Koodo to release new promo plans tomorrow, will double up on minutes and data


  • @Kwongie

    2GB is of data is not enough, please give us more! At least 6GB’s!

  • ToniCipriani

    I’ve never seen a monthly plan with TWENTY-FIVE minutes in-plan… ever.

    What an eye-opener.

    • barry

      I actually welcome plans with less minutes. I email/text/im way more than i actually phone anymore. if it gives me the choice to get a $20 plan with unlimited text (don’t forget it includes unlimited weekend voice as well), i’m happy.

      therefore, you can get the $20 plan and their data saver add-on (flex data – $15 for 500mb $20 for 1gb $30 for 3gb).

      $35 for callerid/voicemail, unlimited messaging and 500mb and unlimited canada-wide weekend calling ain’t bad unless you really need 200+ anytime minutes during the week.

    • ToniCipriani


      So you’re telling me, you’re happy to pay $20 for something that’s worth $5 before as an add-on and cost them virtually nothing to give you?

      I see your point about using minutes less, but seriously… 25 minutes… and the unlimited is weekend only.

  • iphoneee

    Koodoo!!! It has no apple maps

  • dbott67

    Queue Virgin Mobile in 3… 2… 1…

    • Plan Shopper

      I hope so. I have their $57 unlimited plan with 1gb and going up to 2gb for the same price is a nice surpise.

    • Neil

      Virgin already an equivelent to all of those plans, cost with more airtime. I’m wondering to see if they’ll bring the $57 plan inline with the data or not.

  • Hub

    And notice also how they tweaked the option so no one can come and say they just raised prices…. But yet they did.

  • Max

    I wish the BIG three would bring back 6gb data plans for my friends and you guys.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    25 minutes ROLF, shameless bastardo

  • Claudiu

    The 60$ plan looks nice. Thank you Koodo for bringing some competition, they are the first to introduce promos and then the rest follows.

  • David

    Wow I hope the CRTC will really bring some changes cuz other than the promo plan, it’s BS

    • some guy

      Just because I am getting tired of people thinking the CRTC is some magical entity that can force carriers to lower prices…

      “The CRTC does not regulate the rates, quality of service or business practices of cell phone or wireless service providers. Therefore, we can’t pursue complaints about these services for you.”

      You need to complain to the government, BBB, consumer watchdog groups… OR just stop giving them your money.

  • josh

    These plans are actually better than the old ones considering none of the old ones has unlimited texting (except the promo plans). As for the $20 plan with only 25 minutes, its actually way better than the last $20 which didn’t have evenings and weekends at all and still only 50 minutes/texts. I just hope the $38 has unlimited incoming or its worse than the $30 on every way.

  • nrj4life

    25 minutes??? That’s what 80 cents per minute? How could you do dees to us amigo?

  • J C

    The pay per use data saver is $5 (for the first 25MB) and then $5 after that to 100MB. I’m curious if those prices include that data saver add-on. If so those plans are effectively $5 “cheaper” than they appear.

  • Jeremy

    Switched to the 30$ plan a month ago, now I’ll happily go for double the minutes and data!

  • Joe

    That $60 option is much more tempting with 2GB now.. Hmm.

    Just a couple years ago, it would have been insane to see an in market plan at $60 that has UL Canada wide calling, CID, vm, UL messaging and 2GB data.

  • Anthony

    Oh God, 25 minutes to use over 20 days each month!? That’s 52 seconds of talk time a day. “Hi, Bob! Sorry, I can’t talk long, but I ran your dog over with my car. I’ll let you know more when I get home in about 8 hours. Take care! Bye!… Oh, and sorry!”

    Now I’ve seen everything!

    And please stop with all this “Oh, I don’t need minutes, I used data exclusively”. Oh really? With that 500MB of data a month, how far are you going to get, my friend?

    Anyway, the higher-priced promo plans look somewhat decent, and the $60 plan is clearly the best one.

