Nexus 4, with LTE enabled, shown working on TELUS’ network (Video)


  • tbone

    Holy Shieetz… this is great news!

    I might even have regrets getting the Note II now… nahh.. just kidding; Note 2 is still king.

    But seriously, this makes the Nexus 4 a must-buy.

    • Alex P.

      This kind of news would normally make me happy. Given the poor battery performance of the Nexus 4 on HSPA+ though, (as reported by several tech sites) I’m not so sure that this is something to be celebrated…

    • Nexei

      The N4 changes everything….AGAIN!

      The only two shortcomigs of the N4 are the lack of LTE and SD card. with one out of the way, This makes it the phone to BUY this season (If you are in Bell or Telus only)

      The reason to dislike LTE is the excesive Battery drain, but with the new Kernels that are already starting to come up that won’t be an issue.

      Is it worth it to wait for the N4 for Dec 03-nexts shipment??
      I think so! Doubt there will be around for everybody, but since the best plans come out in January, I might have to wait. I know I’m saving $300 for a lack of SD card.

  • Thomas Wetmore

    Only in Canada, eh! 😉

  • Is this Bb10?

    I’m sure Robellus will figure out a way to block it.

    • BAWS

      Dont understand why you would think that. Robellus already allows BYOD. And telus (not sure about the others) does not charge extra to use LTE. Signal is signal, they cant choose wich device will get lte or not.

  • Michael

    So much for developer intervention!

  • General Gustov

    WOOHOO nice , this phone is a must have now 🙂

  • Kid.Canada

    Still happy with my S3…until the S4 comes out that is 😉

  • Ryan

    Just tried it. Got 37 on the download. Wow.

  • COB

    Do you need an LTE enabled sim for this? (Just curious)

  • Is this Bb10?

    Now if only we could double the battery capacity by typing in a number.

    • Scott

      Yes, and another number to make the MicroSD slot accessible 🙂

  • Is this Bb10?

    Does it work on Bell?

  • Dylan K

    So the LTE chips inside aren’t just binned dummies then, they actually work!

  • Thomas

    idk why Google didn’t tell us… There would be even more sales or they don’t want that?

  • Sam

    This will not change everything! I its an LG pbone
    I will go with the s3 or note 2

  • ced2334

    Apparently it works on lte band 4 (2100mhz and 1700mhz) because the chip uses the same radio amp as the gsm for that particular band. And apparently roger, telus and bell are the only carriers that support band 4. Good to be Canadian!

  • John Mack

    Come on Google, ship this phone already. Can’t wait for mine.

    This is great news!!

    • trueteller


  • Alex P.

    This kind of news would normally make me happy. Given the poor battery performance of the Nexus 4 on HSPA+ though, (as reported by several tech sites) I’m not so sure that this is something to be celebrated..

    • trueteller

      The simply do not enable it!

    • thatsall

      @Alex P. Either you have a short memory or like double posting

  • John

    At $350 why would you buy anything else now? I’m getting one to replace my wife’s BlackBerry Torch.

  • JR

    Would Nexus 4 work on Mobilicity?

    • Shushwap

      Yes it will work with Wind and Mobi

  • John Lee

    Wouldn’t that work for AT&T also if it works for Robelus?

  • screamer

    but the questions is why not telling us? I think the carries don’t want this phone on the market and do everything that makes it a fail. I just got my galaxy a month ago and still love it but why buying not a nexus and no more contract?

  • simian

    It’s funny seeing one of The Verges editors bitching about this. *waaaaah*

  • Max Power

    One of the best devices on the market just got better! Thanks Google for making my phone amazing. The best part is, I’m moving to Telus next month as well! Oh Canada!

  • Kyle

    Amazing news… almost want to pick one up JUST to have a Nexus device, even though the specs aren’t as good as my GS3.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Kyle: WOW! You really believe that? The only thing the gs3 has over this phone is storage space. Other than that, there is no phone on the market right now that has better specs than the Nexus 4 now.

    • Jamma482

      You need to read the specs again…much better than the G3 minus camera and pure Google. Most G3 is still waiting for Jelly Bean and 4.2, maybe by march…just saying.

    • Pat

      My friend here is using his S3 as a tool. It is a level for our construction work, a satellite finder fo our ka band connection, it has SkyMap for star observation…
      As for me, I’ll stick around a year more on my Note.


