WIND Mobile Q3 2012: 510,484 subscribers and an APRU of $27.90/month


  • spur

    So how do you refund your 1.5 billion debt with $14 Millions of monthly revenue ? Will Wind still be around this time next year ??? I guess the answer is obvious

    • Alex

      They have enough supportive money from outside of Canada to keep growing network and increase ARPU during next years…

      That was exact same thing in Russia 10-12 years ago. There were two dominant providers and they kept prices extremely high and one day the third on came to the market and changed everything… Everyone has a phone and paying 5-15$ per month.

      Keep going Wind!

    • JohnN

      ” I guess the answer is obvious”
      You’re absolutely right: The answer is obvvious.
      Of course,WIND will be around! And WINFD will will be eating Rogers’/Telus’/Bell’s lunch!

    • Randy

      Considering that the debt was officially “forgiven” about a month ago or so, I’d say that Wind will be here for a long, long time… just about as long as you remain a kissless virgin. Sorry, bud – life is unfair, I know 😀

    • hoo dat

      Incorrect, the debt was not fully forgiven, only $400M of interest was. That means WIND is still in debt to the tune of $1.1B, plus the rumoured $500M+ they’re getting for the upcoming auction.

  • hoo dat

    I wonder how many more subs they would have if they didn’t keep dicking around with their retail options; if they didn’t over inflate the retail price of their phones to pay for other peoples’ incentives; if they allowed all their customers to buy their products on release; if they treated their current client base with respect; and stopped forcing people onto tabs just so they can buy the most desirable phones.

    I’m betting they would have had overwhelming growth had they even attempted to live up to the promises they made in their first 2 years.

    • 45

      Boom. Roasted.

    • kettal

      want a cheap WIND phone without a tab? Nexus 4.

    • stylinred

      dont go on tab then and buy an unlocked phone; the remainder owing, after the time of tab ends, is forgiven anyhow so the over-inflated prices that every carrier does is erased anyhow

    • hoo dat

      Quit being such an apologist. WIND is over charging for their phones and the only people who take full advantage of that are people who take their tab the full 3 years. Honestly, how many people are going to do that? We’ve already seen large numbers pay off their tabs so they could get the SIII and very few are carrying their tabs to term otherwise.

      WIND made it part of their corporate philosophy from the beginning that post and pre paid customers would be treated equally and that they would never make money on hardware and yet we sit here today with both promises broken with plenty more to come I’m sure.

      WIND has turned into a Big4 wanna be with no regard on how they acheive that goal. They’ve proven they’re not going to do it through excellent customer service, so what else are they going to pull?

  • Rich

    With Orascom going to take the lead, I’m sure we know that WIND is here to stay.

    As for WIND, I think they’re in a fairly good position in terms of price points, but the barrier to entry is shifting from concerns over reception (which has improved quite rapidly) to simply the cost & availability of desirable phones. When they have Nexus 4 in their lineup, they’ll definitely get a healthy shot in the arm.

  • General Gustov

    Fastest growing mobile company in Canada , GO WIND GO !!

  • in Calgary

    27.90/month <– Wow I was assuming it was higher. Wife and I are both on 40/month special, so 37.50/month APRU from us.

    There must be a LOT of people running the 25/month and less, or some other sort of low cost options. Hummmmm.

    • Jon

      Probably still a lot of people holding onto those $15 and $20 AITF plans. My ARPU with WIND is $18.75 on 4 lines.

    • Robbed By Wind

      Sounds like the prices are slowly going up and not down for Wind…not surprising they follow the good ol canadian ways of the big 3 and start jacking up their prices. Just look at their plans now…it’s terrible not to mention all the data throttling they do to limit people’s “unlimited usage”

    • Lollad

      Lol, data was never unlimited. It was always 5GB, then fair usage throttling kicked in. Do not post, if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  • Hooligan

    I hope they kick the crap out of the big 3!!

  • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

    Bye Bye Mobilicity!

    Mobilicity has UNDER 200,000 subscribers and continues to lose customers (check out the HoFo forums on Mobilicity….number one thread is Leaving Mobilicity)

    Go WIND Go! Keep expanding your market!

