Mobilicity announces 2013 coverage expansion plans


  • Late!

    Wow, that’s late! They promised that coverage for the end of this year!

    • Gene

      straight from bloomberg at launch: – Quadrangle is investing at least $200 million in Mobilicity, the firm’s largest single investment, Michael Huber, co-president of Quadrangle, said in an interview. Quadrangle plans to remain an investor for “years,” he said. The firm’s typical investment commitment is four to five years. –
      My guess is 3 years on this one.

    • lolz

      Finally they secured enough cash from device sales to Wind, Videotron and other customers, to manage expansion of their footprint in GTA.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Don’t believe a word Mobilicity is saying! These are lies just to stop the customers from leaving! They are bleeding RED and running out of money FAST!

      “Back in June Mobilicity originally announced that “future plans” were to expand into Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa, guess they meant September.”

      That statement ALONE is enough to convince anyone not to port your phone number to Mobilicity. Why would you trust losing your phone number to a company that’s about to go bankrupt?

  • ehoustoun

    Woo, bout time they expanded their network some more. It’s been way too long since they last expanded.

  • 403808

    Better yet, Mobilicity’s clients will have access to the entire WIND Home zone by the end of 2013. No way Mobilicity expands without merging with WIND.

  • xyz

    Same as last year. Just promises – now for 2013 and reality is nothing. No progress since 2010.

  • John

    Meanwhile wind is almost covering a good portion of southern Ontario

  • xyz

    Look at Wind today: Barrie, London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Hamilton, Windsor, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Kingston, Peterborough, Niagara Falls, St Catharine, Welland, Oshawa, Ajax…..

    Mobi – too late 🙁

    • disco

      Most of the areas you named have patchy service.. Most if not all bills I pay for roaming fees in TORONTO.

    • andrew smith

      I live in GTA, and travel extensively for my work. My bill every month is exactly $45.20 (taxes included) – HMP 2011.

      You are either lying, or have never used wind in your life. Which one is it?

      My phone is set not to roam, unless I reverse this setting. I haven’t roamed once yet (within GTA) in my year with wind.

    • Gene

      LOL I am sure you have been to every single one of those cities and tested out your WIND device. Sure bud.
      The speeds and connection outside of the GTA is actually better due to no bottlenecking.

    • disco

      been with wind since day 1, I get about $1 extra for roaming in toronto most months.

    • STY

      disco is outright lying since it’s IMPOSSIBLE to roam within Toronto. You can’t roam even if you tried to. It’s disabled. You can only roam the edges of home zones and Toronto is well within the home zone.

    • A Art

      Roaming within Toronto has been disabled for many months now. It actually could have been a year by now, if not more.

      Disco probably fell for one of those “TEXT 12345 to find out if your crush loves you back!!” scams online, because he is a Forever Alone, and just wanted a hug… 🙁

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      “disco” is full of it! No roaming at all in Toronto while on WIND. He’s a Mobilicity plant! Get him!

      How does local service from Peterborough to Niagara sound while being on one low monthly fee?

      Mobilicity, you are too late!

  • Rich

    Just go away already and merge with WIND.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      I’m sure WIND won’t merge with Mobilicity.

      Merging with WIND is the DREAM of pathetic Mobilicity customers. No new hardware purchase, and easy transition, while keeping their really, really cheap plans.

      Pipe DREAM! WIND doesn’t need to purchase Mobilicity, especially since Mobilicity is going bankrupt! WIND just needs to focus on expanding and not worry about anything else.

      Mobilicity is no longer in the rear-view mirror of WIND. They’re still parked back in 2010!

  • LazerAndroid

    Oh, Mobilicity! Please stop! I can’t contain my excitement! It feels like I am going to burst!

    Best value, best prices – a human company that cares for us Canadians. I have been with them since the very start, and I am never leaving. Why would I? I have everything I need.

    Well, except maybe a free Panache. Please, reach out to me, and let’s talk. I have been asking for a free phone for almost 2 years now. That has to be worth something!


    Love you, Mobilicity.

    – LazerAndroid

    • Panache is overrated

      Don’t do it! Help is on the way!

  • hoo dat

    I was told that Mobilicity would have coverage on Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton by spring 2010, that was in January 2010 when I was deciding what carrier to port to. I joined WIND but kept checking back with Mobilicity through to the autumn when I got fed up with the runaround. Seems too little, too late to me.

