

  • Dak

    To develop for WP…
    You need to run Windows, and no other option
    You need to use the expensive MS IDE, and only that
    You need to use the horrible half-crippled API, and no other like any open source framework
    No apps to compete and make MS apps like IE10 look bad
    Sometimes you even have to use the crazy C# language

    If you follow all that, it will take 2-3x more developers than either iOS or Android

    Then you get on to a store where the top grossing App has only hit $25,000 after a year and a half

    Not to mention you have to compete with Apps Microsoft paid for in full just to be available

    And then you have to deal with MS dead-ending the platform and your App about once a year

    They have a stubbornly arrogant Developers Last mindset

    If you want my help, my contributions… Get out of my way and let me work as fast as possible.

    They spent so much money on marketing and didn’t care at all to take the time to make the platform work in the ways developers or users wanted. It’s gross

    • Jplunks

      im guessing you dont like windows phone huh.. You understand that WP8 is simply Windows CE or were you expectionto run it on a MAC? android is “EASIER” to develop a app but is the same reasons for malware and unstable apps

  • Dave

    Kik Messenger really makes BBM and imessage look like S#$%^
    does it?

  • Stimulator

    I’ve been using Kik since the day it came out, and it really is really good, better than every other instant messager I’ve used.

  • jess

    Too bad Kik on BB sucks. But a few of my friends have it so i have it too.

    • Jplunks

      blame rim, reasons why whatsapp sucks on a BB too

  • Fahmi

    Dear Kik-Team,first of all, thank you for developing this app, it’s a great way to ccmtunioame with people from all over the world.Nevertheless, I have a big problem:Kik doesn’t start anymore. When I tap the Kik icon my iPod touch 4G, running iOS 5.0.1, it shows the startup screen for 20 seconds and then just goes back to my homescreen. I live in Germany, if that is of any concern, and my internet connection and WiFi is working perfectly. My App Store doesn’t offer me any updates for Kik.At first I thought it might be because of low memory, so I closed all other apps and even restarted the iPod, but still no luck.I have had this problem before, but in the past it simply vanished after a few hours.Right now, I haven’t been able to connect to your network for at least 7 days I think. With several messages unread, that is really quite annoying.Now my questions:Does the crash protocol that my iPod creates help you in any way?Would it help to delete and then reinstall the app? Will my unread messages be lost in that case?If reinstalled, I guess I just sign in with my nickname and my contacts will still be there, right?I hope that you can help me with my problem, I wouldn’t want to lose the friends I have made using you app and I only have contact to using your app.Hope to hear from you soon.Best regards from Germany,