  • adam man handler

    go wind go

  • Gus83

    Congrats Wind! It only took 3 years to get a decent lineup of phones and you’re finally getting some dedicated customers…

  • isdfoa

    i really wanted to be one of the 500,000 subscribers, but the upfront price of the phone (galaxy s3) was something I wasn’t prepared to pay for. got a good retentions deal with telus instead.

    same issue for a friend looking at the note 2.

    • Xanth18

      You do realize that you’d be saving MUCH MORE over the course of having the phone by paying that upfront fee, right? Saving WAAAAAAAAAAAY MORE than if you went with one of the three. We’re talking HUGE savings…

      We’re talking $300 for a GREAT phone like the GS3… then you only pay a max of $45 (inc taxes) a month, instead of $75+ with the big three. I think you can do the math yourself to see exactly how much savings you’ll have in 3 years. We’re talking a couple THOUSAND dollars extra in your pocket… why would you throw that money away with Bell, Rogers or Telus? THAT makes no sense to me…

      Not only that, you can always use their WindTAB.

  • Demolitio

    Very nice, WIND…… but I can’t but help think that an apru of $27.90 is a bit too small a revenue stream for a cellular company in the middle of a heavy expansion to everywhere they can muster. I would have thought the majority of users would go for the $40.00/mo plans they have, which offer so much more, and bring revenue per user up considerably.

    • Richard

      I’m paying $40/mo and so are most of my friends who have Wind…I have to call BS on these numbers that Wind is telling us because last year after Q2, they were at 317,000 subscribers with their ARPU being $27.80 which went up $1.10 from the previous quarter. Little over 1 year later they have 410,000 subscribers and their ARPU is at $27.90. Either I’m getting ripped off or they’re lying about their actual results.

  • djino

    Possible to get to 600K by year end?

  • ace

    its all about education… the more wind exposes themselves and educates the public… the more people will adopt.. now that they have higher end phones and tabs… theres no reason not to swtich

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Wind turned out to be like others. They promised when they came to Canada that no contract , no credit check and no limits to calls,text and data.But everything is changed in 2 years.Now they do credit check even if you want to buy your phone outright still they want to check your credit , so stupid. If people had good credit they can go to big three and get their unlimited plans with LTE data speeds not like 2G speed of wind and pay way less than wind tab.
    I hope they see and realize what made them this big that was no strings attached plans and service , if they wanna be greedy like the big 3 then they will not succeed

    • spades

      Wind always required a credit check for post-paid plans (I would know, I signed up within a month that they opened), and post paid is required for Wind Tab. You’re still free to bring your own phone and pay as you go. I am curious as to why they would do a credit check to sell a phone outright… Odd.

      Btw, even with great credit, no one wants to pay the ridiculous fees that the big 3 are charging for their “unlimited” plans.

    • GT

      Wind has never done, and does not currently do credit checks for customers who want to buy their phones.

    • Randy

      @Lakh Jhajj You are misinformed. Please do not spread BS.

      1. Wind has NO contracts if you are on pre-paid. You can come and go as you please. Some consider a Tab to be a contract, but I call it a positive loan on your device. You still remain in total control.

      2. There is NO credit check if you go pre-paid. Post-paid have always required a credit check.

      3. There are NO limits to calls, text, and data. Everything is unlimited. As for data, check the Fair Usage policy. It has always been there.

      4. There is NO credit check if you buy you phone outright on pre-paid. Why would there be one? Really, why? Give me ONE reason. Again, there in NO credit check on a pre-paid plan if you are buying your phone ouright.

      5. Unlimited LTE plans with Big3? Hahahah, there is NO such thing!

      6. Wind is HSPA+, meaning average speeds of 5Mbps. Even Public Mobile, with their 2Mbps is 3G.

      7. You pay way less that the Tab, because you pay WAY more monthly. Over the 3-year contract with the Big3, you would have wasted hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Simple math is your friend here.

      I found SEVEN instances of lies and misinformation in your single post. That [i]has[/i] to be some sort of a record. Jesus!