    It’s sad to see that to get a somewhat acceptable deal from the incumbents, you have to wait for a one-a-year Holiday promo…

    • some guy

      People that don’t use their phone much?
      People that text predominantly but need a few minutes just in case?

      Not everyone is a 14 year old girl and need 5000 minutes a month to talk about Justin Bieber.

  • roger

    the peoples complaining about the 25minutes plans are retarded. you guys are not thinking not everyone are the same. the 20 plans is obviously for students that dont care about minutes but want a cheap text messaging plan. why take prepaid when you can have that. think twice before writing stupid things

  • ninde

    Koodo’s $20 plan+$15 data heavyweight add-on vs. Wind’s $25 holiday plan. The difference would be the talk time, unlimited picture messaging with Koodo and 300 extra mb (assuming you bump Wind’s plan up to $35 with 2 data overages).

    Does that sound right? I’m trying to decide between Koodo and Wind. I do a lot more web surfing and texting than I do talking on my phone.

    • Gene

      Just get the $40 WIND plan. $5/month extra for unlimited worry free data

    • in Calgary

      Also suggest Wind 40 – it’s only $5/month more, and answers you question without worry.

  • Gideon

    I see lots of people complaining about the prices of the small and medium plans and it makes me wonder, do these people really use all the minutes and data in the maga plans they have, or do they just always want more?
    Take a look at the 45 promo verses the 60 promo, If you take the 45 plan for the year you will have saved $180 plus tax, now if you go over your plan 4 times and pay a big overage fee of $20 per month on these months you are sill going to save $100 a year. That’s some real money! For me it’s about what I use each month not what I can get. Now I know a few of you are real power users but what does everyone else think?

  • Blas

    Look for virgin to replicate this plan tomorrow.

  • drone

    Very nice plan. I’m paying out the a*s, $72 for 200min, Fab10, Unlim. text/picture/video msgs, CallerID(no voicemail :/), but I do have 6GB of data (about the only positive part of this contract).

    If WIND hasn’t gotten its act together by 2014, I’m definitely going to consider Koodo.

    PS: Do they have LTE though?

    • Josh

      Yes Koodo has LTE.

  • Fozzie Bear

    I wonder if the Canada Wide Promo plans will still include unlimited incoming

    • Josh

      Ya I’ve been wondering that too, the $30 never had it and the $60 one doesn’t need it so it’s really just a question of does the $45 have it still.

    • Vincent

      The 45 and 60 dollar ones should have unlimited incoming, seeing as the plans they replaced did.

  • Joseph Z

    25 minutes/month is the JOKE of 2012 — Once again WIND’s recent plans are much superior for people living in GTA —

    $25 Unlimited Local
    $40 Unlimited EVerything, DATA, US long distance, CID, VM, MMS, INT. TEXT!!

    Shame on you Big3s who are still fighting the competition by offering less for more price!!

    • Vincent

      some people enjoy quality over quantity

    • Brian

      Great if you live in the GTA and can appreciate a terrible, unreliable signal.

    • Dzire

      I am in GTA. Signal has been great for as long as I can remember. Are you still living in early 2010? More importantly, have you even tried Wind…?

  • John

    Even in 2006 as a student 100 minutes wasn’t enough for me. Now this plan offers 25 minutes, what kind of sick joke is this. Other plans at least offer my5 or my10. 25 minutes a month is a joke and should be $5 a month.

  • Pike


    I believe overage at Koodo is $3.00/Mb so that big $20.00 overage fee is likely gunna be for one Youtube video… more than likely if you go over its gunna be more like $180.00 lol

    • Josh

      Overages are $0.05 a minute or 1/60th of what you think they are…

    • Josh

      That should of said $0.05 a MB, the minute overages are higher than that.

    • Gideon

      You are confusing USA roaming data which is $5/MB
      Canada data overage is still 0.5cent/MB so you can use 400 MB overage per month to get to the $20 overage I was using as an example, which would give you almost a gig of data that month. Much more than most people use.

