Samsung bringing its Premium Suite to Galaxy Note 10.1 in Jelly Bean update


  • Doug Page

    Just want some Jelly Bean for my Rogers OG Note:)

    • SAM


  • rim it up

    mmmm multiwindow featureeee

  • MrC39

    Actually the ICS update ruined the experience on the Original Note, The camera is slow as molasses, sliding through home screens has the worst lag I’ve seen on a phone yet, apps take forever to load, the phone runs much hotter than before.

    • Chris

      That’s because the Snapdragon S3 (required for LTE) in the NA model is s**t compared to the Exynos in the international Note

  • Brent Petkau

    I believe that the Play book has had true multitasking, since its launch. Not only saying that it is the best or anything but it can run multiple simultaneous apps without the freezing them like many tablets do.

    • Brian

      The Playbook was dead on arrival, and it’s deader than a doornail now

    • chris c.

      Yes, I concur as well, the playbook has best multi-tasking ability out of all the tablets currently on the market.

  • Alex

    Stock Android or gtfo.

  • Lyn Scott

    Jelly Bean should improve performance too..

  • thas

    Poor performance?! Are we talking about the same tablet?

    • bulletwithbatwings

      “Poor performance” was the lie Apple paid all the journalists to spread. The Note 10.1 performs exceedingly well, and is easily the most useful tablet on the market.

  • Pete

    As an actual user of Note 10.1 (using it for note taking at school) those new features for S-note are going to be very useful. Hopefully they optimized it, not just piling new features when the device is not capable with it.

  • MM

    For me, all the nonsense the journalists spread about Galaxy note 10.1 was extinguished the moment i bought my Note 10.1
    It has more functionality and productivity tools than the crappy iPad. I love my iphone…the iPad is just an over glorified iPhone. Unlike others, i was not taken in by the more of the same on bigger screens by Apple.
    i am so looking forward to the Jelly Bean on the Samsung Note 10.1
    Sometimes i wonder if the journalists and the folks who outrightly condemn a product so good after an 1st cut evaluation – just so that consumers get confused…are really giving us the real deal here.

    • ????

      shut up