Jolla demonstrates MeeGo-based Sailfish OS for the first time (video)


  • finiguy

    This looks like it could be worth a look.

  • ile2010

    Looks promising. Would love to play with this on an N9 (though I’d have to get one again).

  • Shrock

    It somewhat reminds me a bit of Windows phone live tiles, coupled with some functions of BB10.

    Honestly, though, I am not sure I’m liking this so far. I went “Meh..” after I watched both videos. I’ll have to see more. I am not at all impressed right now.

  • Craig


  • jellmoo

    I consider the UI on the N9 to be about the best I have ever used on a phone, and I really like the design elements that they are going with here. It might be a little cumbersome to start with, but I think that they are definitely on to something cool and look forward to having the opportunity to try this out.

    • Thilan

      Very much agree. It is difficult to use iOS and Android phones after using the N9 for me…especially the multitasking aspects. Hopefully Sailfish can be ported to the N9 too.

  • seant

    I don’t know if there are any free gestures left that aren’t patented. They will need a boatload of cash to afford licensing fees so you can actually use it.

  • Tom

    Compare how quickly they are moving – by building atop existing mobile phone platform – compared to RIM who felt they must build 90% of it themselves.

    Unfortunately, they got started too late so it is hard to see how they, RIM, and Firefox OS will compete with the established titans.

  • GN2

    BB10 wannabe.

    • stylinred

      its actually where Maemo and Symbian were headed if they weren’t nixed by Nokia; there was prior art long before RIM even thought of BB10 that’s why everyone was saying RIM was copying Nokia when they showcased bb10

  • MOBI

    its exactly like BB10. Flow is right there

  • mauricio

    looks really cool, but i didnt understood how it works exactly,a bit confusing

  • rockfish

    I think this shows that there can be too much multitasking. This does not appeal to me at all.

  • Kersat

    Front the two videos I just watched it seems to be a lot of steps compared to some of the other operating systems. But I am no familiar with all the operating systems.

  • ile2010

    Yeah, “BB10 wannabe”. MeeGo had this 2 years ago.

    • migo

      PlayBook had the UI before MeeGo was out.

    • stylinred

      playbook ui is a ripoff of maemo

  • correct

    Wrong RIM lemmings. This is NOT like BB10. BB10 is like Meego, and this is just an advancement of Meego. So BB10 is the one who copied Meego.

    • migo

      PlayBook was out before the N9. If anyone copied anyone between the two it was Nokia copying RIM. Of course they both drew on webOS, and when you get down to it, every UI element you see in any smartphone platform originated with Palm.

  • correct

    Like Arnold said in Commando, WRONG.

    Meego itself was released in May 2010. N9 being released after the playbook is irrelevant. Plus many of Meego and BB10’s features and UI elements were present in Meego’s predecessor, Maemo which was released way before the Playbook.

  • Joeb

    Totally boring, uninspired and lacking a soul.

    Furthermore, the performance is ridiculously and abysmally bad to a point where it makes the whole user experience useless.

    This is just trying to be different. Sorry. Smells failure.