Bell comes out with a Prepaid Loyalty Rewards Program, offers up free minutes


  • Sean

    Hmm interesting also prepaid customers get like 10% off their bill as well right. I know people would prefer data but at least something is better then nothing

    • bob

      no the 10% is still a postpaid deal if you go month to month. Prepaid is still different entirely.

  • SAM


  • Vince

    Weak. It’s not about minutes anymore, clue in Big 3!

  • Dony

    just give us unlimited talk time and text plus 6gb data for $50-$60 a month…

    • Michael

      They already had that promo..

      Anyways, I suggested this to Mobi when they were asking for ideas in prepaid service and they never did it so… Good Job Bell?

  • Joe

    What a bunch of crap!
    I can’t believe that people are still in 2012/2013 are still enrolling in this crap.

    • Chad Sexington

      Yes, and we know Joe that Wind offers full coverage across Canada….or are you in some bug city and nothing really occurs outside city limits?

    • An Art

      Everyone knows that Wind covers only the big cities for now. What’s your point? Wind is not for everyone, but if you live in a big city, you are simply flushing money down the toilet if you are with Robelus.

      Once Wind expands into your area (granted, it could take years), you will sign up with them in an instand. There is no need to be upset, my friend.

    • Scott

      Believe me, if Wind was available where I live I would jump in a heartbeat.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Prepaid will become more popular as more people get the Nexus 4.

  • roman

    People still pay for minutes?

  • ile2010

    The only reason for prepaid stagnation in Canada are the ridiculous prepaid prices. But then again, considering how bad our postpaid plans are, this is hardly surprising.

  • Durango

    As minutes become more and more irrelevant, the Big3 are playing the “nice guy”, and pretend to offer value… While data still remains prohibitively expensive…

    Honestly, Big3, I have been long tired of your stupidity. You lost me as a customer 2 years ago, and I am never coming back.

  • trueteller

    Yuup….let a carrier make at least a token positive effort and it gets cr*pped on…geez

    • An Art

      Oh ok. So let me eat this delicious candy, then lick the wrapper, and then give the wrapper to you. See, I am giving you something! Aren’t I a nice guy?

      Hey, how about fair plans at fair prices? Holy crap, what an impossible idea I’ve just had… I just blew my mind!

  • Rich

    Doing something is better than doing nothing.

    • An Art

      Sure, let us all settle for minimal improvements. This served us, Canadians, well over the last 2 decades. Most expensive cellphone service in the world! Yessss! We are Number 1!

      It is an improvement, yes, but honestly, it is so minute, that it is barely even woth mentioning. Also, it’s about 20 years late…

      Fair plans at fair prices. I don’t think that this is too much to ask. Do you?

  • John

    I love how Joes head is up his a*s. Not everyone can be on wind, what if you live in a non coverage zone. And it’s 100 mb on the $25 plan not unlimited data.

    • An Art

      His post is clearly an overkill, but if you live in a Wind coverage zone (heck, let’s trow in Mobilicity in there for good measure; even Public Mobile), and you are still with Rogers, Bell, Telus, or one of their their little children in disguise, you have wasted thousands of dollars over the last 3 years. Break out the calculator, and see for yourself.

  • General Gustov

    GO WIND GO !!

  • trueteller

    Hey An Art, why so bitter? Are the bill collectors from Robellus after you?

    • An Art

      Nope. I pay a constant monthly rate for my unlimited service, and have been doing so for a while now. It is very refreshing not having to be paranoid about my cellphone use ever again. Everyone should try it. Give your poor, old heart a much needed vacation, hah 😉

    • An Art

      Oh, and I am not bitter, but I did choke on an Oreo a few weeks ago when I saw the $95/month “unlimited value” plan from Rogers… then Bell… and then a “surprisingly” similar one from Telus.

      I should be careful reading the Robelus news when I eat my lunch… Lesson learned!

  • JimBean

    @Joe yea Wind is great if you like a crappy network that drops calls and slow data 🙂 not to mention the handful of crap phones they offer.

    The big 3 offer the best networks and phones. Along with that comes with higher prices naturally.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the prices are unjustified but it seems to be getting better.

    Also, don’t forget that it is not just cell phones that Canadians pay more for. We pay more for everything from gas to insurance to clothing. I don’t see people complaing nearly as much about those things.

    • General Gustov

      NEXUS 4 will change all this , were all tired of paying extravgent fees for plans and phones , its time for the consumer and not BIG business , its time we stop taking it up waahooo

  • til-bar

    Nice move, the illusion of giving back to customers. It’s almost like McDonald’s “smiles are free” campaign.

    Prepay for minutes most will never need.

  • SN86

    If they really cared they would sell those minutes to you instead of an expensive bonus program. None of the big 3 offer prepaid minutes to purchase e.g. 100m for $5 or 250m for $10, it’s only the per minute rate. Someone should start offering that.

  • MattyMattMatt

    And prepaid still sucks hard. Not as bad as Wind, but close.

  • Al

    Identify a piece of the market in decline (minutes) and then offer it as a useless deal!