    • Francois

      I agree…I can get unlimited talk & text with any of the big 3 but of course the sad part is that the data isn’t unlimited. I doubt that will ever happen anytime soon but then again I don’t exactly have unlimited data with Wind either. The tab is a dumbest thing ever…if you have half a brain, then you would realize it’ll take you 2 to 3 times as long if not maybe longer to pay off a tab than to finish a contract. Oh yea, I can’t even use the iPhone on Wind cause they don’t support it…lame.

  • RatedFun

    They still suck. No coverage, no thanks!

    • Randy

      I live in GTA. I am covered from Oshawa to Niagara Region, and then North to Barrie. I am not even talking about Kingston, Peterborough, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, London, Woodstock, Windsor, and St. Thomas…

      Yes coverage, yes thanks!

    • Francois

      I live in the GVA area…they’re coverage is spotty at best. As soon as I’m inside my house, I don’t have service…then again, I get what I pay for. It’s like going to a BMW dealership and telling them I want an M5 for the price of a Honda Fit.

    • Stew

      Agreed. I live in KW and their coverage on the west end of Waterloo is terrible. Until they expand coverage so ALL of Waterloo (at the very least) is covered it doesn’t make sense to switch. Sure, the monthly plan is cheaper but not if I have to pay roaming fees for half the calls I make.

  • relevant84

    Why do people live under the assumption thatthe credit check has anything to do with them getting the phone? It’s all about the line. They need to protect themselves against people getting service, racking up thousands in phone bills and then walking away. Every postpaid line will require a credit check because they want to make sure the odds are good enough you’ll pay your monthly bills, not that they’re worried about giving you a phone if your credit isn’t very good.

  • 2c

    who ever is complaining please feel free to go and sit in rogers/bell/telus lap and enjoy the joy ride they bore in your pocket.

    in 3 years wind has saved me enough on national and international calls that would have been another story if i would have been with rogers/bell or telus.

    this is still one country where consumer is happy to pay for incoming calls lol and i thought Canadians are more educated than a 3rd world immigrant, no wonder rest of the world make’s joke about us.

    • c2

      Then why don’t you go live in one of those 3rd world contries since the cell phone plans are so cheap…perhaps you’ll save yourself some extra cash so you can one day pay for your cell phone bills here in canada.

  • oldschool

    I got a friend who’s on Wind and he’s gotta call me when he gets off the highway to let me know he’s close because his phone doesn’t work outside my place. Sux 2 b a Wind client.

  • sam

    Wind will beat all big three.Go wind go…..

  • aregularonhofo

    At present Orascom/VC/Telenor are in talks with T-Mobile in the US, they have no reason to sell Wind Mobile Canada and if they do eventually it definitely will not be to the incumbents…their history proves quite the opposite buying incumbents, failed or struggling new providers like Mobilicity or sharing/exchanging assets with their usual associates/partners. Everything will change once Globealive gets more spectrum in 2013 and the sooner Mobilicity dies the better after having used their customers. Make the switch today…Wind Mobile is the only option.

  • Cyrano

    100 * 12 * 3 * 1.14 = 4104
    40 * 12 * 3 * 1.14 = 1641.6

    hm… I have no idea how many nexus 4 i can buy from that 2.5k difference. seriously 😛

    • Wayne

      100 * 12 * 3 * 1.14 = 4104
      40 * 12 * 3 * 1.14 = 1641.6

      hm… I have no idea how many nexus 4 i can buy from that 2.5k difference…

      1 missed business phone call cost me a contract job which I would have made over 10K from because I did not have service in an area that I was at…hmm, I wonder how many nexus 4 I can buy with that money.

    • Xanth18

      Nobody is demanding you switch to Wind. If you’re REALLY that concerned about dropped calls (of which I’ve had none in 4 months with them), then by all means go elsewhere.

      The savings you’d achieve with Wind are quite clear though.

    • Cyrano

      i have no idea why would you choose wind if you aint in their service area then. and what? there isnt something call wind away roaming on rogers?

      you act like applying a petro can credit card and bashing it there’s only shell in the area.

  • Stay Away from Mobilicity!

