Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Camera


  • AppleStockHolder

    So pointless. Better to get an iPhone with PHONE and good camera.

    • bd

      So, you mean to say get a Lumia 920 with the top of the line camera? Thanks and I will 🙂

    • BlackBerry Gangster

      STFU! Your camera is a piece of sh!t

    • apple chodeboy

      no thanks, i don’t want purple hazes in my photos

  • JP

    Cool toy! 🙂

  • AV

    It would be pretty odd to be holding that up to your ear and walking down a street.

    • Frosty

      Correct me if I’m wrong but I assumed this was an actual dedicated camera that is running Android (with usable apps and 3G) as opposed to a phone/camera hybrid.

  • brrro

    wow. awks in a box.

  • justin

    This is a great product.

    I just purchased the Nikon P510, would be awesome if i had the ability to upload to social sites directly from the camera(wi-fi or cellular), or have apps like instagram to edit the photos.

    Smartphones will never replace a full-blown camera, so it is nice to see cameras adding these abilities..now as long as the price is right.

  • Justin Credible


  • AC

    Who’s Kayne?

  • Joe

    wow this is awesome! want want want! lol

  • John Lee

    I think Samsung should launch a camera of this kind in an interchangeable lens (EVIL) format.

  • Ethan

    You know, it’s great to see these sorts of products, but I don’t know if I want Android on every device I use. I’m an Android advocate myself, but I don’t want my fridge, toaster, and pocket camera running relatively complex software. I want them to do their jobs, not show me Twitter and Instagram. I have a phone and tablet for that. My camera should focus on being a camera.

    • Tom

      That is quite reasonable, but for photo obsessed consumers it can be nice to go out with just the camera, and have it fill much of the role of the phone and tablet.

      And when I look around in public places, I start to get the feeling that a ton of people are ‘photo obsessed consumers’ who take so many photos that they really should replace their smartphones with smart-cameras even if just so that they can stop using digital zoom when they really need optical zoom.

  • hmmmm

    Actually there is also a Nikon with Android to upload instantly,I saw the ad on tv. So when will they release a camera with a keyboard??

  • Deli

    We need some pictures!

  • shawnzhangmusic

    One thing about it that I really, really, really wanna know is, Battery life, considering if it’s seriously being used as a smartphone.

  • andy c

    I would rather have a nicer camera with wifi and a good app/software to sync with a smartphone.

    Sony nex….. want

    • photo

      Samsung Smart cameras can already connect to your IOS or android device and its not using any data. they use a feature called Mobilelink

  • Ron Mexico

    Imagine what this will do to your Instagram photos. I originally thought this product was DOA. I’m now thinking i want one. Priced right, I’m buying.


    POS. Isn’t there enough amateur photos already, since everyone uses these sh*t cameras to take them with they’ll always be inherently low quality, out of focus, or just plain blurry. Not to mention so many smartphone addicts feel the need to take 100000 pics of everything and litter them on the interwebz. Would not buy!!

  • Richard

    Getting one for my mom. They don’t even have a cell so this is a start.

  • Geoff

    I keep looking for a flash on it but I just don’t see one…

    • Yukio

      @Geoff – it looks like it’s got a flash that pops up from the top of the camera. Look on the side opposite the shutter button. It’s similar to a few other cameras on the market.

      I have played with the Nikon pocket camera that has Android & thought it was a neat idea…for a techie minded guy or girl.

    • photo

      there is a pop-up flash on it, if you looked on the top view photo there’s a rectangular shape that you can see very close to the top of the lens. that’s where the pop-up flash is located

  • Sam

    price is all that matters assuming it’s quality pictures and good in low light, for the right price, I’m in. NO PHONE can do what a solid $150-$200 pocket camera can do. I don’t care what the marketing nonsense says.

  • drone.

    Would never buy this. I don’t want my phone/camera to crash right in the middle of a Kodak moment.