  • TJ

    If you have Wind in your area go with them , instead of these garbage plans from the Big 3. wind’s network , reception and coverage has improved tremendously since its launch and is getting better day by day.

    Wind’s $ 25 or $ 40 holiday promotion is way better than any of this nonsense from the Big 3 🙁

    • alfonso

      Hear, hear!

      Wind customer since 2010, and even back then the service was pretty decent in my area. A few dropped calls, muffled sounds sometimes, data very sporadic on occasion, and a couple of dead areas here and there, but all bearable, especially for the price I was paying for unlimited everything.

      At the end of 2012, the service it is flawless. Yup, you’ve heard me right – flawless. Since the beginning on 2012, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. For $35 a month that I am paying now, I get everything I could possibly want, short of U.S. calling, but since I do it very rarely, it does not bother me at all.

      For those doubting whether they should or shouldn’t join Wind, give them a chance at least. My experience with them went from decent (2010) to flawless (2012), and with my bill being only $35/month I am a very happy camper.

  • Ron

    Last year it was 50$ for unlimited Canada 5$ for TEXT plus 25$ for 2 Gb data.

    From 80$ to 60$ in one year is not bad. Good work Koodo, another 20$ lower and you would have a super plan

  • Mark

    It’s nice step forward but I’m sure these plans won’t last very long

  • ile2010

    Another colossal fail-er-deal from the big 3.

  • 2c

    just for another year, wind will bring them all down to the knees.

  • DrBadass

    After seeing the 25 minutes, I am so emotional confused about this plan.

  • Chuku

    The last few threads have seen people complaining that the “BIG 3” are giving them too many minutes when all they need is data. And now people are complaining that 25 minutes is too few. Geez..some people just can’t be satisfied. The whole concept of plan shopping is getting a plan that’s suitable for you. The first 3 plans are going to be big sellers because they target a large segment of the population….students.

    You mean that for $20 I can have unlimited long distance calling to talk to my family and friends back home on the weekends…AND unlimited messaging(txt and pic)…AND have caller ID and voicemail thrown in? What’s that? For 5 extra bucks, I can have unlimited long distance in the evenings too? And it’s only another 3 to bump the start time down to 5pm from 7pm? For a student making $12 an hour at their part time job, who probably has free WIFI on campus and at residence, the bottom 3 plans are golden. 100 anytime minutes at $28 is simply a bonus.
    Moral of the story…what’s good for one, might not be good for you.

  • Phox

    I love how people compare wind to Koodo. If you ever leave the city you live in, don’t even think about wind.

    • Gene

      Yes, unless… you are going to Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Woodstock, London, Oshawa, Ottawa, Oakville, Burlington, Niagara Falls, cambridge, st catherines, vancouver , whistler , calgary, edmonton, windsor, peterborough, kingston, kithener waterloo, or cambridge…

      do not consider Wind.

    • Atty

      You forgot Welland, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Grimsby, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Clarington, Bowmanville, Gatineau, St. Thomas, Sidney, Abbotsford, Langley, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, White Rock and there is even unofficial signal in Victoria.

      So yes, don’t even think about Wind if you heading to any of the aforementioned 41 destination. You have been warned!

    • in Calgary

      Agree with Gene – I live in calgary, but do business in Edmonton, Toronto, and Ottawa. It’s perfect – even on business no roaming charges there.

      I was briefly in Regina the other day – minutes roaming was $0.20/minute, and I have a standby $5/Month Bell card for data.

      It really does work pretty well. YMMV

  • Dylan D

    I currently have the $30 plan (150 minutes, vm/cid, 5pm weekends) + $5 unlimited text + $15 data heavyweight (500mb’s, 1gb add $5).

    I often use over 500mb’s of data, as I don’t have wifi at work. So I am often paying $55 + tax per month. So for an extra five dollars a month, I will be getting unlimited talk, and 2 GB of data.