  • tudor

    What a lie, they are out of money, everyone on Bay Street knows that, rumors are that they won’t finish the year, wonder why they keep announcing things that are false… I don’t get it

    • Gene

      Expansion via WIND’s acquisition of the company. I guess they see a 2013 sale date.

    • puke

      Rumour on Bay street is more in favor of Vimpelcom wanting out as soon as possible

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Rumour on Bay Street is that “puke” has lots of creditbility, and sometimes no credibility.

      WAIT, “puke”, has no credibility! That’s it!

      MOBILICITY is going BANKRUPT! Hooray! I was with them in 2010, but the LIES, LIES, LIES, about expansion that never happened!

      Glad i’m out!

  • deltatux

    Mobilicity really NEEDS to push NORTH. Their West/East coverage is pretty good, but northern coverage for their GTA area is pretty non-existent. Wouldn’t mind going back to Mobilicity, at least they treat me better than WIND only if they had the north coverage.

  • Ken

    At least Mobi is covering my wallet so my plan rate is a lot lower than what I what paying out to Telus. My wife will be joining Mobi in early Dec to be covered by a lower rate plan than what she was paying at Fido.So story being coverage is great for our wallets and I wold called that progress.

  • MobileMonkey

    bah even lowly PMI has better GTA coverage than them.

  • Lazed

    If WIND and Mobilicity merged, they’d have a great network in the GTA. Too bad they didn’t form a partnership like Bell and Telus.

    • Gene

      Even better, if WIND and Mobilicity merged, they could Roll out LTE on 1700/2100 (same bands robellus is using) immediately. I hope this happens.

  • Bubbles

    Announcing this year that you will have something by the end next year means that they are just planning for it.. might never happen.

  • Zeake

    You guys are retarded. Have any of you even used Mobi! They might not be everywhere yet but at least their network is SOLID where it actually is. Unlike wind.

    Mobi is doing it right.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      MOBILICITY IS FULL OF LIES! They said their expansion plans in 2010! AND, only now it’ll be for the END OF NEXT YEAR??!!

      Don’t fall for it! Stay away from MOBILICITY. They are going bankrupt.

    • ace


  • Pablo Moses

    Good Job Mobilicity, it’s gonna another plus, keep expanding!!!

  • James Stackhouse

    I’m rather sad that mobilicity’s coverage isn’t expanding as quickly as I would like, but it’s expected. Mobilicity is taking things slow because they don’t want to go into debt. Wind is deep in debt, and have been sold and bought twice since they came to Canada (part of the reason I’m not planning to use their service). I think time and patience will allow for mobilicity to be more successful.

    • Anon

      With a solid backer, and debt fully forgiven, believe you me, Wind is in a MUCH better position than Mobilicity will ever be.

      You didn’t hear it from me, but Wind and Mobilicity will merge in Q1 of 2013, with Wind initiating the process. People in the know have been talking about it for quite some time now. Hold on to your Mobilicity discount plans – they will be grandfathered!

    • hoo dat

      You’re quite probably correct about a WIND/Mobilicity merger sometime in 2013 but you’re way off the mark about WIND’s debt.

      WIND never had their debt forgiven, all they had was an interest forgiveness amounting to $400M, that still leaves $1.1B of current debt. Plus, you have to toll in the $500M+ they’re borrowing to float their participation in the up coming auction (this number had been rumoured as high as $750M). So at a minimum, WIND is still in debt to the tune of $1.6B.

    • Anon

      Thank you for correcting me. You are absolutely right! They do have a heavy debt on their shoulders still, but the interest being forgiven is definitely a big positive.

      Debt is expected with any new business, especially if they are aggressive from the start. If you play it slow and safe in telecummunications industry, you will always be behind, and eventually disappear altogether. Telecom is a fast-paced, ever-0changing industry. There is not time to sit back and relax – you have to constantly go, go, go.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Rumour has it that Mobilicity is going bankrupt within the next few months.

      The scuttlebutt is one of the Big 3 is in talks with Mobilicity with rescue financing until the auction.

      Those Mobilicity plans WON’T be grandfathered, but a hardware discount will be available to Mobilicity customers instead!

      Trust me, it’s a solid, solid as anon’s rumour!

  • Gus83

    Slow clap.

  • 2c

    wind already sliced off mobi’s balls long time ago.

