Rihanna gives away a custom HTC One X+ during her Toronto concert (Video)


  • George


    She also looks very manly.

    2/10, would not bang.

    • monsterduc1000

      @George: hmm…I guess you missed her AMAZING breasts in that sexy top =D

    • George

      Her breasts aren’t that spectacualar, and more on a smaller side. Ever heard of a push-up bra? But it sure is interesting to know that you like women who look like men… :-/

    • JustPointingOutTheObvious

      Ok… Clearly you must be on crack or something

    • monsterduc1000

      Sorry George. I guess I’m not a chubby chaser like you =D

  • Raegoul

    So people pay to see her concert and they still have to sit through advertising passed off as a give-away?

    • Joe

      the concert was free.

  • Mark

    Humm I’m sure some crazy people would attack me in the street just to have this custom Rihanna device. I wouldn’t feel safe.

  • hmmmm

    The saddest thing is she can afford an unlimited plan at 999$ a month but she got it all for free. lol

    And why thank HTC for this, it costs them nothing for such a big publicity stunt.

  • Sam

    Apple will sue her because she did not give away an icrap


    @George Rhianna looks like a man because she’s in shape???

    Your probably not used to being with men or women who weigh under 300lbs.


  • menodumb

    Da Beotch likes a beatin .

    • Ron Mexico

      You’re an i***t, grow up

  • Kid.Canada

    @Raegoul – The concert was free and she gave the phone away for free. Its either you don’t understand the meaning of the word giveaway or you’re just jealous you weren’t that lucky fan who got the phone.

  • Frank

    arggh Telus. release the phone already! -_-

  • trytofa

    Do I have to punch it before I can use it?

  • lyndon420

    Rihanna sings like Shakira dances…a robot. One listen to ‘umbrella’ and you’ll know what I mean. Watch the video for ‘these hips don’t lie’ and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Hardened

      Really?! Listen to ALL her music from her first album and try that phrase again. She’s one of the few modern artists that actually HAS a real singing voice not requiring an audio-tune box. Its just the fad and the norm in current pop-rock culture so its here to stay for another few more years unless somethign else comes along.

      Let’s see you learn a thing or two about audio engineering, create a top 1/10/100 track in USA/Canada/UK/Europe/Italy or elsewhere; then criticize.

    • Bobster

      If you extensively consume “popular” music, or POP, for short, you’ve already lost. Nothing is real about it.

  • iPhoneAndroid

    Rihanna eh?

    I don’t see Beats Audio on the back on the phone…

    guys i am so sorry

  • Martin

    Are those sweat pants supposed to be sexy?

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    I wonder if she uses an HTC herself…