Samsung Galaxy Camera coming to Canada on December 7th


  • Mischa Price

    The samsung store is really weird it took them like 2 weeks to acually have galaxy note 2 out on display after the launch date but they had posters up way before that, and they have blue shirts so they are basicly wanabe apple employees

    • Chipping

      Ummm, Samsung logo colors are blue and white

  • arctanproject

    I think adding connectivity to a camera is a great idea, but with a $500 price tag for this point-and-shoot… it’s gonna be a tough sell

    • Rio

      I agree!

      explain to me again why i need a quad core processor in my camera

    • WP74Life

      Android logic.

  • Airmin98

    Can I make phone call on it?

    • Dennis Leboeuf

      You can but you need to download the viber free calling and messaging app

  • Rick James

    Who cares?

    • Chipping

      Obviously you do or you wouldn’t have read the article!

  • Julien

    No you can’t make calls on it. Considering that my mu43 camera sends my pictures to my tablet or phone instantly, the only advantage this has is programmable shooting modes, but slrs can for the most part connect to android phones and iphones for that. This does not remove a device from your pocket and adds no real advantage over having a mirrorless or slr that is well connected to your phone. Shame, so close yet so far.

    • Yukio

      @Julien – What kind of camera model are you using? photographic curiosity question…. 🙂

  • phreezerburn

    It’s meant to be the ultimate in geotagging.

  • ASH

    I’ll pass. With the hefty price tag. I rather carry my G Note, and my DSLR!

  • Yukio

    I like that this comes with 4.1 out of the box! I played with the Nikon S800C ($330) in London Drugs and liked the idea of it, but wouldn’t pay such a premium just for the added Android to a P&S. Plus the Nikon is still pocketable.

    Granted, the Samsung seems to be a better camera overall.

  • Jebus

    Samsung camera lenses are not that great to be honest… Even though I love their products.

  • SR

    I can’t justify this between the Canon mega-zoom and Galaxy Note I already have, but I’d love this for my sister who doesn’t even have a smartphone.

    I think of this as the iPod touch of the Samsung Galaxy world. It makes sense if you don’t have a smartphone (giving you apps) and it’s no bigger than the point and shoot camera you are probably already carrying. I’ve read conflicting reports about whether it will work over wifi, though. I don’t see many Canadians volunteering to pay for a separate (or another) data plan when data is so expensive here. But on wifi, this becomes an ipod touch(Galaxy Player)/actual camera in one. There’s a market for that.

  • Shamu

    Wow! People… imagine you’re a construction worker. A designer. An architect. An inspection worker. ..etc. Nice job Samsung. Always looking for new opportunities. . I don’t use an android phone but if I did, it would be a Samsung

    • Rio

      There are much better cameras if your in any of those professions.

  • lol

    21x optical zoom on that lens? yeah right. Probably 2x optical the rest digital zoom.

    • bdog

      It really is 21x optical..

  • ile2010

    Just to point this out, but anyone “needing” a very capable shooter and is willing to spend $500 on it should probably grab a Nokia PureView 808. Negri sells it unlocked for $489.50. And it doubles as a pentaband phone. Symbian Belle isn’t really that bad if your primary use is photo taking.

  • lookatme

    You goofs are “impressed” with anything Samsung, no doubt because they pay you tons of ad revenue!

    • Ron Mexico

      Don’t see any Samsung ads here. Now go away and never come back here if you don’t like the site. “goof”

    • Chipping

      Probably an Apple Troll loking for attention, go away!

  • Gman

    read some reviews, very mediocre camera for that price they say.