Red Bull Playgrounds for Android and iOS is an extreme sport lover’s dream app


  • 2c


  • Johnnnnnny5

    No one that is actually involved in these sports calls them “extreme” sports. We don’t all sit around drinking Red Bull, calling each “bro” and “taking it to the max”. Let that stereotype die. Please. If you have to call them something try action sports, it’s at least less annoying and far more descriptive. Source: Riding BMX and snowboards for ~15 years.

  • Dalex

    I like the rooted and I assume CM10ed S3 in the pic. Its nice to see a site actually using the phone and not just slapping it there with its horrible touchwiz skin for a random app picture. Good on ya MS!

  • J

    “Red Bell is no stranger…” (I think its Red BULL)

  • Larry

    Seems like the Hookit spots & sessions app