Koodo succumbs, lowers $60/month promo plan by $3 to compete with Fido and Virgin


  • HwyXingFrog

    Aw, cmon, what’s another dollar, should have went to $56, lets get some competition happening.

    • tazb

      They were the first to DOUBLE data

    • Acco

      $1 isn’t anything substantial… If I was interested in this plan, it’d just look like koodo was just being almost spiteful.

    • Gene

      $50 and 5GB. Make it happen

  • John

    Why can’t they create competition and lower it to $50. The big three competes only to break even nothing less.

  • iFizzle

    And Not a Single F*** Was Given…

  • Kent Lee

    i hope that little mexican wrestler is proud of himself

  • ActivesiN

    so innovative….so competitive

  • Nauman

    Might actually switch to this plan, with my 25% off that’s just over 42 bux a month not a bad deal.

    • Daniel AJ

      How do you get 25% off?

    • Nauman

      Rep baby, rep.

    • MattyMattMatt

      They only give you 25%? lol. 35% on my total bill for all six lines for me and off of my sat tv. That even includes roaming when I go to Europe.

    • so what now?

      and you only had to sell your soul to get it lol

  • Zeake

    Bahahhaha! I’m with mobi and I’ve been listening to internet radio on tuni-in radio. Don’t want to know how much data I’ve used today lol! Life is good. $25 a month $%^@*$#!

  • MailmanDelivers

    This is awesome! Great customer service, great phones, etc. and no contract!

  • Simsurf

    60 bucks? I pay $49 in Aus for 3Gb

    • Kent Lee

      Who do you use? Amaysim?

  • Rich

    Great customer service? Are you kidding me?
    These guys are terrible, but I think it’s more-so based on the small handful of reps they have are being stretched to their limits.

  • deltatux

    I wouldn’t have minded the $3 difference if they doubled that data instead…

    • deltatux

      Oh wait, they did, nevermind xD

  • ile2010

    Because competition means offering the same plan for the same price.

  • Henry

    That’s not competing. That’s just matching.
    If Koodo wants to compete they would just lower it to $55 and say checkmate.

    • Bob J

      Yes, checkmate for about 2 hours until Fido/Virgin match at $55. Then the next week its $50, and so on, why would ANY company do this?

    • Henry

      That’s what a competitive market is like. Company compete in prices to a point that they can’t go any lower. If Fido and others are willing to destroy Koodo, then they would have offer it at a price point that Koodo can’t match and slowly drive the company out of business. But then Koodo got Telus backing sooo yeah.

  • Rick

    Love Koodo!

  • David

    If law students have a hard time finding examples of real life price fixing, then Canadian telecom industry got some!

  • Bravo

    I’m waiting for the Buy 1 WP, Get 3 Free promotion Ballmer hinted at unless he wants to take 2 million handsets back as unsold from carriers just to be shredded

  • mike

    2gb of Data is a joke lol. They should of came back with the 6gb data $60 promo like they had last year. 6gb should be the minimum and the norm from now on.

  • Porilaisten

    It’s kinda weird, really, the 2 GB is only $7 compared to the unlimited $50 with no data.

  • John Lee

    Move along, folks… nothing new to see here.

  • Pointless Prices

    These prices are pointless! The same across the board! They should change things up by adding 1 GB to the $50 plan, then charging $5 per extra GB.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    cmon Koodoo you had your chance to be a game changer and you turtled , back to WIND

  • Dr. Lizardo


    Actually it’s not weird since you need a smartphone to use data. Forces you to buy one in order to take advantage of the “deal”.

    • Porilaisten

      Apparently, you missed my point.

  • workinwireless

    At $60 it was a 25 month contract. Now is 27 months. Fido still better deal

    • Josh

      It’ll pay off in 26 months, the first billing cycle is never exactly 1 month. Either way there’s no early upgrade fee(its just the cost of the tab), no hardware upgrade fee and the phones are cheaper so how is Fido better?

  • Nomes

    @ Daniel

    i work for Loblaw so we get a corporate deal on Koodo plans. Any plan is 25% off, the rogers corp plan was a joke. $60 for 250 mins and 1 gb of data. NO THANKS.

  • Wind Mobile Still Rocks

    or you can always go with Wind Mobile $ 40 plan , unlimited everything ..or their $ 25 plan if you don’t need data.

    The Big 3 are scam artist we all know that , if you have WIND in your area but you are still getting hosed by the Big 3 then you totally deserve that

    • skullan

      When Wind encompasses the same footprint as Koodo, then you can say “you can always go with Wind”.

      Until that point, congratulations on your very nice plan. You can always roam on Rogers?