    Don’t know why ppl care so much about LTE, at least right now. LTE is such a huge battery hog that it makes your device last nearly half the time that you get without it so with LTE enabled on the NEXUS 4 your gonna get like 3hrs of continuous use. You’ll have to only enable it when you want to download a large file or something. There are ppl working on lowering battery drain by adapting LTE towers with signal boosters but it’s gonna take a couple years still, until then LTE is garbage for power users. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • TKG26

    Nexus ftw

  • Kyle

    Personally, the GS3 is only marginally ‘better’.
    The N4 has two more cores, same RAM, slightly better screen – although nothing really takes advnatage of those two extra cores at the moment…
    But yes, the storage space is the killer for me – although, Google Music could be a way around that….

  • leobg

    No need to do LTE/GSM/CDMA. LTE/GSM (auto PRL) is better.
    Nice. We now got an LTE Nexus 4 for free 🙂
    I’m sure everyone outside Canada is jealous now!

  • jay

    I don’t have Lte here. Do I miss it? No! At home ? WiFi at work? WiFi at Tim Horton WiFi so and even in the mall they have WiFi! And I live in a small city

    • Pat

      I tried them when I went to Canada last summer. All these free Wifi block Skype, so what are they good for?

  • Xanth18

    Don’t expect it to last. You’re not supposed to be able to use it on LTE. Android Central is saying that it’ll be patched OFF soon due to regulatory reasons.

  • Miknitro

    I’m not convinced, I’m betting it’s a placebo.
    Or Google may have to pay lte licensing.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Google make this phone available already!

  • Clockwork

    I’m with Rogers but I don’t have an LTE Plan.
    I did a speedtest with the rogers-core-appl1.apn settings and WDCA Preferred and it came to like 2MB/s, switched it to LTEMOBILE.apn with LTE/GSM(prl) and the phone says Network Type: LTE and d/l speed was 13MB/s.

    I guess if I had an LTE Plan, than I should be getting 50MB+ in downtown toronto??

    • COB

      You don’t need an LTE plan, I am with Bell and they said there is no LTE vs. non-LTE plans, you would need an LTE sim card though

    • Clockwork

      Well I had to to rogers yesterday to replace my sim card with a MicroSim card, so i assume they are all LTE-enabled.
      My coworker [Our Android Developer] says I’m basically getting the Max 3G/4G speeds available.

  • williamworlde


  • Peters~

    ok so when is the bleeping thing going to be available! I’m itching to look at other quad core phones. I’m sure other are as well.

  • williamworlde


  • FormerAndroidUser

    If legit this is enough to make me go order one now. LTE was the only reason I wasn’t going to buy. Please start taking orders again Google!

  • Atrix 4G

    The Nexus 4 LTE is why Bell dropped the S3 to $0 on contract. Nothing can compete with the Nexus 4 LTE.

    • Ron Mexico

      Are you for real? If you are, you’re and i***t

  • Atrix 4G

    Buy a Nexus 4 LTE, get a Bell SIM card with a tablet flex data plan, do all your calls on VoLTE (Skype or Google Talk), and you’ve got yourself a phone on the Bell network for $309 outright and $35/month no contract!

    Everything has changed.

    • Is This BB10?

      Can Bell block you from using a phone with a SIM card set up for the tablet flex data plan?

  • Nexus 4kid

    So it don’t work out here in the states on att so Canada got this one. 🙂

  • gezaim

    Working great on mine! Best $300 I’ve spent.

  • Francis Thibault

    Got my N4 yesterday got a micro SIM not I have to get a LTE Micro Sim but it’s worth it!

  • TechGuru

    Hey – I followed all the steps in the video and my N4 shows as HSPA under Network Type…are there any other steps that I needed to follow??

    • gezaim

      After you switch it you have to wait a while (couple minutes) before it switches to LTE.

    • TripleHelix

      I believe you need an LTE enabled SIM for it to work

  • Nexus 4kid

    Did anyone on att got it to work? Let me know please

  • andy c


    for the first and probably last time Canada is the envy of the android nerd world.

    even if google patches over this the cat’s already out of the bag and xda will provide a fix

  • f2f

    RIP APPLE!!!!

  • jimmy

    Nexus 4 is refrain from calling it LTE cuz it only works in Canada. To avoid what happened with apple. Stating lte support when 3/4 of the world cannot use it.

  • DrWhom

    Couple this with Cyanogenmod’s LTE toggle switch and you may be able to manage battery drain effectively. Great time to be a Canadian mobile consumer (for once)!

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    TYBG. All I gotta say.

  • ha

    The battery is actually performing great because its not using a separate lte radio. I’ve been using it all day and the battery meter hasn’t moved at all.

  • Hardened

    Fantastic news! Great to be a Canadian and on Telus Mobility. For me I purchase the N4 and I don’t have to pay for the line 😀