  • cg

    And still nothing in eastern Canada…I’ll probably be dead before we get an unlimited carrier.

    • Anon

      Eastlink will be getting things going there in early 2013.

      A little birdie told me that Wind and East have been talking. I am not at a liberty to reveal what they were discussing just yet, but a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised. Stay tuned!

    • Jon

      Mobilicity doesn’t have any spectrum east of Ottawa/Gatineau.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Mobilicity won’t be around by next year. They’ll likely be bought up by one of the big 3.

      WIND is doing just fine without Mobilicity as a prospective company to buy or as a merger target. Why would you merge with a company about to go bankrupt? You let it die, and maybe, just maybe you can buy the pieces of hardware for cheap. Let one of the Big 3 buy the subscriber base!

      Mobilicity, you screwed up big time, and customers can see this as an attempt to keep your current customers from leaving!

  • Jimmy

    Buying time for a year, expansion plans for 2013?!

    I an guessing they will add one single tower in every market and fool all of us again.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      One tower in each market, one every other month…and announce it over Canada News Wire as “EXPANSION”.

      Get over it Mobilicity! Everyone knows you are LYING ABOUT EXPANDING. You are poor and don’t have any money. Mobilicity is going BANKRUPT.

      Keep your phone number away from Mobilicity and don’t port in. It’ll take a long time for you to get your phone number out!

  • Torry

    End of 2013!

    Just about the time BB10 will finally be available for purchase! I’m excited!

  • Is this Bb10?

    I’ll believe it when they cover the West Rouge area of Scarborough. None of the new entrants seem to want to cover this area.

  • Ron Mexico


    • Plazmic Flame

      HEY! That’s how my mom says it and that’s racist!!! LOL

  • Xanth18

    I guess it’s better to be with any of the new mobile companies… but Wind is vastly superior to them, and Wind beat them to the coverage punch a long time ago.

  • Jetr0

    “…your days of being overcharged for wireless are numbered.”

    Unfortunately, as their network grows their prices will likely go up. This always seems to happen with budget carriers. That or their plans will have more limits on usage. Sort of like how Rogers, TELUS, Bell setup their plans to generate overages unless you are on the more expensive ones.

    Setting up a cell network, and putting up towers is extremely expensive. So they will have to pay more to maintain it and serve the growing customer base.

    Also if you are familiar with ARPU (average revenue per user) each service provider tries to get this as high as possible. So I think the “we won’t over charge you” angle will end as they build an real National Network (Robelus sized).

    I hope this isn’t the case, but it’ll probly happen.

    • Stanley

      Mobilicity haven’t even once stated that they wanted to be national. Quite the opposite. They have said numerous times that Mobilicity will remain a regional carrier. This will keep their prices relatively lower than the rest of the pack.

      Still, prices going up as network expands in natural. There is nothing wrong with it, and everyone expects it. However, being a regional carrier, Mobilicity’s prices will never be as high as the Big3’s, simply because they won’t realistically be able to charge as much for the coverage footprint they provide.

      Wind, on the other hand, will go up and up in price, but again, I don’t see them being as expansive as the Big3 either, and even if they do match the prices at some point far down the road, Wind will offer much more bang for the buck, and still be a better choice than the Big3.

  • Human

    I hope Mobilicity does succeed, having more competition is good for everyone. Arguably it would hurt prices if Mobi and Wind merged.

    • Gene

      I’d have to disagree that a merger/acquisition would drive up prices. They would still be under a million customers and price will stay be a huge part of their bating tactic. A merger would just mean a better network infrastructure and enough spectrum to roll out LTE. If said WINDicity could hit 2million subs at $40 ARPU they are good.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      Mobilicity and WIND will not, and should not merge.

      There is no incentive for WIND to buy Mobilicity when they are already going bankrupt.

      ALSO, likely one of the Big 3 will buy Mobilicity. Unfortunately, MOBILICITY customers will get shafted and have to buy new hardware.

      Mobilicity being bought by WIND is the dream of Mobilicity customers THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

      GO WIND Go!

    • Gene

      @stayaway Actually there is HUGE incentive. It’s called spectrum. Enough to roll out LTE which WIND will need to be competitive in the next few years.

  • mike

    Now my hopes for service in Montreal are vanished

    • Dementi

      Thank Videotron for that. They’ve paid a hefty price for being the only 1700MHz competitor there.

