Video: iPad mini, Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD get destroyed in a blender


  • Fish

    I never understood the point of this stupid will it blend crap. It’s such a waste of money and good products.

    • Dylan K

      This originally started as a PR stunt for the company that went wildfire on YouTube. Also, there are lots of dumber things on Youtube in terms of mangling and destroying expencive equipment.

    • Is Rim dead?

      Notice how they NEVER blend Blackberry products!!! This is because blackberry is SOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing!!!

      GO RIM GO!

    • Jon

      Are you kidding? Those three tablets combined is less than $1000. Marketing companies have spend way more for less effective ads. Next time you need a blender you will think of this commercial.


      Obama uses a Blackberry, only white losers and asian nerds and brown geeks use iphones!

      GO RIM!

  • Dylan K

    Tons of Apple stuff always being blended… nice to see the love being spread around. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Android or Apple fanboy, these are always great to watch.

  • Ron Mexico

    The most ridiculous videos imaginable.

    Just stupid, although I’m not gonna lie, I do like seeing the iPad minced into shards. 🙂

  • Alex B

    @ fish…it’s marketing for his blenders

  • General Gustov

    So whats the point ?????????????

    • Brad F(anboy)

      The point is: These blenders are serious business.

  • SanRuelino

    seriously, i do not see the point of these “will it blend” videos. it may be fun to watch but its pointless.

    • @Kwongie

      the point is to show how powerful these blenders are, the will it blend is a series of ads for the blendtec blender similar to the series of “Get a Mac” ads that apple used to air.

  • Max

    I enjoy every video from blendtec. They are sooo much fun! They destroy cars in movie sets, what’s the big deal with a phone?

    • BaconTelevision

      They destroy cars to produce an end product such as a block-buster movie.

      This is a phone being blended for the general public to be amused for 30 seconds.

  • jeff

    please stop reposting this trash in your tech site. it serve no propose and only encorages wasting these products. Give aways are much better marketing tools.

    • Eh?

      Encourages wasting these products? You really think people are going to see this and go “Gee, I should do that with my iPad too!”??
      It’s a commercial for a blender.

    • Plan Shopper

      @Eh, Obviously people have otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to put on the screen “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME”.

  • hmmmm

    the only stupid thing is that the guy is not wearing a mask and he is saying to not breathe this stuff…

  • converse

    If we enjoy watching video’s like these, then I wonder what the IQ levels of people will be 100 years from now.
    Kinda makes me wanna shed a tear for humanity in general.

  • DrBadass

    The point of these to see if an alien invasion was to happen, You know you will have a product will not blend, this increasing your chance of survival

  • Vince

    I suspect that they used non-functional models. If you notice, the camera does cut to the close-up and the screen isn’t actually active on the tablets when they get smashed.