TELUS to unleash new International Roaming packages with a “bucket of minutes, text messages and data”


  • Sean

    Something with like 100 min 500 text and 1gb of data while roaming for $50 would be decent

    • LOL

      some countries don’t even offer that for their own local citizens, what makes you think Telus would be able to work out a deal with them to offer that to Canadians? LOL

    • Anthony

      Exactly, keep dreaming. Read the plan. It “mirrors” the US roaming passes. Its still about 50 cents per minute and $1 per MB but this is for Europe and other parts of the world.

    • skullan

      We’re barely getting better than that in Canada for that price, let alone Canadians in another country.

  • InfinitiGuy

    Keep dreaming Sean.

  • samps

    I’m with Rogers, but I’m sure it would still apply:

    I don’t think any of the big 3 can offer competitive roaming rates. This is why I always get unlocked phones and simply get sim cards when abroad.

    I have a T-Mo prepaid card that works well enough for me for minutes and data.

    • jfmanzo

      Rogers new US data roaming passes are actually pretty excellent- $100 gets you 500mb of data for 31 days. That’s $.20 per mb and $.20 per mb overage. I have a US roaming plan for my travel phone with WIND and thought it was great, and for voice ($.10/min) and nickel texts it is, but data- $.50/mb on T-Mobile- it’s actually much, much pricier than Rogers. If I didn’t already have a $150 credit with WIND I’d ditch it and just buy the Rogers bucket for each trip to the US. For travel to the rest of the world it’s still brutal ($225 for 75mb from Rogers and no data bucket at all from Bell, you just pay the incredible $6/mb and pray a lot) so of course when I’m in Europe or South America I get a local SIM, but for travel the the US things are definitely getting much better.

    • ICSinNovember

      $100 for 500MB??
      That’s $20 for 100MB!! that’s insanely high!

      In the US is easy to pay $1 (one) dollar per day for unlimited data/ $30 per month DATA ONLY!
      That;s the way to go, use an app to route your SMS and MMS; Skype or any other wifi to make calls and check your email. in Dec 2012, you can survive forwarding your number to an IP number.

      You can even stream Pandora and other services 24/7! The battery will be your limit!

    • Scott

      $100 for 500 MB? No thanks. My T-Mobile SIM card costs me $3 per day, ONLY FOR THE DAYS I USE IT. For that $3 I get 200 MB per day and unlimited talk and text. Long distance is like $0.10 per minute. Incredible bargain for travel to the USA.

    • jfmanzo

      Considering that those 500mb would have cost $4000 without a roaming bucket, it’s a huge improvement. I know things are better elsewhere- I was in paradise in the UK where I got unlimited data on 02 for a nine-day trip; it was heavenly- but again, this is so much better than it was even as recently as June.

      The best Bell can offer is, like Wind, $.50/mb in the US. I’m thrilled that Rogers is offering this.

    • some guy

      So basically what you are saying is: It’s cheaper for the customer in another country to use the service provider from that country, instead of roaming and paying the associated premium.

      With all due respect… DUH.

  • General Gustov

    We can always hope Telus will come away from the dark side and into the light 🙂

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Roammobility is the only solution for Canadians travelling in the US.

    • Treatz

      Just buy a Tmobile sim when you get there.
      Cheap, reliable and the pricing is very good.
      $2.00 a day UL calls and Data on EDGE
      $3.00 a day UL calls and Data on 3G

      needs a AWS phone to be safe though.

    • Anthony

      Roam Mobility is the best option. I still don’t understand why some people still recommend a local SIM over it.

    • dbott67

      +1 for Roam Mobility. Just picked up a SIM for my wife for her trip to Vegas next month. Will also use it when we take the kids to Disney next spring. Last time, I used my Canadian SIM while at Disney (very minimal data usage) but still paid an arm & a leg.

    • Bobblehead

      And for the other 200 countries not named the US?

  • Jay

    I agree with Samps, its much better to just have an unlocked phone for traveling. Its the reason why I wanted to grab a nexus 4 before my upcoming trip to the states.

  • Mig

    I’m w Rogers. Leaving to Mexico for 2 weeks. Am I getting a rip off Rogers travel pack ? No way Jose ! I’m getting a telcel or movistar sim card, that I can insert in my Galaxy Nexus. Cost of the entire operation : C$25. With plenty of min, txt and as much data as I get here in a month.

    If packs weren’t so outrageously expensive at Rogers I wouldn’t go thru the trouble of getting a mexican sim card.

    • ICSinNovember

      You would laugh..then cry if you were to see the plans in Mexico/LAtin America:

      -MAX contract is 18 -24 months
      -OUR $100+TAX plans are $60 (Taxes are included in their plans)

  • Bubbles

    20c/min (including calls to Canada and anywhere in EU) $1MB 15c/text when in Europe with WIND.. Try to beat that Telus 🙂

  • OgtheDim

    Since when are trips 2-4 weeks in average?

    • ICSinNovember

      In the States, when you are on a contract you call your Operator, ask for the unlock code, telling them that you are traveling and that you will buy a local SIM card and they give it to you at no cost( the phones is yours and you are paying for it right)

      In Canada you are pain-g (No typo) and still they make you PAY extra, now they want to sell you a min-two week trip-plan?
      Telus is going for a triple-dipping there!

      -Just vote with your wallet people.

  • TP2

    T-Mobile for $3/day is great.. but it’s 200 MB per day, not unlimited as some may think. Calls and texts back to Canada are also not included. Just to be clear. Still much better value than Bell roaming packages.

    • Treatz

      it’s 200 Meg a day full speed. if you use more then that on 3G it’s throttled down to EDGE speed.

      it’s still unlimited.

    • Dan

      for call and texts to canada use your new t-mobile number and use google voice or Skype… still better than roam mobility…. i used both and for $2 a day I’ve saved tons of cash living on the Canada US border

  • dive4ever

    We are with rogers but the wife and I both have t-mobile SIM cards for our trips to the U.S. 3 bucks per day unlimited everything and 4g. Service works great with my gs3 and her blackberry bold. Since we are there about ten times per year, it saves us a ton over what we used to give rogers for tiny amounts of data and nothing else.

  • dive4ever

    TP2 , you are only partially correct. T-mobile gives you 4g for the first 200mb per day and after That fair use comes into play and you only can get 3g but while using that 3g it is unlimited.

  • Anthony

    Have you seen the prices at Roam Mobility? That is simply the best option.

    I buy unlimited talk and text for $3 per day and add a data plan, up to 2GB for only $2!

    I thought a local SIM was a good option, but the Roam Mobility plans kick a*s.

  • darkestday

    The package probably includes 25 roaming texts, 25 minutes and 25mb and is probably like 75 – 100


  • Frank

    What I want is Unlimited international text for 5$ from Canada already! Almost all the carriers have it and Telus does not….500 for 15$ is theft.

  • George

    International Roaming fee’s DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. The company in the other Country that your roaming onto does not charge that high of fees to begin with. Every company in the world should all have international roaming agreements with normal day to day prices.

  • BK in St Albert

    unlocked my iphone 4 and got roammobility sim card that uses tmobile when i get to Vegas, but data with iphone and Roammobility is only Edge or 2g. Call forwarding my original phone number to Roammobility worked great and I could send and receive texts, but not with my original phone number. Cannot forward texts to the new SIM number and any text that others send to you on your original number while using the Roammobility sim are lost forever. They don’t show up after putting in original SIM card. So I was excited about the Roammobility option until I actually tried it. Next time, I’m buying a local US SIM and put it in my unlocked iphone