    Sounds like an amazing deal, for an extra $5 to what I am typically paying.

    I would like a 6gb plan, but really, the 2gb should be plenty for me.

    Also, upgrading to the S3 when it becomes available, I see this as a fantastic plan to hold onto.

  • mike

    Nothing beats my previous koodo promo plan. $60 for 6gb of data. 250 anytime minutes. Unlimited 5pm evenings and weekends. Unlimited text and picture messaging. Unlimited incoming calls. Includes canada wide calling. Includes caller Id and Voicemail. Can koodo come out with anything better than this for this holiday season ?.

    • Dylan D

      Now that would be the perfect plan for me. If only they would release that. But I seriously doubt it given this looks to be their holiday promo plans.

      But it is possible if another major carrier offers a better deal, Koodo may be forced to match it like they did with the other “6gb” promo deals.

  • Mike

    Now, Koodo would have the best, i mean the best holiday promo plan if they released something like this. 6gb of data, unlimited Canada wide calling, unlimited text and picture messaging, 500 US anytime calling minutes, unlimited US text and picture messaging, caller Id and Voicemail included, now that would be a awesome promo 🙂

  • migo

    The $20 plan is pretty terrible. 50 minutes with per minute billing was nothing, 25 minutes is even worse. That’s 1 or 2 calls of any significance per month, and on most days you can’t even do a quick “Hey, where are you?” call as rather than using up 10 seconds, you use up a full minute. Unlimited weekends doesn’t really make up for that.

    The $25 plan at least includes unlimited evenings as well as weekends, but 50 minutes on per minute billing is still crap.

    The $28 one is the first one that’s remotely good in some fashion. 100 minutes is a minimum with per minute billing (whereas 25 would actually be OK with per second billing), and 5PM evenings is quite useful given most people won’t do that much talking during the day as most people they talk to don’t have many daytime minutes either or are at work.

    The Promo plans are pretty good. 200MB is actually enough to get by on if you use data only occasionally, and as long as you’re careful with what you do (ie, don’t watch youtube videos), you can use data every day and stay in under 500MB. Android users will have to be careful about free apps that have advertising though, as that would quickly use up data.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Virgin is offering the 57 unlimited (nationwide unl min, int text, cid/vvm10 and 1gb) with full subsidy on gs2 black/white and razr v! Crazy good deal.

    • Josh

      And Koodo is offering an extra gig for $3 more.

  • tbone

    But WIND has no 4G LTE…

  • John

    I still don’t see the plan live in their websites. hopefully we need to wait a little longer 🙂

  • juleso

    Do these new Koodo plans include Blackberry access?

  • SteveM

    One of the previous comments said that the data overage was 5¢/MB. Check the Koodo website for the promo plans, it says 2¢/MB. Pretty descent IMO.

  • Baggoalie


    IMHO, these new plans are concerning. For the new, non-promo plans, the old data saver can’t be used. They use “Pay per use” data. Pay per use data rates are NOT data saver rates. It’s at least $10 per more per month if you use 1gig, and it only gets worse if you use more.

    Pay per use data is $20 for 500 meg, $5 per 250 after that. That’s $30 for the 1st gig and $20 per gig after that. I can’t get excited about 2 gig for $50, when it used to be $30 for up to 3 gig.

    Overages on the promo plans are also double what the competition is offering. I’m a Koodo customer, and I want to stay with them as the experience has been positive. That said, I’m not convinced we’ve taken a very big step forward.

  • barry

    Yeah after looking into changing to the $25 promo plan from the previous $20 + $5 messaging plan to get free evenings and weekends, you CAN’T keep your previous heavyweight datasaver. You have to go with their pay-per-use data which is worse ( flex starting at $15 for 250mb as opposed to $15 for 500mb)

    dealbreaker, and a sneaky move on Koodo’s part.

  • JB

    I’m on the $60 promo plan right now (and still have 1GB of data)…will I be getting the extra gig? Or is this only for new activations/people switching to this plan?