    • Piff

      Even roaming on Rogers, Mobi/Wind still work out to be cheaper.

    • skullan


      $1/MB charge for being a Wind away zone.

      Currently best plan, the Wind Holiday plan, $40 bucks for unlimited data. If you’re in a Wind zone, you’re golden, hell I wish I was in a Wind zone.

      However, I’m not. So, we’re left with the cold reality of:

      $57 – $40 = 17 dollars to play with for overages.

      The effect of using 2 Gigs of data on a Wind Away zone (the same as what is being offered by the other discount brands)?

      I can’t see a maximum charge for overage in their terms of service or anywhere, so that 2 Gigs of data on Wind will cost $2048.

      Wind’s off network charge is definitely not better.

  • jadondre

    I agree that there is a lack of competition in the marketplace, but I think we’ll get real competition if there are more phones like the Nexus 4 in the market (cheap, unlocked, pentaband). Once consumers can afford to purchase their phones outright and switch from carrier to carrier, wireless service providers will have to compete on price and service. And if they don’t then it’ll be fairly obvious that there is some collusion going on.

    • Dima

      As if it’s not faily obvious already, hahah!

      But I do agree, buy your own phone, and go month-to-month. Believe me, you will get a much better treatment from the robbers that way, and you will be flexible when it comes to plan changes and moving companies. The ball is in your court at that point.

      Stop being a slave!

  • Max

    You people say that koodo’s prices are bad, this may be true, but at least we have to give them that they are always the first to create a promotion and give more for lower prices, I don’t even want to imagine what the Big 3 prices would be without them.

    • Randy – 1

      You do realize that Koodo (and Virgin and Fido) are all “The Big 3”?

      Contrary to fearing what their prices would be without them, I say the big 3 pricing might actually be BETTER without them. Right now, they don’t care about matching promos like this, they’ll just let their flanker brands pick up the slack. It’s not competition, it’s just the illusion of it; six companies that are really just three.

    • Ted

      Not 3, but 2, really: Rogers and Bellus…

  • andrew

    are these plans? or can I go month to month on these? I have a bought s3 unlocked and have a garbage plan with telus

    • Josh

      Any plan with Koodo can be had month to month.

    • Saone

      So I have been with Telus for like 8 years. Think they could offer me something decent if I say I am wanting to leave for this plan?

  • ry29

    I’ve been with Koodo for 18 months, and today was the first time I had to call them. I added a second line, and the webstore mismatched the data plan. There was no hold time, and the rep was fast, knowledgeable and courteous.
    Maybe people have had bad customer experience, but for me, never needing to call to correct billing mistakes or negiotiate new features is a big plus. Koodo just works, self serve cover everythign and the price you see on the website is the price everyone has access to. After years of abuse from bell, koodo is a welcome change.

  • Cyrano

    lol why not making it $56/mo

    • skullan

      Because, that would break the current game of watch what the other company is doing, match, but do not exceed lest you start a price war.

  • Xanth18

    Absolutely unbelieveable… NO COMPETITION between these companies at all. I’m SOOOOOO HAPPY that I chose Wind Mobile over them. Not only am I saving boat loads each month, I get unlimited everything! LITERALLY, everything.

    The big three can SUCK IT. No sale of theirs will ever beat Wind’s normal prices.

  • Plan Shopper

    Considering all the companies that have national coverage, Virgin seems to have the best prices with the best selection of phones.

    We switched to Virgin this year and both of our lines are now on the $57 unlimited Canada w/ 2gb data plan. This is great for us. We’ll never see overage on any of our bills.

    • Plan Shopper

      By overages I mean long distance charges, time of use charges, texting charges and data charges.

  • workinwireless

    How’s Fido better. No charge for customer service. Fido $ cover the upgrade fee ( yes there shouldn’t be one). rarely do you see fido selling year old rogers devices as new. And if you change your plan down, is still only a 2 year plan, not lengthening your tab contract.

  • SZ

    Same price but I would still take Koodo over the others. I had a single blling issue and it was resolved on the spot with zero headaches that I had become used too with Rogers and Bell

    I was lucky that I took the summer $60 plan (with 6gb), it is beyond me why they do not just offer that again.

    Give me a plan with 4GB at $50 and I would take it, I don’t think I have ever even busted 3GB yet..

  • Dylan D

    To those who already switched to the 60/m plan, it automatically updates to 57/m.

    I just checked my plan to notice it at 57/m now.

  • Jessica

    Fido is better ! Wayyyyyyyyyyyy better. They couldn’t even make their own plans, they had to copy Fido. Clearly Virgin and Koodo sucks.