Video: Google Canada’s head office has everything you’d imagine, plus an Android Rubik’s Cube wall


  • artstate

    Some WD-40 goes a long way.

  • COB

    Wow, that’d be an awesome place to work, I know where I am going to apply when I am done school haha.

  • wewewi

    If they dont sell Nexus 4 I dont wanna hear about it.

    • Hairy

      Friggin’ right. Poor choice of timing to post this after so many people were dissappointed this morning.

  • Wait for it…

    How many people read this post then went immediately to their careers section to look for openings?

  • David

    Is there a ‘Matt Good’ conference room?!?

  • daryl

    This is right next door to my office

  • TrickyD

    This should be the norm, not the exception.
    Happy workers are productive workers.

  • RM

    Mostly ad sales. How inspiring and innovative.

    • JaneD

      Yeah, these are the people that try to sell me placing adds for my app that they already get a 30% cut out of. 33% if you count what they make on the interbank rate…

  • Dave

    Hope that wall of Canadian album covers is inspiring the Canooglers to work hard on bringing us Google Music.

  • mark paisley

    did anyone manage to buy a 16 gig n4?

    • COB

      I got one without knowing it until I got a confirmation email

  • skazzers

    Good place to work. Bad place to find a Nexus 4.

  • Nima

    Looks like there are a lot of distractions. Explains the horrible Google play experience; why make a good website when you can play ping pong instead.

  • Scott

    They better have a Rush album cover on the wall somewhere! 🙂

  • Tyler Durden

    I’m friends with one of the guys who built the Rubik’s Cube piece. Cool stuff.

    • JaneD

      Wonder how much it cost just for the raw materials to built this???

  • Is this WP8

    Sales falling, Sinofsky fired, Nokia releases its secret-sauce mapping IP to every platform…

    Nothing to report, just another dozen Microsoft press releases to promote today

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I wonder if employees are allowed to use the web.

    • Carlo

      You sound butthurt Brad. It’s okay though maybe one hundred years from now Apple will catch up to what Google is doing today. :-p

  • Rory

    Does it have Google Voice or Google Wallet or Google Music?

  • Krizzy

    Who’s the chick on the stump? She is hot!

  • Jeff

    the title says “google Canada’s head office has everything you’d imagine”

    it doesn’t have a nexus 4, because no one is able to get them


  • Gram

    This office is not the head office of Google Canada. It’s a Sales office. Just because a building is in Toronto it doesn’t mean that it’s the ‘head office’.

    • L.V.

      you must be from Montreal or Waterloo or Ottawa. LOL

  • coop3422

    Open a Calgary office so I can apply 🙂

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