bus@toronto is a simple, Holo-designed TTC schedule app for Android


  • iphoneee

    I don’t see apple maps??? did they forget to include that?

  • etc

    Google transit in maps is still the best transit app.

  • Watsan

    Having been an avid user of the transit now app, I must say this app doesn’t appeal on a practical scale. Transit now uses GPS with a timer, has a very functional layout and has tons of features.

    Nonetheless, this is a beautiful looking app that I’d look forward to seeing developed further- nothing like form and Function

  • SeamusDDog

    This is what passes for “great looking Holo-designed apps” on Android, huh? That’s just sad.

  • deltatux

    Someone honestly needs to make a YRT app. It sucks to only be able to use my smartphone to check bus schedules for half my trip…