      There is always Public Mobile, though. They aren’t as bad as you think they are. Data will be about 1.5Mbps, though, which is slow-ish. The phone selection is very limited as well. Still, if you are serious about not wasting money, this should not stop you. If you’re not serious, then why are you crying?

  • General Gustov

    They are just making themselves ripe for a takeover by WIND , 2013 perhaps

  • haxor99

    Looking forward to the day I can join Mobilicity. Right now the data is too slow (1 – 2 Mbps)


    Wish they would invest more time making their network more reliable in Toronto. There are still many dead spots with them…..just saying.

  • JohnDoe

    Signed up with Mobilicity this past weekend for the $12.50 unlimited starter plan. So far so good. Works well in the areas that I need. I don’t roam or leave GTA so it doesn’t bother me much. Can’t beat the price when service works!

  • disco

    I wonder if wind employees post on this site …? I’m with wind and Virgin and to be HONEST, service wise Virgin is still WAY superior. Wind gives me roaming charges in the GTA but that never happens with my virgin plan.

    • STY

      Whenever someone says “to be honest”, that’s your first clue they are lying.

      Much like disco’s first posting about Toronto roaming charges with Wind. Again, IMPOSSIBLE. Liar.

    • Tippy Toe

      I am not necessarily calling you dumb, but please, learn how to use you phone. Why is that I have zero cents in roaming charges this month (I live in Oshawa, and travel to Newmarket and Hamilton a few times a month), while you can’t seem to figure out how not to roam?

      Set you phone to connect to a network manually (not automatically), and you will never roam again, unless you want to.

      You can thank me later, and drop that Virgin line already. I used to be with Rogers, but never again.

  • Jon

    So by the end of next year they will match WIND’s coverage from 2010? That’s 3 years behind isn’t it? Even Public Mobile has these areas covered long ago.

  • Jason

    When WIND opened they said they are going to expand coverage east of Edmonton, that was 3 years ago and still no coverage. Now Mobilicity says the same, I hope it is not over 3 years as well!

  • aregularonhofo

    Man, bluenote73 the HoFo Mobilicity fanboy and troll (aka the fake Lazer Android) is still pissed and obsessed the real LA got his idol Dave Dobbin the former CEO fired for lying about the Panache including spending too much time on technical sites trying to cook up secret deals…give it up man just like you Dave was a coward and wimp and that’s how he finished up. Wind Mobile has a real CEO and that’s why Globealive made it through all their unfair legalities. Mobilicity is going down and you can’t stop it.

  • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

    One year AWAY from now! Wow, talk about desperation! It’s too, too, far away. I guess it’s their away of stopping the bleeding and customers running away.

    Promises, promises. Don’t fall for it customers!

  • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

    Mobilicity is desperate.

    No merge with WIND. Let Mobilicity go bankrupt!

    Let Mobilicity go bankrupt!
    Let Mobilicity go bankrupt!
    Let Mobilicity go bankrupt!
    Let Mobilicity go bankrupt!

  • aregularonhofo

    OMG, it’s hilarious the way some i****s are brainwashed so easily with never ending memos that never have any substance, how can Mobilicity expand coverage or anything if they have no coverage after 2 years with deteriorating service and actually reduced the Toronto zone by being forced to admit they have no service in Pickering…only cretins would believe anything Lyons states or the false promises this corrupt provider feeds you. Join Wind Mobile and make a difference.

  • aregularonhofo

    Also, I turn tricks under the bridge. The price is fair. Holla at me! Me and my boyfriend Steve can double-up, if you are into that kind of stuff. No protection – I like it raw.

  • aregularonhofo

    Ahhhhhhhh, does the truth hurt little boy, the lies and false marketing can’t help anymore, over 50% of Mobilicity users on HoFo have switched already and of course they’re all coming to Wind Mobile…good to see Windies fighting back and putting down the Mobi trolls. How does it feel paying $20 extra for Prime data that is actually slower than the regular kind and you call this progress. One or two fake new towers won’t help much or getting your wallet depleted roaming in the home zone. And if the deal with Orascom and T-Mobile goes through and we all hope it does, it will mean better service for Globealive and an ever expanding network…of course you can still kiss Mobilicity’s azz by paying less holding on to your dream in exchange for lousy service and be taken for a ride. Love you fools and whether you believe this or not you’re actually helping Wind grow. Thanks guys!

  • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

    The number one forum in Howard Forums for Mobilicity is “Leaving Mobilicity”. Wow, that tells you something!

    I was a former Mobilicity customer, but, ENOUGH of the lies about expanding! Mobilicity is full of LIES.

    This so called expansion announcement will never happen! It’s the same announcement from 2010!

  • Al

    Where I live is just out of WIND’s coverage area (north of Guelph) but next year I’ll likely be moving into Guelph itself.

    It’ll likely be worth my while to buy out my Bell contract at that point and switch to Wind.

    While the speed on Bell is generally great I just find it hard to justify the cost of it. I suspect many people are like me…on the fringe of coverage from Wind but who would sign up in a second if they could.

    If they came up with a plan with about 2GB of data for $33 or thereabouts it would be super.

  • ehoustoun

    I just want to point out how sad it is that there is so much competitive talk about wind and mobilicity. Both face a huge uphill climb vs the incumbents so why fragment an already small marketplace? I wouldn’t be surprised if these loudmouth Wind and Mobilicity lamewads were actually employed by one of the big 3 to get people smack talking the new entrants.

    Bottom line: They’re both well priced and working hard to get customers and provide good service, why not just support one or the other and be glad they’re around in the first place. Competition is good for the consumer, more companies means better deals.

  • Zeake

    You are all i****s. You wind trolls have become worst than the big three fanboys. Its disgusting.

    • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

      “Zeake” is a Mobilicity customer realizing that he’s backed the wrong horse!

      Your plan won’t be grandfathered, and the major issue you have to worry about is being able to port your phone number out when Mobilicity declares bankruptcy and is out of business.

      Good luck, you should port out to WIND while there are decent Christmas Holiday plans!

      Happy Holidays!

  • aregularonhofo

    I totally agree with “Stay Away from Mobilicity”, the only losers who want Wind Mobile and Mobilicity to merge are the Mobi trolls who are desperate to keep their cheap grandfathered accounts knowing if they’re sold to the Big Three they eventually will lose everything…bottom line Wind doesn’t need Mobilicity to grow or improve. They will however gladly accept any new customers from Mobi to achieve higher numbers to reach their goals faster in the future and that’s exactly what is happening.

    Globealive is expanding through Ontario so fast the momentum is actually quite amazing considering the initial legal problems they had and struggled to win. In comparison Mobilicity is a complete joke, the only lamewads who want this pathetic entrant to survive are the fanboys who benefit from them and as a company they’re a disgrace with solid history of pure BS. Please don’t mention Wind Mobile and Mobilicity in the same breath and the sooner Mobi dies as I said many times before the better the fight will be against the incumbents. Mobilicity has no long-term value and only makes our telco industry worse. Does paying Mobilicity $20 extra for more lame data spell progress to you or are you this brain dead.

    • Knowledge is power

      Ha ha. This is very funny. I love how all of you think you know whats going on. But what you don’t know si this – Vimpelcom is selling WIND. WIND is a disaster that loses tons of money. Both Mobi and Public are working to try and buy WIND. You fools…go ask Pietro the CEO of WIND if I’m wrong…oh by the way, Lacavera doesn’t run the company. Just a heads up.

  • Trustme

    If mobilicity is not there these will be plans form wind
    65 1000 mins 200 mb data. 75 unlimited local. 1 gb. Same as big 3 now.
    What I mean is they will be one of big 4. Public is becoming Weston union. Guys support competition
    Or we will be back to 2009. In USA metro brought all companies down that’s what mobilicity is doing here. think from ur head Canadians

  • lol

    @stay away from mobilicity, shut up already. So you get paid by the big3 to spout angry rhetoric. Nobody wants to hear it.

  • K-Man

    I love Mobilicity! Been with them since Apr 2011 and even though I do go down to Niagara and even the states quite often – and keep using my phone, my bills are never even close to the deceitful big 3. Mobilicity service has been great in Toronto – I love the new mentality of never having to check ‘balances’ or worry about where in N.A I’m calling.

    My only wish for Mobilicity (and Wind too) is for a partnership with some large US carrier (T-Mobile??) for a data agreement. I’d love to be able to keep my data on in the US. I know it won’t happen in Canada because even though us tax payers paid for a large chunk of the costs for the big 3 to get the coverage they have, they will never actually return any favour to us.

    Anyway, yes, a little late for the expansion, but I’m with you all the way Mobilicity!