    An answer to the uncredit worthy:
    -get out of debt, don’t purchase what you don’t need
    -increase your education level to get a better job
    -better job means more income!
    -stay out of debt by not purchasing what you don’t need

    Problem solved? You bet!

  • Richard

    Hey “Stay Away from Moblicity” . Having a job sucks, learn how to make money off of others and capital. I only have a high school education and am part of the top 5%. Why would I go back to school when I can hire people that can only afford a wind phone to do my dirty work for me. Otherwise your points are very valid but as Romney said half of people think like us, and the others don’t. The only thing that won’t change is %50 percent of people are untrustworthy with money.

  • Richard

    Thats like 170 million a year.

  • aregularonhofo

    Being a pimp in the top 5% isn’t saying much and look what happened to Romney. You sound like a Mobilicity customer…good luck with that. You trolls are too funny…running your empire from your mother’s basement.HaHaHa!

  • 5GS

    I am so proud today to be WIND customer from day one.. Go wind go.. Oh and to those people who kept saying that wind wont be staying here for long.. WIND is here to stay..

  • Falco

    I’m so tired of people who keep knocking “the big 3”. They have invested billions in a vast high quality network. I am willing to pay for it. Been with Fido 5 yrs. They, combined with Rogers, have coverage wherever I go in Ontario. And I’ve had only one dropped call in all that time. Ironically, that happened during a conversation w Fido. Btw, I have had only Sony devices from the getgo. Top call quality, best cameras. and absolutely fantastic cs from Fido make a great combination and my monthly bill seems reasonable.

    • OgtheDim

      ACTUALLY….they used government subsidies to build up most of their infrastructure. So they invested our taxpayers dough.

      Oh, and then they were allowed to charge ridiculous fees for any new party to use their tower spaces.

      That and I remember the Big 3 (including FIDO back when they were a part of the big 4) when its network was the same size as WIND’s – and that was 8 years after they started building.

      Wind has been a LOT faster in their build. But then they havn’t had the government subsidies.

  • Knowledge is power

    Word to the not so wise: WIND is for sale. That’s why they’re aggressively going after subscribers in an unprofitable way: $27.90 – 10% tab is real revenue of $25. Completely unprofitable for big organization like WIND.
    Mobi, Public and others are all in the running to buy WIND. Vimpelcom doesn’t want to fund a waste of time operation here any more…..

  • Betty

    BB10 on WIND? sign me up 🙂

  • Bruce

    My speed in Kitchener are real Good 4-10Mbps. Seems to be slower in other cities.

  • JP

    @knowledge is power….LOL…that was the funniest post I have read in a long time. Mobi buying WIND!! I can probably buy Mobi. They have no money. They are losing big time. How about change your name to “Lacking knowledge is power” because it seems to me that you lack any knowledge and you think you have power.

  • T1MB0T

    Tony said at several speaking engagements that wind has ” Over 600k oh silly me he is using the Wind math!!

  • T1MB0T

    oh JP seems you are not in the loop. Wind is in debt over a billion bucks.. a billion.. yes.. whats the interest on that? do the math come to the gym.. for sale.. wind was sold 2 times already.. 3rd times the charm.

  • J-Ro

    I agree, i work for the big 3 and have tried all phone carriers in the past. Originally i was price sensitive but then i realised the lower the price the lower the quaility.

    Wind to me isn’t worth it because of the coverage in most areas i tend to be in (Toronto mind you) so i’m with bell, it cost more but my calls connect when i need them too.

    If i really wanted to switch money and get great service and a phone, it would be virgin, not wind or mobilicity that would be at the top of my list.

  • Jeanette Holmes

    Tony said several times that wind had well over 600k ! he also said HE ran wind.. talk about a load! I can see now why wind was sold a few times.. the FB page has nuke and his gf trying to do damage control

  • sure a lot of trolling from loser rockjock

    Wow’ three years of trolling and how many different names?

  • cesare

    WIND needs to lower their credit check thresh hold, it is actually higher than mortgate ones lol

    once they do that they can sign more pay after customers and therefore increasing their customer base.