Rogers HTC 8X, only a couple weeks old, sees first price drop


  • Tom

    On the other hand, reports indicate that the Lumia 920 is selling well.

    The HTC sounds like a great phone, but only Nokia is totally committed to WP8. If I were in the market for one, I would get a Lumia.

    Sounds like other are doing the same.




      I will not buy any phone from HTC because Apple will make money as well, I will go with lumia 920

  • Petephone

    “In addition, we’ve also been informed that the Nokia Lumia 710 has been discontinued.”

    Really need the Lumia 710’s replacement that recently went thru the spin cycle thanks to my wife. Come on 720???

  • iphoneee

    get apple maps to maintain price

  • gwydionjhr

    It’s hard to say “a couple of weeks in” when most stores are just barely getting their dummy devices in. I have yet to find a store with a working phone to test out. It sure is one sexy device though. I’m still hoping Telus will bring it in in Red.

  • Uncle Miltie

    Anyone know if Telus will eventually get the Nokia 920? I’m not holding my breath since they still haven’t started selling the Ativ S and the couple of times I’ve inquired about WP8 they try to sell me an iPhone.

    • lumia lover

      The 920 is (unfortunately) a Rogers exclusive device.

    • til-bar

      Actually, the 920 is thought to only be a Rogers exclusive for a month. So, we could see it on other carriers in the coming months. Hopefully it shows up in other colors, only carrying it in black is terribly boring given the options.

    • Bobby Bo Bo

      I keep hearing 6 months, actually, but, interestingly enough, it may only be on a Black Lumia, not on all the colors.

      Wind will be getting 2 Windows phones in January, but I am guessing that 920 won’t be one of them.

      Either way, exclusivity is bullcrap, especially when Rogers has made zero (to my knowledge) effort in advertising its Windows phones.

      For me it is between HTC 8X and Lumia 820, with me leaning way more towards a Lumia.

    • some guy

      Exclusive for now. They usually get those for a few months, then everyone else will get it.

      No proof, but it would be silly for Nokia/Microsoft to limit market penetration.

  • Wildspin

    Windows phone is a non-starter in general. The offer too little and too late. I’d rather wait for the BB10 if I have to choose besides the iPhone or Galaxy S.


      bb10 is this a joke????????

      Get the Galaxy S4 in February

  • zuul

    Selling the 8X for the same price as the Lumia 920 was never going to fly considering the differences between them. One major difference between the 8X and the 920, the Lumia 920 has 32GB of storage vs. 8X’s 16GB. While there are a few that would say “I don’t need the space”, it’s clear from the price drop that most people couldn’t justify paying the same price for an 8X as a Lumia 920.

  • armour99

    I played with it at the Microsoft store, and absolutely loved it. It’s snappy, it feels good in the hand, the backside material feels excellent, and just an overall look of it is great. The display is absolutely amazing!! It will definitely stand out once you see it for the fisr time.

    The only thing that I did not like is that the power/lock button is on the top right, which makes it a bit awkward to reach most of the time. If it was on the right side of the device, it would have been perfect.

    The camera performed well, both for pictures and video.

    I also went into the app store, and was able to get pretty much all of the apps that I would regualrly use. Then again, I am not obsessed with apps to begin with, so don’t go by me if you are a big apps person. I got my messaging (Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik) as well as TTC routes and schedules, IMDb, Flixter, YouTube, Google, Battery Life tile, etc, etc. I don’t use social networking much, but Facebook and Twitter are there as well. So yup, the basics are pretty much covered, at least for my needs.

    The phone looks great in blue. The black one is nice as well, but really, if you have options for color, why would you pick up a black one?

    Bottom like – I loved the phone!

  • til-bar

    These things have been hard to track down in stores, I can’t see this is the result of poor sales. More likely just repositioning the device in the market.

    I have an 8x on Bell, absolutely love it. I sold my S3 to go back to Windows Phone.

    I prefer the 8x over the 920. A friend has the 920 and it just feels like I am toting around an old Palm Treo 650, a heavy piece of old tech. Image stabilization is great on the 920, but the photos have turned out better on the 8x. 920’s images are a bit warm and soft.

    But, it was impossible tracking down a store in Edmonton that actually had the 8x in stock to try out. Couldn’t find a Rogers or Bell store that had any demo units, let alone stock.

  • armrob

    This phone is one sexy beast. I ve tried the lumia 920 for a week. It felt too big. I do miss all the nokia exclusive apps but the 8x feels so good to hold, the design is excellent.
    i have had the S3 and all the iphones and this is the first phone my g/f sees that makes her go wow this is a nice phone lol. So nuff said !
    and the backside material is sick. I dont know if i should put a case on it because it will hide the sexiness of the phone.

  • Craig

    wp8 blows

    • Steve

      Craig Blows

  • ile2010

    Shame to see the 710 go. Until the N4 release, that device was the best deal you can find.

  • Slayer

    When are Nokia Lumia 820 and 82x phones going to be released in Canada ?

  • Slayer

    The Nokia phones have full featured robust mapping and voice guided navigation software, which the HTC doesn’t have

  • Impartial

    Well Bell launched the 16 GB HTC 8X for $49.99 so I’m assuming that has something to do with the price drop too.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    HTC still is not listening to its customers. no sd slot and 8gb? really? not everyone may need more than 8gb,but they are few. Most people use a sd slot because they don’t want to fork over another 50-100 bucks for another 8 gb of space…

  • Avenger

    Good deal for a super phone…

    got mine yesterday. A Bell store near me had 3 device on launch Day and I got the last phone. No dummy phone displayed yet…

    Was set for waiting on ATIV S but at 50 This Is a steal. Phones is Great,screen toi and Windows 8 is pretty cool si far.

    Coming from a slugish Galaxy s 1 This phone feels Fast fluid and modern!

    • CB

      As of today it’s now $0. I just got one two days ago myself. Bell better have a price protection policy.

  • Jim R

    The month-to-month price of a phone always stays the same at the Big 3.

  • Al

    So were they gouging for the first few weeks with a contract price or are they gouging now by not dropping the out of contract price?

  • Jebus

    You can buy the 710 on Group On for $180 right now… Im tempted.

  • John Doe

    Rogers had to drop the price because Bell negotiated to have the 16gb version for $49 (which was the 8gbs original starting point). Rogers dropped to $0 because of this. That’s also the reason there has been a delay in this phone getting in store.